VPAATP V4 Chapter 224


After I opened the link, I discovered that it was an entertainment news network of Japan! The aforementioned article talked about a Chinese girl named Wang Shu who, because of her father’s business going bankrupt, decided to start acting in AV movies to pay back the debt.

Although the news wasn’t very implicit, I was sure that she must have been forced by those Loan Sharks. Everyone knew about the truth, but in a country like Japan where Gangs were legal and AV industry was also legal, all of this was reasonable!

“How did you find it?” I sent a message to Ding Wenfeng through MSN.

“I… Boss, I accidentally clicked on the download link of an AV movie…” Ding Wenfeng replied with embarrassment.

I will look for this guy some other day.

Wang Shu, if not for Ding Wenfeng’s reminder, I would have almost forgotten about her. But at this time, I suddenly remembered the time I was on the beach together with this girl and started to miss this strong girl.

Loan Sharks? Paying off debts for the father? Shoot AV movies? I was ablaze with anger and immediately made Guo Qing give me Heng Lujing Ba’s number and called him.

“Hello, Hello…” A person spoke Japanese.

“Heng Lujing Ba? I am Liu Lei!” I said.

“Hello, Boss, do you need me for something?” Heng Lujing Ba asked subserviently.

“You sure are doing great over there, forcing the girls from China to shoot AV movies? I think you don’t want to mix in with the underworld anymore!” I said angrily.

“Forcing girls to shoot AV movies?” Heng Lujing Ba was stunned, “Boss, we don’t do those things!”

“Is that so?” I immediately told him about Wang Shu being forced to make AV movies to pay off her family’s debt.

Heng Lujing Ba certainly remembered who Wang Shu was. In the past, he had also participated in the city-wide search for that woman, so he knew that the woman’s status wasn’t simple. Therefore, he hastily explained, “Boss, those Loan Sharks are a group of peripheral organizations while we are regular underworld gangs. Our underworld gangs don’t do this stuff!”

“Alright. You better immediately send someone to find Wang Shu and also destroy those damned peripheral organizations!” I ordered.

“Understood, Boss! I will do it immediately!” Heng Lujing Ba guaranteed.

After disconnecting the call, I couldn’t calm down at all! I knew that those companies shooting AV movies had connections with the underworld gangs, so they often used any necessary means to get their matters done!

That news regarding Wang Shu had been issued yesterday, so it was unknown what Wang Shu’s situation was! Fortunately, Heng Lujing Ba had become the biggest local tyrant over there, so he was able to quickly inquire about her whereabouts. When those Loan Sharks heard that she was one of Heng Lujing Ba’s people, they didn’t even dare fart and sent her back!

Fortunately, Wang Shu was only a little scared and hadn’t yet been taken to film. However, she had been mentally tortured for over 20 hours, so she was still unconscious and didn’t know she had been saved!

Knowing all these, Heng Lujing Ba breathed a sigh of relief. He knew that if he didn’t take care of this matter carefully, he wouldn’t have a single day of rest in the future.

When Heng Lujing Ba called me, he asked me how to deal with Wang Shu now. I pondered for a bit and suddenly had a thought of playing a joke on her!

With that in mind, I immediately told Heng Lujing Ba what he had to do. Heng Lujing Ba immediately assured me again and again that he will do as I told him.

After all this was done, I called Ding Wenfeng to let him know that Wang Shu was no longer in danger. Hearing this, that guy also relaxed. After all, Wang Shu and Ding Wenfeng were also friends.

However, what I never thought was that during my visit to Japan, someone had launched a conspiracy against me!


“Are you ready there?”

“No problem.”

“That’s good. We will now implement our plan. One of the chess pieces has changed, but it doesn’t affect our overall situation. Everyone, follow the original plan and act as needed!”



Before I left for Japan, Zhao Yanyan came to talk to me, “Husband, there’s something I need to tell you.”

I nodded towards her. I knew that Zhao Yanyan would always be carefree and cheerful when with me; only when there was something important would she have such a serious expression! Therefore, it must be something very important that she needed to tell me.

“Alright, let’s talk in the bedroom,” We came to the bedroom and I laid a special barrier inside. As the current situation was very complex, I couldn’t guarantee that someone wouldn’t have installed some monitoring equipment in my villa!

After making sufficient preparations, Zhao Yanyan let me know of a matter that shocked me! I almost couldn’t believe my ears this time. But it was indeed the truth!

“I don’t know since when I have had this ability, but this time, it reminded me of a lot of things from the past!” Zhao Yanyan said seriously, “Also, our past lives!”

I had already known that Zhao Yanyan had also been reborn like me, but her memories hadn’t been awakened. Originally, she had almost remembered the matters of the past life, but then she ended up having a car accident and nearly forgot everything that had happened in this life! Since the past wasn’t that important anymore, I didn’t force her to remember it anymore! I never expected Zhao Yanyan would remember the past in the current situation!

After listening to her, I nodded solemnly, “If that’s the case, then I will pay more attention! And you must also pay attention to your safety. Besides me, they might also be after you! Although I don’t know what kind of role Chen Yong is playing, he might just be a chess piece whether he was forced or did it all voluntarily!”

“I will. In fact, you don’t have to worry about us. Hehe, my ability isn’t any worse than yours. Maybe, because I trained the Heart Law that you taught us, my body’s potential was stimulated!” Zhao Yanyan said with a smile, “For example, I know that you are worried about us all right now but in your head, you have been thinking of a woman called Wang Shu!”

“What?!” I was stunned. I didn’t expect Zhao Yanyan’s mental ability to be strong to the extent that she would even be able to read my thoughts!

“So, there’s no need for you to worry about me. You should handle your matters with peace of mind, and I will protect myself!” Zhao Yanyan said. Before, when Zhao Yanyan knew about Wang Shu’s bitter experience, she was very sympathetic to her. Now that she heard that she was almost forced to shoot AV movies, the hostility she had for her was gone. Otherwise, it would have been a hassle to deal with the matters. However, Zhao Yanyan had already accepted Liu Xiang, who was treated as a “p********e” by her, so it was much easier to accept Wang Shu.

I nodded and looked at Zhao Yanyan affectionately and said, “It must be hard…”

“What’s so hard? You are the person I loved even in my previous life! Fool!” Zhao Yanyan chuckled.

“Um… Actually, what I meant was that you have to stay at home in such a dangerous time, while I am going out to pick up a girl…” I said slyly.

“Go, die!” Zhao Yanyan yelled, and then immediately rolled her eyes at me and said, “I am telling you, she is going to be the last one; my patience is already reaching its limit! Once you bring her back, we will all immigrate to the Bright Flame World together! Once we get there, you better restrain yourself. I don’t believe you will take a liking to those primitive women there!”

“Ah?” I didn’t know how I should reply. What was I going to do about Shui Ling’er then?