VPAATP V4 Chapter 198

Everything Went Smoothly

Let alone bring along explosives inside the building, even a normal person wasn’t allowed anywhere near the building! Ben Luther had ordered his men to make sure that no one was allowed near the building at all cost! And the people carrying out the task were all his confidants, making it impossible for a spy to mix in!

Even if a step was taken back and there were spies, what did it even matter? Everyone had a fixed post and they were all being continuously monitored, so who was going to court death under such circumstances?

Ben Luther smiled and stared at the big pearl on the screen. With a smirk on his face, he said, “Jin Hongzhong, don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance!”

After that, Ben Luther looked at his watch to see how much time was left. There were only five minutes to the agreed time!

Opening a bottle of red wine, he poured himself a cup and took a sip, waiting for the sacred moment to arrive!

“Haha, in just fifteen minutes, the entire Asian Market will belong to me!” Ben Luther said to himself with confidence, “Feiyan Gate is destined to become history!”

“Is there any movement?” As the agreed time arrived, Ben Luther asked his confidant over the intercom.

“There are our people in the surrounding 50 KM, and the Polar Bears are patrolling from the skies. There are no abnormalities as of now!” The confidant reported.

“Good, I knew that!” Ben Luther turned off the intercom and sneered coldly, “Jin Hongzhong, you probably don’t even dare to come, right? What…”

Before Ben Luther’s words fell, his eyes froze at the monitor screen! The pearl had disappeared! It actually vanished, gone in thin air!

Ben Luther’s eyes bulged open as he looked all over the monitor screens! Without any hesitation, he contacted the person near the safe, “What are you doing? See what happened to the safe!”

“Boss, there are no abnormalities,” the man said, feeling strange.

“There is nothing abnormal? Has no one gone over there yet?” Ben Luther asked urgently.

“No. What happened, boss?” The man felt that something was wrong.

“No!” Ben Luther looked at the monitor. He’s right, the door of the secret room was never opened so how could the pearl be lost? There is absolutely nothing wrong!

Could it be really what he had imagined and the pearl had wings? But looking at the intact safe on the other screen, he immediately denied the idea!

What the hell was going on? Was there a ghost? Ben Luther didn’t believe in ghosts and such phenomenon! How could something like that happen in broad daylight? Besides, even if there was a ghost, how could it all be so coincidental?

Right, traitor! There must be a traitor! Ben Luther suddenly felt his mind clear up. That’s right, the traitor must have been sent by Jin Hongzhong. As he thought of this, Ben Luther felt that the chance was quite high!

The traitor must have realized that the defense here was far too strict and it was impossible to steal the pearl, so he decided to play tricks! Since the door of the secret room hasn’t been opened and the safe was intact, the only problem could be the monitors!

It wasn’t easy to change the displaying things on the monitor, but it wasn’t impossible for people who were familiar with the environment! The more Ben Luther thought about it, the more he thought that someone had messed with the monitor’s imagery! In fact, the pearl was still there but the traitor created the illusion that it had been stolen!

And the purpose of doing this was very simple, it was to create confusion! If Ben Luther knew that the pearl has been lost, it is very likely that he will go to inspect the safe and open it. At that time, the enemy will create chaos and then find a possibility of success in the confusion!

It was not a simple plan! Thinking of this, Ben Luther couldn’t help but sigh, “Jin Hongzhong, I hadn’t thought you would be this calculating, but unfortunately for you, the opponent is me. Do you think it will be that easy to fool me! Hahaha!”

Thinking of this, Ben Luther calmly told his assistant to inspect the connections of the monitors. He then started to carefully observe the people guarding the safe! It was possible that there wasn’t just a single traitor!

They needed at least one person to alter the monitor’s image and another to steal the false pearl! After that, there will need to be someone to cause chaos. The most likely place for people like that to be would be near the safe!

“They sure create a lot of trouble!” Ben Luther held his forehead.

At this time, the assistant ran back, “Boss, there are no problems with the monitoring system, everything is all right!”

“What!” Ben Luther was stunned. According to his conjecture, the monitor was fu**ked and someone had changed the video! But now, the assistant was saying that everything was working correctly! “Have you checked it all carefully?”

“Yes, boss! Is there any problem?” The assistant still wasn’t aware that the pearl had been stolen.

“Nothing…” Ben Luther dismissed him nervously. Had the pearl really disappeared? Impossible, there was no way! It was against scientific logic!

When Ben Luther wanted to further investigate the truth of the matter, the phone on his desk rang.

“Hello, Ben Luther speaking!” Looking at the number of the caller, Ben Luther suddenly had a bad premonition!

“Haha! Old friend, thanks for letting us have that gift!” Jin Hongzhong’s hearty laughter came from the other side.

“Let you have? Don’t tell me you…” Ben Luther’s uneasiness seemed to be turning into reality. This made him feel very uncomfortable!

“That’s right, the pearl has already been taken away by us!” Jin Hongzhong said casually.

“Impossible! That’s impossible! Humph, don’t forget, so long as your people haven’t left France, I can still overturn the situation!” Ben Luther hung the phone after saying this. He had no time to entertain Jin Hongzhong! Although he didn’t know what method Jin Hongzhong used to steal the pearl, the only thought he had right now was to take the pearl back no matter what!

Ben Luther immediately called his men and told them to block all roads that could be used as an exit, including the airports, railway station, dock, and the highway. After that, he ordered them to search people in the city! Of course, he didn’t forget to check the people inside the building!

He knew that most often, the most dangerous place was also the safest! He felt that the traitor who stole the pearl was still inside the building!

Of course, after ordering all this, Ben Luther came to the secret room where the safe was located and thoroughly checked inside the safe. The result? The pearl had really disappeared!

Ben Luther couldn’t understand how Jin Hongzhong’s people did that!

Just after he was done doing all this, Ben Luther’s phone rang again! Again, it was Jin Hongzhong!

“I don’t know how you did it, but you better not be so happy already. I wonder if your people also have the ability to take the pearl out of France!” Ben Luther said somewhat indignantly.