VPAATP V4 Chapter 199

Ben Luther’s Retaliation

“I say, old friend, you wouldn’t be trying to go back on your word, right?” Jin Hongzhong asked.

“Hmph! I will keep my word. So long as the pearl is in your hand I will honor my promise!” Ben Luther replied coldly.

“Oh? Well, the pearl is already in my hand though. Haha!” Jin Hongzhong said with a smile, “It’s not bad, a real treasure! The shape though isn’t a standard sphere, instead, it is elliptical with a slight defect!”

“What did you say!” Ben Luther almost smashed his phone on the ground! How was this possible? How did Jin Hongzhong know the details of the pearl so well? Was it possible that the pearl was really in his hands?

When the pearl was in Ben Luther’s possession, it wasn’t photographed, nor had any information regarding it been disclosed. It was reasonable to say that only some of the senior leaders in the Raytheon Gang knew of those details! There was no way Jin Hongzhong could know everything so well!

The only explanation he could think of was that the pearl was already in Jin Hongzhong’s hands!

“Hehe, to speak simply, this pearl is still of the highest quality. Thank you, old friend! Your gift is very great!” Jin Hongzhong said with a smile.

“How did you do it?” At this moment, Ben Luther felt as if his innards were going to burst like a volcano!

“Do you believe that I will tell you that?” Jin Hongzhong asked.

Ben Luther knew that the opposite party was an enemy, so there was no way he was going to disclose his “trade secret”! He didn’t lose heart though! The matter was too strange after all. Did the Feiyan Gate have some mysterious person who could appear and disappear wherever he wanted? There was no reason to not ask!

“Alright, then tell me, has your person been through the place before?” Ben Luther asked.

“No, this was his first time,” Jin Hongzhong didn’t lie to him.

“Does your Feiyan Gate have more masters like him?” Ben Luther tried to probe.

“Many,” Jin Hongzhong was certainly not going to tell him the truth of the matter.

“Alright. I will keep my promise and return the evidence to you. The pearl will also belong to you!” Ben Luther endured his grievance as he said those words. However, in his heart, he was thinking that those hidden masters of the Feiyan Gate will threaten his Raytheon Gang sooner or later, so it was better to get rid of them as soon as possible, lest they themselves lose everything! So as to not have a major worry in the future!

“Well, thank you!” Though Jin Hongzhong said that, he didn’t mean it! If not for the Martial Uncle Ancestors help, the Feiyan Gate would have had ended up becoming a faction under the Raytheon Gang!

The matter seemed to have ended with this. Actually, if Ben Luther had really given up on the matter after this, the matter would have really ended! I will no longer have to go out and deal with them. Indeed, the Raytheon Gang was nothing but small fry in my eyes. As the matter stands, the two gangs could coexist peacefully. However, instead of taking advantage of their situation, some people believed that they had suffered massive loss! Ben Luther gnashed his teeth as he sat in his office and said, “Feiyan Gate, you refused Heaven even though the door was right before you, yet you barge into Hell that has no gate—good, good, good, don’t blame me then. This is what you brought upon yourself! Feiyan Gate, oh Feiyan Gate, you are soon going to be history. Someone might just remember the Feiyan Gate decades later!”

A living example of someone rushing towards their own demise would be Ben Luther! I decided to let him off yet he decided to push his luck!

“Dear Mr. Frank, I am Ben Luther!” Ben Luther pondered for a while and finally decided to dial a very unfamiliar number.

“Ben Luther?” The opposite party obviously didn’t recognize the caller as the name sounded very unfamiliar.

“I am Ben Luther of the Raytheon Party!” Ben Luther said hurriedly, “Do you remember that cocktail party held by the West Germany Group? We had the opportunity to sit together and share drinks!”

“Oh! I remember!” Frank suddenly remembered, “So it’s you. What’s the occasion? How come you suddenly thought of calling me?” Franks didn’t have a deep impression of Ben Luther, but he still remembered him somewhat and knew of his identity. But he didn’t have much enthusiasm towards him, after all, the two walked different paths and didn’t have much to do with each other. They were gangsters while Ben Luther fished on the shores.

“Well, I have something I will have to trouble you with. I wonder if Mr. Frank has free time so that we could meet in person?” Ben Luther said.

“Well…” Although Frank didn’t consider Ben Luther to be much, the other party was still the leader of a theft gang, therefore he had to give him some face! So Frank checked his schedule and said, “Alright, we will meet tomorrow afternoon, in the West Germany Group’s clubhouse! You shouldn’t have any issues?”

“There are no issues! Thank you, Mr. Frank, for accepting my invitation. I will get an appointment at the clubhouse!” Ben Luther hung up the phone with a sigh of relief. It seems that Frank still gave him face!



I had already informed Guo Qing and Ding Baosan to send someone to discuss the matters of Feiyan Gate and prepare to get it reorganized and integrated into the Three Rock Gang.

Since Jin Hongzhong no longer had any worries, he prepared to study the Heart Law diligently under me. He handed the matters of the Feiyan Gate over to his disciple Little Gang.

The younger ones are more open to changes. Soon, Little Gang fully understood the matters and started to implement the recommendations made by Ding Baosan! With Ding Baosan’s help, Little Gang finally understood why the Feiyan Gate couldn’t develop as good as it should! Management decided the fate of a business; this applied equally to criminal gangs as well!

Like that, as Little Gang worked with Ding Baosan, he was constantly learning and improving himself.

The problems caused by faulty management over many years couldn’t be solved in a few moments! After asking for information from Jin Hongzhong and Little Gang, Ding Baosan divided the people of Feiyan Gate into several groups according to their strengths, how long they had been with the Gate, and other factors. After that, he selected a team leader from each group.

In addition, those who were really good in the theory but didn’t practice were also separated, forming a special training department to conduct regular training for each group.

Although the personnel of each group complemented each other and their strengths were almost similar, it was inevitable that some groups be stronger than others!

So as the matter stood, Ding Baosan established a task deployment department to analyze the difficulty of tasks and then decide which group would be the most suitable for the task!

The sales department had been independent, but it was united with Shuguang Jewelry Company. The original Feiyan Antique Collection Company was also turned into a branch of Shuguang Jewelry.

With the assignments, the new Feiyan Gate started to slowly take form. As for the details that had been left out, they would be slowly adjusted as the members got a hang of how things worked. Even though it was just taking shape, the new Feiyan Gate was much better than the previous organization. At least, their working efficiency had been enhanced greatly.

Jin Hongzhong was also very happy with the outcome. He had not thought that the misfortune would turn out to be such a great blessing. Not only was he able to see his master after so many years, but the most difficult issues of the Feiyan Gate had also been solved! Moreover, the most exciting matter for him was that the Martial Uncle Ancestor had agreed to let him practice the Heart Law with him!