VPAATP V4 Chapter 20

Running From A Debt

Bowling in 1999 was still a very fresh sport. The youngsters of City B might not feel anything about it, but these students who came to Universtiy from Songjiang hadn’t had any contact with it before, so thinking that it was a novel game, they approved of Guan Yang’s choice. {TL Note: Novel – Interestingly New or Unusual}

“Will it be on you, Class Leader Guan?” Wang Yu asked with a smile.

At this moment, Guan Yang was already drowning in arrogance and pride, so, as soon as he heard Wang Yu’s words, he felt it was an insult towards him. Therefore, he replied angrily, “Of course it’s on me! I am the Class Leader, and it was I who invited you here!”

“Don’t forget to bring your stuff along,” As Zhang Lou saw that most of the boys were drunk, he reminded them so they won’t leave their things behind.

At this time, the waitress got the hint from Guan Yang, so she took the bill and walked over to him, “Mr. Guan, will you pay by card or cash?”

“Of course, I will pay cash!” Guan Yang didn’t have the habit of paying by card as the sons of nouveau rich had the habit of bringing a lot of cash on their person in these times.

“Ah?” The waitress looked towards Guan Yang with astonishment. The bill was over 400,000 Yuan. Who would bring so much cash?! She had only asked out of courtesy. No one chose to pay by cash. Instead, guests always paid by card. She had never thought the guy in front of him would pay by cash.

“What? Is there a problem?” As Guan Yang noticed the strange expression on the waitress’s face, he felt something was wrong, “You don’t accept cash here?!”

“We do. We naturally accept cash! Hehe, Mr. Guan here is your bill,” The waitress was afraid Guan Yang might rage on her, so she immediately handed him the bill.

“There’s no need for me to look. Just say how much I need to pay!” Guan Yang pushed the bill back and deliberately touched the attractive waitress’s hand, taking petty advantage of her. Then he, very naturally, took out his wallet and showcased a stack of hundred Yuan bills inside it.

It was normal for some guests to take petty advantages of the waitresses, so she didn’t say anything, but still looked towards Guan Yang with a malevolent expression hidden in her eyes. What was the Jiuding Resort? It was the territory of Three Rock Gang. There were many rich and powerful guests who came here to dine, but no one dared to go too far. But there were still some guests who tried to take some petty advantages from the beautiful waitresses.

Guan Yang didn’t know all this and only stopped because he was still in front of Xu Xueyun. If not, then he would certainly not stop with just feeling her hand.

“Sir, your total bill will be 456,280 Yuan. Our Manager Yu said that you only need to pay 455,000 Yuan!” The waitress took the bill and said to Guan Yang.

“Oh, alright……” Guan Yang was about to take out money after listening to her when suddenly, he felt something was wrong and exclaimed, “What did you say? How much is the bill?! 455,000 Yuan?!!”

“That’s right, Mr. Guan,” the waitress said.

“What the f***? How is it possible? Are you people running a bandit’s resort? Was there a miscalculation, or did you bring the wrong bill?” Guan Yang said as he shook his head.

“Mr. Guan, this is your bill. It’s impossible for there to be any mistake. You can have a look.” When the waitress saw Guan Yang’s reaction, she knew the guy didn’t have enough money, so she felt funny in her heart: Humph, trying to take advantage of me. Let’s see what you are going to do now!

“Take a look? Good, I will take a look then. I want to see just how you calculate people’s bill!” Guan Yang pointed towards the bill with his heart burning in fury.

“Okay, please have a look!” The waitress handed the bill to Guan Yang. Guan Yang snatched it and immediately started to look.

“What the hell? How could three bottles of red wine be worth 450,000 Yuan! Has the world gone mad or something?! What kind of international joke is this?” Guan Yang pointed towards the prices on the bill and yelled in anger.

“Mr. Guan, all of it is correct. The red wine you chose was Romanée-Conti, one of the best red wine available in the resort. In B City, our resort is the only place where you can get this. 150,000 Yuan for a bottle is already very reasonable!” The waitress answered.

“Utter nonsense! You think I am a fool! Where in the world does a bottle of red wine cost 150,000 Yuan? You think I am a f***ing turkey?” Guan Yang’s temperament was getting violent as he held the bill and kept on shouting, “Right, didn’t you people say liquor and other drinks were free, then why are we being charged for it? Motherf***ers, I am gonna hold a press conference and drag your resort and smash it into mud!”

“Mr. Guan, the beer, and drinks are indeed free, but you still need to pay for red wine! It is clearly written on the menu!” The waitress’s complexion was already getting very bad.

“Then why didn’t you say that beforehand!” Guan Yang looked at the bill before him with worry. If what the waiter said was true, then the amount was astronomical! And looking at the situation, he was sure the resort wasn’t pulling a prank on him!

“Everything is already written on the menu. We have no obligation to explain anything. Sir, you won’t be trying to repudiate a debt?” The waitress’s face was becoming more and more gloomy.

Looking at the scene before them, all his classmates understood the matter from beginning to end. As Guan Yang felt their gazes burn into his flesh, he wished there was a hole for him to jump in and hide! He couldn’t wait to find a drill and tear the earth to bury himself inside!

“Repudiate a debt! I, Guan Yang, am a man who will never do something like that……However, right now……” Though he spoke till here, Guan Yang’s voice lacked any confidence. He knew that there wasn’t a way to deny the bill. This time, he had been utterly disgraced!

“Ah, right! I remembered,” Lu Jia suddenly stood up and yelled, “A moment ago, Liu Lei said he will treat everyone to liquor. You should ask him for money!”

“Yes, yes, yes. This Romanée-Conti wine was also chosen by Xu Xueyun, so it’s all on them! The one who should pay for it is them!” Guan Yang shouted as he slapped his head and felt enlightened.

Thinking till here, Guan Yang didn’t care about his face or prestige. He only knew he had to get rid of this debt no matter what!

As Wang Yu already considered Guan Yang to be unpleasing to her eyes, and know that she heard him trying to dump his debt onto others, she said with a sarcastic tone, “I wonder who was it who said to put everything on their tab just now?”

“This……” As Guan Yang thought about it, he realized there seemed to be such a thing. A moment ago, he was drunk and spouted nonsense. But it was all on the premise that wine and drinks were free. How would he have known there was a different fee for red wine? It was a slip of the tongue that will now drown him in sorrow. Too much nonsense leads to death! However, if he agreed at this moment, then he will have to acknowledge the debt of 400,000 Yuan!

Just because his family is rich doesn’t mean he is rich. The pocket money and living expenses Guan Yang got for the semester was altogether 30,000 Yuan. He had thought that he will need to spend at most 10,000 Yuan at the resort, so he only brought 10,000 Yuan in cash, and there were only 10,000 more Yuan in his card. And even if he was killed, he wouldn’t be able to take out 400,000+ Yuan! If his father found out he spent 450,000+ Yuan on just food and drinks, he will certainly kill him!

Although Wanyan Industries wasn’t small and had millions in its assets, and over 10 million in the working capital, it was all the company’s money! Guan Yang’s family wasn’t very rich themselves. It was just him boasting when he claimed his family to be the richest in Songjiang. In fact, as the capital of Songjiang province, there weren’t just one or two people much richer than them.

“Hehe, that was just me trying to act polite to strengthen my relationship with him!” Guan Yang said slyly, “Liu Lei already said it would be his treat. If I pay for everything, then wouldn’t I not be giving him any face. Won’t he not agree to it? What do you say?”

The only thought Guan Yang had at this moment was to get out of this as soon as possible. He didn’t care whether I agreed or not. He didn’t want to think about it either. After all, getting passed the debt of more than 400,000 wasn’t something anyone would agree to!