VPAATP V4 Chapter 197

Feiyan Gate’s Future

“I wonder what Martial Uncle Ancestor wants to do with the Feiyan Gate?” Jin Hongzhong asked.

“Your Feiyan Gate obviously lacks managerial talent, otherwise, you wouldn’t have ended up in such a mess!” I said, “Let’s not talk about other matters, just this accident is enough to show that your management has done nothing noteworthy in recognizing the situation and trying to rectify it!”

“What? Is the accident this time really caused by a lack of management?” Jin Hongzhong clearly didn’t understand.

“Obviously!” I nodded, “First, let’s talk about the authenticity of the intelligence. It is reasonable to say that a large-scale theft gang like the Feiyan Gate shouldn’t get deceived by false information like this. Even if the information looks like the truth, it can still be false as a lot of flaws can be found if looked into it correctly! However, you just sent out your people to commit a crime in France over a single word from the informants. If this isn’t being rash than what is? Alright, it’s true that you can’t get all the information by yourself, but is it not necessary to at least set up a team to verify the authenticity of the sources from where you receive information? I believe that if you had done that already, this wouldn’t even have happened!”

My words made Jin Hongzhong nod in agreement, and I continued, “This is only one of the reasons! Second, you don’t have a professional code of procedures when working, instead, you rely on experience! For example, if you train people to commit crimes and teach them to not take off their headgear no matter the circumstance, things wouldn’t have gotten so complicated! Also, they didn’t have a strict escape plan either. When they get in to do something, they ought to transfer things as soon as possible instead of staying at the same spot for a long time! Moreover, the people and the stuff should be separated and as far as possible! I believe that the Raytheon Gang is much better than you in this aspect!”

“I never really thought of this. I always believed that so long as we succeed, the process was secondary and didn’t matter…” Jin Hongzhong felt a bit ashamed.

“True, the process is indeed secondary, but it can’t be ignored!” I said, “The process has a very high chance of determining whether you succeed or fail! For example, if the process changes, the result will also change!”

“Little Zhong has learned a lesson! What should I do now, Martial Uncle Ancestor?” Jin Hongzhong asked.

“Merge the Feiyan Gate into the Three Rock Gang, making it a theft gang under it!” I said, “Then we will have some specialist to deal with the internal reorganization!”

“Merge with the Three Rock Gang?” After listening to me, Jin Hongzhong was stunned and didn’t understand. But then he immediately thought that Three Rock Gang wasn’t in the same industry as them! If so, having the Feiyan Gate join them under the Martial Uncle Ancestors order wasn’t something wrong! Moreover, with the backing of the Three Rock Gang, who will dare frame the Feiyan Gate again?

The theft gangs could only be called small criminal gangs, they didn’t have any real power at all. But the gangs with gangsters were different. Those gangs were pure violence through and through. If they don’t find someone pleasing to the eye, so long as they have more strength, the will destroy the enemy and even eradicate their family! There was no need for a reason at all!

This matter had been like heart disease for Jin Hongzhong, he had never expected it would get solved so easily! What Jin Hongzhong had thought was that even if I helped the Feiyan Gate with the crisis and took the pearl to win the contest, though the Raytheon Gang will keep their word and not look for trouble with the Feiyan Gate on the surface, they will certainly harbor a grudge against them. After all, the Raytheon Gang was going to lose the contest that they had arranged and were sure of winning. Losing it was like losing all of their face. That way, it was possible that the enmity between the two groups will grow and the Raytheon Gang might retaliate again!

Even if Jin Hongzhong wanted to reconcile at that time, there was no way for him to do so. Should they just return the pearl to the Raytheon Gang? If they did so, then the Feiyan Gate will also lose all face and will have no way to stay in this industry any longer!

But if the Feiyan Gate joins the Three Rock Gang, the solution to this problem will be easy! The Raytheon Gang will certainly not try to mess with them at that time! If the Raytheon Gang messed with the Three Rock Gang, the Three Rock Gang will not let them go and might even remove the Raytheon Gang from the face of the Earth!

So when I made this suggestion, it felt just what Jin Hongzhong needed.

“Alright, we will do as Martial Uncle Ancestors says! Now that things are like this, I can also stop worrying so much and quietly practice the Heart Law. When the time comes, I hope Martial Uncle Ancestor will teach me a thing or two!” Jin Hongzhong said.

“……” I didn’t comply nor did I reject.

Now that the decision had been made, Jin Hongzhong called Ben Luther and told them that our side was ready. Under my instructions, he also told Ben Luther of the exact time and date the theft will be committed.

Originally, the two Gangs had agreed on a certain span of time in which the Feiyan Gate could act, yet now, the Feiyan Gate actually took the initiative to tell them the date and time of the theft themselves!

What was this? If this wasn’t sheer disregard and looking down on the Raytheon Gang, then what else was this? However, Ben Luther wasn’t angry, instead, he was feeling better. So long as they increased the defenses on that date and time, then everything was going to be fine! In other words, their odds of winning had improved a lot; it could be said that their odds were 100%!

However, if they lost, then the Raytheon Gang will no longer be the second largest theft gang in the world! But Ben Luther didn’t think that they were going to lose. He believed that it was just a ruse from Jin Hongzhong to have a decent excuse when they lost the contest!

Giving a specific date and time, no thief, no matter how great, could say with 100% assurance that he was going to succeed!

The day decided by Ben Luther and Jin Hongzhong was a calm and sunny day of a certain month at 12:00 PM in broad daylight!



At the headquarters of the Raytheon Gang, several skilled thieves and defensive members of the Raytheon Gang were vigilantly encircling the surroundings of a safe cabinet!

The cabinet was in the structure of a house, embedded in the ground. It was impossible to remove it without an excavator. Inside the cabinet, there were three layers of defense and the pearl was in the innermost region with its surroundings being monitored continuously!

This was just the situation inside the building. Outside the building, the defenses were no less! Helicopters, patrol cars, foot-soldiers, etc. So long as it moved, Ben Luther arranged it near the building!

Under such strict defense where even a fly couldn’t pass unnoticed, Ben Luther was sitting in the monitor room with utter confidence.

He didn’t believe that Jin Hongzhong could take the pearl from under his eyes! Let alone that, even if the pearl had wings, it would be impossible for it to fly away! Let’s not talk about the three defense mechanisms inside the house that could only be opened with his fingerprints, just the room containing it was fully enclosed! The button to the room was under his eyelids! If he didn’t want to open it, it was impossible for anyone else to open it!

Explosives? Ben Luther didn’t believe that Jin Hongzhong will use such vile methods! But even if that were the case, how were Jin Hongzhong’s people going to bring so many explosives inside the building?