VPAATP V4 Chapter 223

Peace Talk Failure

“I never thought there would come a day when the two of us would sit down and chat calmly!” I picked up the watch communicator and said, “I will ask someone to look at the function of this thing, but I don’t think it can monitor someone!”

“That’s good, that’s good!” Although Liu Kesheng had already prepared to defect, he was still afraid of the mysterious person and feared that he will find out and deal with him using some special methods!

I handed the watch-type communicator to Sun Sikong and asked him to research it.

After that, Liu Kesheng and I started to talk about the issue of the Bright Flame World. Naturally, I wouldn’t be giving Liu Kesheng any initiative. After all, he was still not worthy of gaining my trust, and I still had some inhibitions towards him!

Liu Kesheng had already prepared himself to take any loss and make whatever concession he had to make. The only condition he had for surrendering the control of the Dark Tribe was that he wanted to retain his esteemed status as the God of Darkness.

Naturally, he wanted to exist as a belief. However, Liu Kesheng’s request made me hesitate for a long time! After all, there were many instances of people using religion to start a coup d’etat in history! Therefore, this matter couldn’t be taken lightly. I couldn’t guarantee that Liu Kesheng won’t rebel in the future, trying to split the Bright Flame World after I have unified it!

So I was hesitating! Liu Kesheng seemed to understand what I was thinking, so he said with a smile, “Liu Lei, I know you have your worries. If you are still suspicious, you can send someone to monitor me, or… I have heard that people who have Special Powers can put a spiritual brand in someone else’s mind, making them unable to betray!”

“Why are you doing this?” I felt a bit strange hearing Liu Kesheng make such a request.

“Liu Lei, to be honest, I really envy your life! I envy your freedom!” Liu Kesheng said, “A person lives in this world and pursues power, pursues money, and everything. In the end, isn’t it all just to be respected, to be the top dog, to be able to live however one wants! And you, you have achieved what everyone wants! The beauties beside you are like the clouds in the sky, your life is without any worry! That’s why I envy you a lot. And if I can be the God of Darkness, then I will also obtain the respect of the people. If I want women, I will have women; If I want to live in bliss, I will be able to live in bliss!”

What the fruck! I had never thought that Liu Kesheng had such ideas! But that was indeed how he was. His ideas aligned with his disposition!

“If I have all these I will have a merry life, I will be satisfied for the rest of my life! To be honest, though I was born as a young master and would have had a lot of authority in the future, I was really sick of that life! Just like a while ago, although I had the pleasure of being above the others, in reality, I am not very happy. I just want to sleep when I want, wake up when I want, hug a few beauties to bed, and have time for myself!” Liu Kesheng continued, “At the worst, I will just keep a respectful distance from the women you take a liking to!”

“Have you given up on Zhao Yanyan?” I suddenly thought of a very important issue.

“Naturally, I have not given up! I have been in love with her since elementary school! But you can rest assured that though I have the intentions, I don’t have the guts. I just admire her!” Liu Kesheng replied honestly.

Because of his honesty, I was also able to relax. There was no difference in what he said and what I found out from his mind.

After understanding all this, I began discussing private matters with Liu Kesheng…

Half an hour later, Sun Sikong brought back the communicator and said with a dignified look, “This equipment is very advanced and runs on the same principals as the communication device we developed a while ago! It is a product of advanced technology! But there is no function of monitoring all the time!”

Sun Sikong’s words made Liu Kesheng sigh with relief, but my expression became serious. It seems…

After the conspiracy had been brewed, Liu Kesheng looked dejected and was sent back to the Dark Tribe! He declared, “The peace talks have failed!”

Moreover, the entire Dark Tribe’s troops pretended to be defeated and returned to their hometown.


As for the reason, it was I who made Liu Kesheng do such a thing. The goal was to draw out that mysterious person behind him! Although I couldn’t be sure if that person was Chen Yong, my intuition told me that the mastermind behind the scenes wasn’t alone!

Over these days, something important happened on Earth. For me, it was a very important matter, but for others, it wasn’t worth mentioning!

“Ding Wenfeng came to look for you several times!” Liu Yue said to me.

“Ding Wenfeng?” Eh, isn’t that my University classmate, the Ding Family’s heir? Our relationship wasn’t very bad before, but when I showed my great power in the Martial Arts Competition of the Six Major Families, Ding Wenfeng started treating me with awe, making him unable to treat me the same way as before. After that, our relationship had also become quite estranged.

“What happened? Why is he looking for me?” I asked.

“It may be some woman’s matter,” Liu Yue said lightly. She didn’t see to be very happy.

“Woman’s business? Why is Ding Wenfeng looking for me for a woman’s business?” I couldn’t understand what Liu Yue meant, “You seem to have something to say, no?”

“No!” Liu Yue stared at me and said somewhat ill-humoredly, “Hurry up and look for Ding Wenfeng, he seemed to be very anxious when he was looking for you! Who asked you to be passionate everywhere you go!”

I am passionate everywhere I go? What the hell was happening? I looked at Liu Yue feeling somewhat puzzled, just whose vinegar had this girl eaten now?

I dialed the phone number that Ding Wenfeng had left for me beforehand.

“Old Ding, what are you looking for me fore?” After the call connected, I asked hastily. I knew that Liu Yue would always take the overall situation into account. Even if she was furious, but if something big happened, she would certainly not hide it from me. Since she said it was important, it must be important!

“Liu… Um, sir…” Ding Wenfeng didn’t know how he should call me.

“Just call me Boss or Liu Lei like before, it makes me uncomfortable listening to you talk to me like that!” I said, “The matter of your family is for your family to deal with. They respect me because I helped them! We, on the other hand, are friends. If it weren’t to give you face, I wouldn’t have helped the Ding Family!”

“Alright, Boss!” Ding Wenfeng said, “Do you remember Wang Shu?”

“Wang Shu? The girl from Japan?” I asked, “What happened to her?” As I already got the hint from Liu Yue, I immediately thought of her at once.

“She is in trouble!” Ding Wenfeng said, “She was forced to shoot AV movies by the underworld!” {TL Note: AV stands for Adult Videos.}

“What did you say? She was forced by the underworld?” I couldn’t help but get furious, “What the hell is happening, tell me quickly!”

“Boss, you should get online, I will send you a news website’s link. You will know once you take a look at it!” Ding Wenfeng said.

I quickly went to the study and opened the computer and went to MSN. Ding Wenfeng saw me get online and immediately sent a website link.