VPAATP V4 Chapter 21

Nothing To Do With You

“Who will pay the bill?” As the waitress had now determined Guan Yang had no intention of paying up, her tone became unkind. Ever since Three Rock Gang took over, no one dared to forfeit the bill after eating a meal here! The waitress wanted to see how this guy who ate their stuff was going to end.

“He will pay!” Guan Yang and Lu Jia both pointed towards me.

“Mr. will you be the one to pay?” The waitress turned towards me and asked.

“If a person you aren’t very familiar with buy stuff for you then tells you to pay for it, will you pay?” I asked.

“No, I won’t,” the waitress shook her head.

“Then, do you even need to ask more! Just because he says I will pay, will I pay?” I said with a laugh.

The waitress coldly said to Guan Yang, “Mr. Guan, don’t blame me for not reminding you, but if try to forfeit the bill after you ate at Jiuding resort, the consequences will be dire!”

“Dire? How dire! The wine just now was ordered by them, why would I have to pay for it! I am telling you: you better not try to threaten me. Believe it or not, I will report you to the Consumers Association!” Guan Yang said with anger.

“Manager Yu, I am Xiao Zhang. Someone on the second floor wants to renege on the payment after eating their food! Can you come here immediately!” The waitress said a few words into the walkie-talkie.

Guan Yang still hadn’t realized the gravity of the matter as the blade of execution neared his neck.

It hadn’t been long when Manager Yu pushed open the door and walked in, followed by four black-clothed men.

“What happened?” Manager Yu asked as he frowned.

“The matter is like this: Mr. Guan’s private room ordered three bottles of Romanee-Conti, but now that it’s time to pay, Mr. Guan is saying that it wasn’t him who ordered the Romanee-Conti; so he won’t pay for it.” The waitress Xiao Zhang answered.

At this time, the students in the room could also feel the tense atmosphere, so they all stood to the side, fearing they might get in trouble themselves.

“Mr. Guan, I hope you can explain what all this is about? I don’t want to have any unpleasant dealings here. It won’t benefit anyone here. What do you say?” Manager Yu nodded after listening to her and said to Guan Yang.

“Manager Yu, you were present when they wanted to order drinks, and the ones who ordered the wine were them, so what does it have to do with me?” Guan Yang was like a foolish cow, unafraid of the danger before it. He didn’t believe these people will dare harm him.

“Who ordered the stuff is your internal matter, it has nothing to do with me. All I care about is who will pay! The party was arranged by you Mr. Guan, so I will have to get an answer from you!” Manager Yu’s expression started to become darker.

“Are you going to sell it with force now? This young master is telling you to do whatever you wanna do! I don’t have any money, so what can you do to me?” Guan Yang also started to yell.

“I will only ask it once: Are you going to admit your wrong or not?” Manager Yu asked as he was getting angrier.

“I wasn’t the one who ordered it, so I won’t acknowledge anything!” Guan Yang said.

“Good, since you people don’t want to decide who will pay, then you can discuss here until you get to a conclusion. Until then, none of you should think of leaving this place!” Manager Yu said impolitely.

“What? You dare try to put us under house arrest! What are you? Just a manager of a small resort! Do you even know who I am?!” Guan Yang said angrily.

“I am just a manager, what are you?” Manager Yu was stunned. What kind of background could this brat even have? Which rich young master from B City cared about a few hundred thousand Yuan? Instead, those young masters were afraid they would be called stingy, so they would never care about the money for a few bottles of wine!

“Do you know Li Da Mazi of Chengbei District?” Guan Yang said as confidence filled his tone. He hadn’t wanted to bring him up, but that guy was a lord of his region. Just his name would be enough to fill people with fear.

“Li Da Mazi?” Manager Yu thought for a while and said, “Are you talking about Li Kang of Three Rock Gang?”

“Yeah! He’s my brother! So, are you still going to keep me here?” Guan Yang spoke arrogantly.

“Haha, what a joke. Li Kang himself has to pay when he eats here!” Manager Yu said with a laugh, “Let alone Li Kang, even Li Kang’s boss won’t have the guts!”

Li Kang was a member of Three Rock Gang in Chengbei District. As the leaders of different divisions, Manager Yu had indeed met with him. However, Li Kang’s status was far lower compared to Manager Yu, after all, only the core members of the Three Rock Gang can be entrusted with the heavy responsibility of managing their gathering places!

“All of you enter! Keep a look on these people! If they can’t reach a decision until the night falls, let all of them leave behind an arm!” Manager Yu said coldly.

“Manager, this has nothing to do with us. We were invited by him!” Yang Yiqun hadn’t spoken till now, but he was the first to speak now.

“It’s embarrassing that you have been implicated in this mess!” Manager Yu said without any emotion.

Yang Yiqun glared at Guan Yang and sat back with anger. He didn’t dare to pit himself against these men lest he becomes the first victim!

“Guan Yang, are you trying to say because Xu Xueyun ordered the wine, so I have to the bill?” At this time, I stood up and said with a smile.

“Yeah, that’s right! She ordered it, so she’s responsible!” Guan Yang immediately nodded.

“That’s to say: you have nothing to do with Xu Xueyun anymore?” I continued to ask.

“Yeah!” Guan Yang looked towards Xu Xueyun and said with gritted teeth. He knew after he said this, he no longer had a chance to pursue Xu Xueyun. But now, there were the big men and that Manager Yu watching him. If he agreed to his relationship with her, then he won’t be able to get rid of this debt!

“Good! Since you have already said you have nothing to do with Xu Xueyun, then I hope you don’t go back on what you said and don’t pester Xu Xueyun again.” I arrived near Guan Yang, lowered my face full of ridicule and said to him, “Don’t think you are the only ruthless man in the world, there are many even more ruthless than you! For example I, I am a very ruthless man, but I never said I was one!”

After he listened to me, Guan Yang really wanted to pounce at me, but he didn’t and kept his mouth shut. At this moment, he was looking forward to me forking out all the bill. Why would he speak anything?

I nodded and arrived before Manager Yu, “Isn’t it just three bottles of wine? Nothing much. It’s as he said, I was the one who ordered them!”

“Oh, good. Since you already admitted it, then everything is easy. All you have to do is pay a total of 450,000 Yuan for the three bottles of wine!” Manager Yu said.

“What payment? Didn’t you just listen: I am more ruthless than him!” I didn’t care about this bit of money at all, but I still needed to put Guan Yang in his place. Before, I had heard him on the phone after his conversation with Xu Xueyun. He secretly called that Li Da Mazi and asked him to find some people to teach me a lesson.