VPAATP V4 Chapter 202

Returning To The Other Life Star

It was the same place I had appeared the last time. As I stood on the ground firmly, I quickly woke up Sun Sikong. As soon as he saw the environment in front of him, he screamed, “Ahh!!”

“Is this the life star you were talking about?” Sun Sikong was shocked by the sight, “Oh my God! It is just like Earth! Whether it is the environment or the temperature, there’s no feeling of discomfort!”

As he said this, Sun Sikong took out some instruments from his backpack to survey the surroundings!

Looking at Sun Sikong’s appearance, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “There’s still a lot of time for you to do your survey, let’s go to the camp of the Akata tribe first!”

Sun Sikong felt embarrassed and awkwardly stood up and said, “Haha, look at me, I forgot about this. Let’s go!”

My memory was quite good. Although I hadn’t come here for a long time, it was still easy for me to find the Akata tribe. But when we arrived there, I found that there weren’t many people left in the tribe, there were just a few women nervously packing their bags. One of them saw me and quickly fell to the ground, “God! You are finally here!”

I quickly helped her up and asked, “What’s wrong, what are you doing? Where are the others?”

“The mountain floods are going to erupt soo, so the men and youngsters are out hunting in the jungle. We were preparing to evacuate this place tonight, so we needed massive food reserves!” The woman answered.

“Evacuate? Didn’t I tell you all the last time that I will help you all solve this matter?” I asked feeling strange.

“God, we thought that you had abandoned our Akata Tribe. As the mountain floods are going to erupt in the next few days, and the clan chief hadn’t seen you all this time, so we prepared to evacuate!” The woman answered.

“So that’s how it is! You can rest assured that I will certainly keep the promised I had made to you all! Where are the others? Bring me to them, I can help solve the issue of the mountain floods!” I said to the woman.

“Great! I will bring you to them!” The women quickly knelt before me and performed some ritual before standing up and leading me to the direction of the jungle.

Before we even arrived in the jungle, I could see a lot of people gathered in one place from a distance, so I asked the woman who was showing me the way, “What’s the matter?”

“God, I am not too clear either,” the woman shook her head.

We sped up our footsteps and quickly arrived nearby. I could clearly see two groups of people gathered there! One of the group was led by the clan head of Akata tribe, Shui Beishan, while the other, I hadn’t seen them before. But from the looks of the situation, Shui Beishan seemed to be in a critical situation. I could clearly tell that the other party had hostile relationships with the Akata tribe!

“Patriarch Lowell, what is the meaning of this, why do you keep snatching the prey from my people?” Shui Beishan asked loudly.

“Patriarch Shui Beishan, what do you mean that we are snatching prey from you? Although this forest doesn’t belong to our tribe, it certainly doesn’t belong to your Akata tribe either! This forest is shared by everybody, so why can’t we hunt here?” The leader of the opposite party said. This person was the patriarch of the other tribe.

“There are already fewer and fewer prey in this forest, so if you keep on snatching like this, we won’t have anything!” Shui Beishan said.

“When we hunt, you call it snatching, but when you do it, it’s alright?” Lowell was certainly not willing to make any concessions!

“The mountain floods are soon going to erupt, so we must hunt some prey and have a stockpile of food by tonight and transfer the tribe elsewhere! You don’t hunt on regular days, so why do you have to hunt today?” Shui Beishan said with some anger.

“Since the mountain floods are going to erupt, we obviously have to be prepared as well!” Lowell said in a mystifying tone.

“The mountain floods pose no threat to your tribe! Your tribe is on the opposite high ground, so why are you sticking your leg in this matter!” Shui Beishan understood that Lowell was deliberately causing trouble for them.

“We have to eat something as well! Isn’t it right to hunt for food?” Lowell shrugged his shoulders.

“Lowell, I know what you are trying to do. You are afraid that ones we left this place and there was no one in the way, the Dark Tribe will take that opportunity to annex you as soon as possible!” Shui Beishan said that angrily.

“Oh, so you know it too? Then what do you expect me to do, just let you leave? What is our tribe going to do then?” Lowell said.

“If we don’t leave, the flood is going to destroy our village!” Shui Beishan shouted loudly.

“Oh, I have a way out. How about you Akata tribe move over to us and join our tribe?” Lowell finally stated his purpose, “But Patriarch Shui Beishan, you will only be an Elder and not a Patriarch anymore!”

“So you finally reveal your venomous teeth!” As Shui Beishan heard his words, he flew into a rage, “You want to say that our Akata tribe should merge with your Xixi tribe?”

“Right!” Lowell nodded.

“That’s impossible!” Shui Beishan yelled, “Don’t get in our way when we are hunting, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Humph, you are just a stubborn mule! You are willing to travel a long distance to shift the village but what about the others in your tribe? Do they also want that?” Lowell tried to create discord, “Have you ever asked what your people want?”

“There’s no need to ask! Everyone supports the plan of moving the tribe!” Shui Beishan said.

Right after Shui Beishan’s voice fell, an inopportune voice sounded, “Patriarch Shui Beishan, what Patriarch Lowell said is right! There’s no need for us to travel such a long distance and tire ourselves to move the tribe, we can just merge the tribe with the Xixi tribe!”

The one to speak was Godzilla (Ge Sila)! That guy was still not pleasing to the eye! I could see that the guy was even more unpleasing to the eye than before.

After my appearance, Godzilla thought that he will no longer have anything to do with Shui Ling’er! But after I left and didn’t return for such a long time, he thought that I wasn’t going to return, ever! Therefore, Godzilla’s wicked heart wanted to go and woo Shui Ling’er again. But he had not expected that Shui Ling’er would flat-out reject him, saying that she was already married to God!

Godzilla immediately became angry and yelled at her, “Don’t you regret this later on! You just want to act as the woman of a God and don’t care about face anymore! It’s possible that God isn’t even going to return here again, you are not going to see him again in your entire life! Also, who knows if he was really a God and not just some magician sent by the Dark Tribe to send us astray!”

Shui Ling’er naturally ignored Godzilla, but her heart wasn’t feeling good either!

Seeing that he no longer had any hope, Godzilla started to hate Shui Ling’er and Shui Beishan! At this time, the patriarch of Xixi Tribe, Lowell, came to Godzilla and wanted to betroth his daughter to him!

Although Lowell’s daughter wasn’t as good as Shui Ling’er, she was still the flower of the Xixi Tribe! So Godzilla obviously agreed to it! However, Lowell than revealed his plan…