VPAATP V4 Chapter 207

Becoming The Protagonist

No matter where one was, there would always be good and evil, but it was very hard to draw the line between the two! Good could be evil, and evil could claim to be good!

A lot of times, many people who appear to be decent people turn out to be quite evil at heart! Just like the current Lowell! Although the Dark Tribe was evil, they at least did the plundering and arsons in the open, not from the shadows! But what about Lowell? He only played schemes and tricks, resorting to mean tricks and attacking in the dark!

Therefore, now that Godzilla placed the matter on the table, the people of the Xixi Tribe thought that what he said was indeed true!

“Now that everything has come to this, how does everyone feel about us relying on the Dark Tribe?” Lowell said after calming his heart.

“I just don’t know if the Dark Tribe will give us the right to have a voice!” The Purple Flame Tribe’s Patriarch said. It didn’t matter which tribe they were going to join, what mattered was if they will have a part in the leadership!

“Hmm! I hope we can at least get the position of an elder!” Lowell shook his head! This was their only choice now! After all, his old face couldn’t bear to bow before the Akata Tribe!

In fact, though I hadn’t decided to annex these tribes right now, I was going to do it soon in the future! After all, only the absolute unification of the land will give me absolute political power!

I don’t want to see these little tribes scattered all over, waging war and disturbing my and my wives’ happy and peaceful life!

However, after the instigation of Godzilla, and the fact that I had a grudge against him, Lowell was already scared of me and decided to go and join the Dark Tribe in the south!


In the Dark Tribe, a young man of about 20 years was sitting on a delicate wooden throne! He was the God of Darkness!

Looking at the vast and endless land, his territory, and the thousands of subjects under his rule, Liu Kesheng had never thought that his dream of becoming a protagonist in another world will come true!

Liu Lei, you motherf***ker, I have to thank you for all this. Because of you, I was able to come to this place where even the birds won’t s**t and become their emperor! Ah, it really is fate turning for the better that I was able to become a protagonist!

In other words, after Liu Kesheng disappeared, this guy had inexplicably appeared in this different world. He was then discovered by several primitive people and brought back to their tribe.

In the beginning, Liu Kesheng couldn’t understand what those guys said, but after carefully trying to understand them, he realized that they actually had a similar Cantonese dialect of Southern China!

And Liu Kesheng also found out that these primitive people could understand the words he said! Liu Kesheng was overjoyed finding when he realized this. He had thought that he had ended up in some remote tribe on Earth, but when he gradually understood what these primitive people said, he realized that he had come to a completely new world!

Although Liu Kesheng had lost before me multiple times, it was because of those defeats that he had gone from being a forceful fool to a sly and quick-witted schemer.

Therefore, Liu Kesheng used the methods from his advanced society and started developing the Inferior Tribe. Seeing the changes, the Patriarch and Elders of the Inferior Tribe were very polite to Liu Kesheng!

The development proposal that Liu Kesheng put forward was advanced, epoch-making, and very constructive!

For example, building a house, repairing the city wall, making furniture with wood, weaving fishing nets with rattan… in short, as these primitive people saw all those advancements, they thought that Liu Kesheng was a Divine Being sent to them by God!

However, this could only make Liu Kesheng have a good status and he was still below the patriarch. But accidentally, Liu Kesheng met a person! A person who could be regarded as very like-minded to him!

This person helped Liu Kesheng infiltrate the center of the Tribe’s power! At this time, Liu Kesheng put out the claim that he was the “God of Darkness” from the Heavens above! As the foundation was already quite strong, Liu Kesheng quickly unified the Inferior Tribe! Even the Patriarch of the Inferior Tribe sincerely gave over his authority to Liu Kesheng, accepting to be ruled by him.

After Liu Kesheng became the ruler, he changed the name of the Tribe to “Dark Tribe”! Liu Kesheng didn’t think he was a good person, nor did he think that he was going to do good things, so the title of Dark Tribe and God of Darkness were very suitable!

Not to mention, under the rule of Liu Kesheng, the Dark Tribe flourished day and night! Just because someone hadn’t eaten pork didn’t mean they had not seen pigs running around either! He used to watch a lot of Emperors in the TV, so Liu Kesheng had the confidence in ruling a small tribe!

In addition to the construction of the Tribe, Liu Kesheng established a strict hierarchy in the Tribe! But gradually, Liu Kesheng started to become unsatisfied with his current situation!

He had come from the modern world. Even if he had been reduced to being a supporting role in the first half of his life, how could he be satisfied with just this much now that he was the protagonist of his own life? How could he do without having a major battle?

So, Liu Kesheng began working on a “One Tribe” annexation plan!

In fact, many smaller tribes had already expressed their loyalty and trust in the Dark Tribe! After all, the living standards of the Dark Tribe were much better than their own!

Although there weren’t any sky-scrappers, they still had village houses, fields, and various magical tools. How could the other tribes not envy these advancements when they had been struggling in the cold outside!

Keeping his future plans in mind, Liu Kesheng took all those tribes and merged them into the Dark Tribe. To him, they were just servants who were going to help him realize his dream of becoming an “Emperor” more quicker!

After the population of the Dark Tribe rose over a 1000 people, Liu Kesheng started to select the physically mature and strong men, incorporating them into the Dark Tribe’s first army, the Dark Commando Unit.

After that, he carried out the modern militarization training on this unit. Running with weights, leapfrogs, push-ups, walking on wooden stakes, and how to beat people more efficiently; though Liu Kesheng didn’t understand the basic principals of training, he had learned many methods on TV and some physical education classes. So it wasn’t difficult for Liu Kesheng to train them!

After over a month, he had really trained a quality army! But that was only because these primitive men had much better physiques suited for training. If they could hardly compete with beasts before, the beasts were now going to have the worse end of the stick!

After having his army trained, it was time to start the plundering! Liu Kesheng first put down the several nearby tribes that had refused to join the Dark Tribe. Although Liu Kesheng’s Dark Commando Unit only had around 300 men and they weren’t really that professional, the primitive tribes were still no match for these trained soldiers! Without having a chance to resist, those clans were completely ransacked!