VPAATP V4 Chapter 228


Wang Shu wasn’t stupid. After she thought about it, she understood that I must have used some forceful methods to deal with those people! Wang Shu already knew my identity, chairman of Shuguang Internation. For someone of my status, dealing with such a matter wouldn’t be a big deal!

“You are really bad!” Wang Shu said.

“I am bad? They made a mistake and made your family go bankrupt, yet I helped you take revenge. Now you say, who is bad?” I asked while not knowing whether I should laugh or cry.

“They are also bad!” Wang Shu said after thinking.

“…” I was speechless.

However, my relationship with Wang Shu suddenly got a lot closer, as if we had returned to that time on the beach a few months ago, where we were grilling barbecue on the beach while chatting and laughing relaxedly.


In the evening, just when I was preparing to tangle around with Wang Shu, my phone rang. I picked up the phone, went to the corner, and pressed the answer button.

“Boss, we have finally done what you asked for. The other party really did appear and kidnapped the mistress!” The person on the phone said.

“I know,” I replied and hung up the phone.

I sighed, ‘Wei’er, why do you use yourself as bait? Although I have left my special energy on your body and no one can hurt you, I am still worried about you!’

However, since Chen Wei’er was really kidnapped, it certainly proved that this matter was related to Chen Yong, right? However, Chen Yong and that man don’t have any relationship, so how could they work together? Also, who else was involved?

I thought about the people around me one by one, and couldn’t help but get lost in thought.


The matter was like this:

“Chen Wei’er!”

Chen Wei’er had just walked out of her mother’s food restaurant and was standing at the entrance of the food market near her home. Suddenly, she remembered the first time she had met that man.

The winter night, and the dress he gifted her. Chen Wei’er still cherished it and kept it in her closet. The dress might not appear to be very luxurious and was not worth much, but Chen Wei’er still loved to wear it. [TL Note: Liu Lei bought a dress for Chen Wei’er when he first went to her home. Volume 1 Chapter 85 – Volume 1 Chapter 90. You can read them on Re:Library.]

It was a kind of memento to commemorate her own love, her happiness.

Who would have thought that the little girl who sold Mala Tang would one day become an extravagant wife who was followed by bodyguards whenever she went out. Chen Wei’er felt emotional for a while. That man, except for his fickleness he had no shortcoming. And unexpectedly, she could accept his fickleness!

Maybe, it was because she was a latecomer? Chen Wei’er felt very grateful to Zhao Yanyan for accepting her. Therefore, so long as Zhao Yanyan had no issue with my fickle heart, she, too, would be able to face it calmly.

Today, Chen Wei’er had especially cast off her bodyguards and arrived at her mother’s hotel. Her goal was naturally to inquire about what her brother, Chen Yong, was up to!

After not receiving any news regarding her brother for half a month, Chen Wei’er was very worried! She was afraid her brother was the person hiding behind the scene plotting to do something destructive. She was afraid she won’t be able to face him when they came face to face!

Due to this, her mother’s answer made Chen Wei’er feel very disappointed. Her mother had not seen Chen Yong for a long time!

In her disappointment, Chen Wei’er walked out of the hotel and stood at the entrance of the food market.

Suddenly, someone shouted her name, making Chen Wei’er quickly turn around.

“Xiaoyu, it’s you! How come you are here?” Chen Wei’er was surprised to find out that the person who called her was actually Xiaoyu who used to sell popsicles near her family’s Mala Tang stall.

“Oh, I am selling popsicles!” Xiaoyu pointed at the popsicle box on his back, “My previous position was taken by someone, so I can only go around to sell now!”

“The previous position?” Chen Wei’er was startled. Right, her family had stopped setting up a stall a long time ago, so she didn’t know what happened to the previous position.

“Yes. After your family left, the place was occupied by a bunch of kebab sellers from other places. A girl like me could obviously not fight for that place, and you also know I wanted to leave that place for a long time!” Xiaoyu said.

“It turned out to be like this! How have you been? Were there any people bullying you?” Chen Wei’er suddenly remembered that she and Xiaoyu were the most beautiful girls in the market. Although she wasn’t the most beautiful, she was still a youthful beauty. The two of them were frequently harassed by the local delinquents.

“There were none…” Xiaoyu replied with an unnatural expression, but her expression immediately returned to normal as she said, “Wei’er, how come you are here?”

“Oh. I was just passing by and started reminiscing the past,” Chen Wei’er sighed.

“Hehe, that’s right. Wei’er, I have some popsicles here, you should have some!” Saying this, Xiaoyu took out a popsicle from the popsicle box and handed it to Chen Wei’er.

“Ah? There’s no need, I don’t want to eat…” Chen Wei’er quickly refused.

“Why? I have heard you, Wei’er, found a very rich boyfriend. Could it be that you are now looking down at your former friends now?” Xiaoyu said with an angry expression, “Is it because you think this popsicle isn’t worth anything in your eyes?”

“I… That’s not it!” Chen Wei’er shook her head, “Alright, I will eat it!”

“That’s the way!” Xiaoyu handed the popsicle to Chen Wei’er.

Chen Wei’er took the popsicle, tore open the wrapper, and took a bite.

“Hey, how much are you selling the popsicle for?” A passerby, who was doing some grocery shopping, asked when he saw Xiaoyu’s popsicle box.

“They are all sold out!” Xiaoyu directly replied.

“Sold out? Xiaoyu, aren’t there more in your box…” Chen Wei’er had just seen a lot of popsicles in the box, so how come they were all sold out so suddenly? But before she could finish her words, Chen Wei’er fell to the side.

Xiaoyu immediately supported Chen Wei’er. Seeing that the passerby hadn’t left and was watching the fun, she berated him, “Look what happened, my friend has fainted. I must immediately send her to the hospital!”

That passerby didn’t want to get involved in other people’s business, so he immediately left after looking at Chen Wei’er.

Xiaoyu turned her head and made a gesture towards a van parked not far away. The van slowly came forward and stopped by Xiaoyu’s side.

The van’s door opened and two men got down. With one on the left and the other on the right, they picked up Chen Wei’er and placed her in the van. Xiaoyu also boarded the van, and the van then left slowly.


“Elder Brother, it really is you!” After Chen Wei’er woke up, she saw herself in an unfamiliar environment with her brother, Chen Yong, standing nearby!

“You keep on sleeping!” A handkerchief was placed on Chen Wei’er’s face, making Chen Wei’er fall asleep again.

“Xiaoyu, you did a good job. Elder Brother has not loved you in vain!” The man said with an obscene smile.

“Aiya, I am already yours, so what can’t I do for you!” Xiaoyu said with a grunt, “Let me say it again, everything I do to help Elder Brother, isn’t it for our future?”

“Hahaha!” The man started to laugh, “Good! Soon, Elder Brother will become the master of that Bright Flame World! When the time comes, let’s unify the world together!”


When Chen Wei’er woke up again, Chen Yong had already disappeared, and she was sitting in the empty room, alone.

Was everything really done by Elder Brother? Chen Wei’er couldn’t believe the fact that she saw a moment ago, she wanted to believe that it was all just a dream!

However, thinking back to the scene, she could determine that the person really was her Elder Brother!