VPAATP V4 Chapter 230

Who Is It?

“Boss, according to the survey of our subordinates, the enemy headquarters is below!” Du Xiaowei said to me.

“Below?” I looked at the smooth ground, “You mean, underground?”

“Yes, it should be underground!” Du Xiaowei said firmly.

“Well, let all the warships prepare for battle, then show up!” I said.

“Understood!” Du Xiaowei immediately issued an order, and all the warships became visible, turning the sky black.

“Liu Kesheng, you take the stage. Deploy the Dark 3 Warships and resist!” The mysterious person looked at the screen and issued orders. However, as he issued the orders, there was a ruthless and sinister sneer on the corner of his mouth. ‘Those who violate my orders, just wait for their deaths! Humph!’

In the southwest direction in the sky, there were also thousands of warships similar to the Third-Generation Bright Flame Warships, with the only difference being their black bodies!

“Boss, what should we do now? Are you prepared to fight to the bitter end?” Du Xiaowei quickly asked after he saw the situation.

“No need!” I said with a smile, “Prepare to welcome them! They aren’t our enemies.”

“Not our enemies?” Du Xiaowei was stunned, “What happened?”

“You will understand later!” I said, “This is Liu Kesheng’s fleet. The reason I say this is because I have already reached a secret agreement with Liu Kesheng!”

Sure enough, after Liu Kesheng’s fleet quickly approached us, they didn’t attack us, and instead, merged with our fleet.

Rebellion! This was undoubtedly a big blow to the enemy! However, I wasn’t very optimistic! Because, from the current situation, I was still not sure if the enemy had already known of this result!

“Leader, Liu Kesheng’s fleet didn’t attack the enemy, instead, they joined Liu Lei’s fleet. I don’t know what the hell is going on!” A man reported to the mysterious person.

“Humph, I know it already, you don’t have to tell me.” The mysterious person snorted coldly and said, “A bunch of wastrels! Liu Lei, you must be very happy now, right? Thinking that you have everything under control, right? But see how you are going to cry in a while!”

“Leader, we…” the man asked with some hesitation.

“Let’s go out together. Hahaha, I really can’t wait anymore!” The mysterious person said with a smile.

The smooth ground suddenly split open, and a man wearing a bamboo hat with his body entirely covered in dark clothes walked out!

You finally appeared! I was relieved. You mysterious fellow, let me see your true face today! However, I still admired his courage. Even in front of so many warships, he dared come out alone!

“Liu Lei, just come out! There’s no need to put up an unnecessary struggle!” The mysterious man laughed wildly, “Do you think you are big just because you have so many warships?”

I felt a little strange. Was this guy crazy? How could he be so fearless? Did he believe I won’t do anything to him just because he was holding Chen Wei’er as a hostage?

Without waiting for my reply, the mysterious person continued speaking, “Don’t think I just came out to instigate you into action. Haha, looking at it now, can you even use those warships for battle? Let me tell you, those warships are nothing but a heap of trash now!”

The mysterious person’s voice had undergone processing, so I couldn’t distinguish who it was. But what I could affirm was this guy was not the person behind the scenes! By now, I had already affirmed who the person actually behind the scenes was!

“Chen Yong, you disappoint me!” I walked down from the commander’s ship, followed by Du Xiaowei and Xu Qingwei. Liu Kesheng also walked down from his warship.

Liu Kesheng was feeling very strange right now. How come he had suddenly lost control of his warships? But after listening to the mysterious man’s words, he couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat. He never expected the mysterious person to have such a trump card in hand!

“Hehe, so have you guessed my identity?” The mysterious person looked at me and sneered.

“Aren’t you? Should I call you brother-in-law or Chen Yong? Or Mysterious Fellow?” I looked at the guy in front of me and shook my head.

“Hehe, your choice. But, how are you so sure?” The voice of the mysterious person had undergone some processing, so his laughter was very irritable.

“It isn’t an issue of being sure. I had already known of your existence. The reason you brought Liu Kesheng to light was to confuse me, right? To make me think he is the mastermind behind the scenes?” I asked lightly.

“Humph, Liu Kesheng was just a chess piece. Of course, a chess piece that has lost its purpose is nothing more than an abandoned child! I already knew this guy had defected to your side, so I already prepared for it. Now, within this area, no technological products will work!” The mysterious person said.

“It doesn’t matter. Even without all this, I can still beat you!” I looked at the mysterious man before me and said confidently.

“Is that so? Hehehe…” The mysterious man asked.

“Alright, Chen Yong, no need to pretend anymore. Just take off those ugly clothes off already!” I waved my hand in disgust.

“Chen Yong? Do you think I am Chen Yong?” The mysterious man laughed again.

“Oh, are you not? Hehe, indeed, I wouldn’t have suspected it to be you, after all, you are Chen Wei’er’s brother! However, when you reached the top of power in the Three Rock Gang, I grew suspicious and used my Psychic Ability on you, but you had immunity to my powers! It was just like Liu Kesheng and the watch-type communicator he wore! That’s one reason! Second, the biggest giveaway to your identity is the fact that you kidnapped Chen Wei’er!” I spoke about my analysis.

“Because I kidnapped Chen Wei’er, you suspected that I am Chen Yong?” The mysterious person asked, “He is your brother-in-law!”

“Indeed, it is because of this. The reason you kidnapped Chen Wei’er is that Chen Wei’er is your little sister! That’s the only reason you would kidnap her! Otherwise, there are so many women around me, yet why would you choose Chen Wei’er?” I said, “Your purpose was clearly to not let Chen Wei’er get involved in the battle between us!”

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” The mysterious man clapped his hands, “That’s a very rich imagination! Good, I don’t mind letting you have a look! Bring them out!”

Soon, several black-clothed men brought two detained people out of the entrance on the ground!

I was shocked looking at the current scene! The ones being detained by the black-clothed people were Chen Yong and Chen Wei’er!

How could this happen? Did I make a mistake in my judgment? I turned my head back to look at Liu Kesheng and then looked at Xu Qingwei. With a forceful smile, I wondered just who this mysterious person was.

One clear thing was that it wasn’t Chen Yong! No wonder that guy said all those words just now!

I looked at the bitter expression on Chen Yong’s face and knew I misunderstood him. Chen Wei’er, on the other hand, seemed to not be waking up anytime soon as she was still asleep.

“Who are you?” I looked at the mysterious man and asked aloud.