VPAATP V4 Chapter 226

Playing Tricks On Wang Shu

So Heng Lujing Ba could not give up and could only continue giving his speech, “Miss Wang, I am telling the truth. In fact, that person who wants to help you is also a Chinese, and he has seen you before!”

“Chinese? He has seen me before?” Wang Shu was dumbfounded. Was it some University student? However, the University students she remembered didn’t seem to be so rich… Who could that be?

Could it be him? In Wang Shu’s mind, the shadow of a person appeared, together with the memories shared between the two people.

‘It was impossible.’ Wang Shu shook her head. The two of them had no contact for a long time, so how was it possible for him to help her in her most critical time?

Besides, with his style, could those who forced his people like this even live in this world? Wang Shu thought of her uncle’s fate. Although she didn’t approve of my violent methods, she didn’t have much objection towards them.

So what Wang Shu thought was that if it was really me, then these people who forced her, how would they be still alive?

“Who is it? Can you bring me to see him?” Wang Shu was also a bit interested, so she started to gradually believe Heng Lujing Ba’s words!

“Alright! But first, you must make your choice. Are you going to comply or not?” Heng Lujing Ba said, “That bigshot is a very busy person and won’t stay here for long, so you must make your choice as soon as possible!”

“Do I have a third choice?” Wang Shu asked with some hesitation.

“No! You only have these two choices!” Heng Lujing Ba affirmed.

“Alright, I will follow you,” Wang Shu helplessly shook her head and followed Heng Lujing Ba.

Wang Shu left the room with Heng Lujing Ba. Soon, she discovered that it wasn’t the place she had been staying in, instead, it was a completely different environment! Did someone bring her here when she was asleep?

It was also a coincidence that the layout of rooms in Japanese offices was quite similar, and the room Wang Shu was staying in was also quite similar to the one she was in before. After Wang Shu woke up, she didn’t have the mood to look at small details, so she had mistakenly thought she was still in the same room. Only when she left the room did she feel everything was different! The pattern of the corridor was completely different, so Wang Shu asked doubtfully, “Where is this place? Who are you? Why am I here?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am, nor does it matter where this place is! What matters is that you will understand everything when you see that person in a while!” Heng Lujing Ba said.

Wang Shu nodded after listening to him, no longer asking anything. As now, she no longer had another choice and could only walk ahead step by step!

Arriving at the entrance of a room, Heng Lujing Ba stopped and pointed towards the door of the room and said, “It’s here, you can go in!”

“Here? By myself?” Wang Shu was stunned and asked somewhat suspiciously, “You wouldn’t be deceiving me again, right?”

“What do you think I will gain by lying to you? You are already in our hands, so we can easily force you to do something you don’t want to do. I don’t need to deceive you, right?” Heng Lujing Ba said with a smile and shook his head.

Wang Shu thought about what he said and realized that there was nothing wrong with what Heng Lujing Ba said. So she took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

The door wasn’t locked, so under Wang Shu’s knocking, it opened by itself.

“You don’t have to knock, you can directly go inside,” Heng Lujing Ba reminded her.

“Oh!” Wang Shu nodded. Gritting her teeth, she finally took the most helpless step in her life and entered the room.

She could see a neat office with a young man sitting behind the desk on the boss’s chair, holding a newspaper in his hands!

To be exact, Wang Shu didn’t know the age of the man. The reason she thought he was a young man was that there didn’t seem to be any wrinkles on the revealed hands, and his casual wear was also very fashionable!

“Hello… I…” Wang Shu didn’t know what to say. The didn’t seem to have noticed her as he continued reading the newspaper in his hand.

“Sit down,” I deliberately lowered my voice and pointed my finger towards the sofa at one side of the office. Still, I didn’t let go of the newspaper with my other hand.

“Hm…” Wang Shu walked towards the sofa while sweating and carefully sat down. She didn’t dare to sit down completely, and only half of her butt was on the sofa, while the other half was left hanging. Her waist was straight and her body was tight, not daring to relax.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked.

“Eh?” Wang Shu was stunned. She hadn’t thought I would ask this question. After hesitating a bit, she said, “No!”

“Oh. So, is there someone you like?” I continued to ask. My voice was still as serious as before, but my heart was very nervous. I had to determine Wang Shu’s feelings for me. Otherwise, I won’t be very comfortable getting a woman who had no feelings for me and was only with me to repay her debt.

“Is there someone you like?” Although there was a newspaper in front of me, I could still see Wang Shu’s expression through it using my abilities.

“I…” Wang Shu didn’t understand what the man in front of her was trying to do. Was he trying to test her? However, Wang Shu wasn’t prepared to deceive the person in front of her.

Wang Shu was a very principled woman. Even though she was under someone else’s control, she wanted to let the person in front of her understand that even if he was able to obtain her body, he wouldn’t be able to obtain her heart! Otherwise, if she deceived him now and he found out in the future that she was pining for someone else, it wouldn’t be good for anyone. It was better to make it clear beforehand!

But did she really like that person? Wang Shu was somewhat absentminded. When a hero rescues a beauty, coming for her in her most dangerous time, and saves her, the beauty usually falls in love with the hero.

It was a dilemma for her. Since he helped her in her most vulnerable time, did she fall in love with him? Maybe, she did! At least, she really liked the feeling of being with him. That kind of tacit understanding and those ambiguous moments.

But all of that was just a thing of the past, where was that person now? Will he also think about her sometimes? Since she had such difficulty this time, would he also come to save her?

Thinking ’till here, Wang Shu shook her head and mocked herself. How could there be such coincidences in this world? Perhaps, she was just a floating traveler in his life. Maybe, from the moment he left, they were doomed to never see each other again.

Did she still like him? Yes, she did. Wang Shu had to admit that whenever she thought of him, her calm heart would start to beat frenziedly.

Thinking of this, Wang Shu nodded affirmatively, “Yes, I have.”

Does she really have someone? Is it me? Although I was confident enough, I was still very nervous, “Oh? Who is he?”

“What do you want to do!” Wang Shu was suddenly shocked by me! Because I was too excited to know, the tone of my voice suddenly changed a bit. Wang Shu thought that I was angry when I heard she liked someone!