VPAATP V4 Chapter 232


I had to acknowledge Liu Kesheng’s courage was praiseworthy! It’s one thing to be killed by Yu Gang, and another to snatch the remote control and blow himself up!

Indeed, it was as Liu Kesheng said, he finally got to be a true man! Moreover, he played this move splendidly, garnering my sympathy!

The device that interfered with my Special Abilities might have been in Yu Gang’s body, because, as soon as he died, my powers were unrestricted.

This kind of thing made me very surprised and confused. The person behind Yu Gang developed such a device to restrict my Spiritual Energy! It was a strange feeling. I have been aware of this fact for a long time now. I realized that the purpose of the device is to interfere with my attention and prevent me from focusing my Spiritual Energy!

Although I didn’t know the specific implementation method, I guessed it must have released some sort of sound wave that interfered with people’s attention. It may not work on ordinary people, but it was useful against me!

Although Liu Kesheng and I had many grudges before, at this moment, I completely forgave him for what he had just done.

Who wasn’t young and impulsive? Who didn’t make mistakes when they were young? In the final analysis, Liu Kesheng had only been a child at that time. Since he was young, it was natural to be frivolous and not know the immensity of the sky and vastness of the earth. At least, I think I wouldn’t have been able to make the sacrifice at such a time.

Everything seemed to have returned to calm. Chen Yong and Chen Wei’er were saved. There were not many subordinates of the mysterious person. After they saw Yu Gang get killed, they chose to surrender. To them, losing Yu Gang was akin to losing formidable technological support!

“Brother Liu, let’s go back,” Xu Qingwei stood by my side and said lightly.

“Go back? Go back and do what?” I looked at him and asked.

“Everything is over. We should clean up everything here and return soon, then continue to build the Bright Flame World!” Xu Qingwei said.

“Continue to build? So you can be emperor?” I gave him a side glance.

“Emperor? Boss Liu, what do you mean by that?” Xu Qingwei was stunned and asked with some awkwardness.

“XU. QING. WEI!” I suddenly turned around and said, “Acknowledge it! The person behind Yu Gang is you!”

“Acknowledge? What do I acknowledge? What do you mean by behind? Boss Liu, what are you trying to say? Why can’t I understand?” Xu Qingwei had an inexplicable expression.

“You are quite capable!” I said to him lightly, “Don’t tell me Yu Gang was the ultimate BOSS? He isn’t worthy!”

“Boss Liu, wasn’t that Yu Gang your enemy?”

“Personal enemy? Hehe, that’s true. But can an insignificant person even turn into a dragon, and rush over to the Bright Flame World? Where can he get so many high-tech products? He couldn’t have also gone through rebirth?” I said with a sneer.

Listening to my words, Xu Qingwei’s complexion suddenly changed. After a while, he sighed, “Alright, what made you suspect me?”

“Since you want to know that, I will let you know! First, when I saw Liu Kesheng’s modern technology, I suspected that the mastermind might be someone from our laboratory! With how similar our technology is, it is impossible for Yu Gang to have developed it, right?” I said.

“But didn’t you say the technology was given to you by aliens? Why couldn’t Yu Gang have also received it from aliens?” Xu Qingwei asked.

“That’s impossible. As for why that is… I can’t tell you now.” I looked at Xu Qingwei and said, “Xu Qingwei, I suspect you have good reasons!

Do you remember what you said to me when Liu Kesheng first attacked our city? You said Liu Kesheng was misled by Lowell and attacked us!

How did you know the Xixi Tribe had submitted to the Dark Tribe? That was something we had been unaware of! Don’t tell me you are a clairvoyant! This is one of the reasons!

Second, Liu Kesheng joining forces with me happened in complete confidentiality. Liu Kesheng thoroughly hid this from his subordinates, and the only people who knew about this were you, Sun Sikong, and I. Not even Shui Ling’er or Shui Beishan knew of this, so how come the news got leaked? The only possible explanation is if you are the mastermind and already knew of this matter!

Third, and the most dubious reason is the fact that these special instruments were designed specifically to counter my Spiritual Prowess! The only ones who have conducted systematic research on my Spiritual Energy are you and Sun Sikong, and only you know the principles behind the working of my Spiritual Power! So the only person who can create such a counter for me is you!

Xu Qingwei, so what have you got to defend yourself?”

“Can’t it be Sun Sikong? He also knows all this, and he is also an insider. Moreover, he can also make this equipment!” Xu Qingwei said.

“Indeed, Sun Sikong can! But the biggest difference between you and Sun Sikong is there is only technology in his eyes and no other desire! If one is to say he has any desire, then that is to only do research non-stop!” I looked at Xu Qingwei and continued, “But you are not like him. Although you are also a technology talent, you have normal desires! It could easily be inferred from the company you had started in the past! Moreover, I don’t believe a reborn person will have no ambition and will be willing to be under someone else for the rest of their lives! Isn’t that right, Xu Qingwei, my former assistant!”

“Not bad! Now, I don’t have to waste time explaining too much!” Xu Qingwei looked at me, his face gradually revealing an expression of grievance, “I love Zhao Yanyan! In my previous life, I had gotten Zhao Yanyan, but you just had to mess it up!”

“I messed it up? Didn’t I toast you at the wedding and drink myself to death?” I looked at Xu Qingwei inexplicably.

“That’s right! But you, you didn’t die earlier, nor did you die later, instead, you just had to die right at that time! You know what? It was the final step, just one more step, yet I had to watch my bride commit suicide for another man!” Xu Qingwei said with a contorted face, “Dammit, it was even worse than being cuckolded, so uncomfortable! You can’t even imagine the mood I had then!

And the one responsible for all this was you — Liu Lei! I secretly vowed at that time, if the time could turn back, I would take revenge on you! And fortunately, I also got the chance to be born again! Hahaha!

Seeing that I was close to success, I never expected you to pop up and oppose my plans! The Bright Star World was discovered by me first, but who would have thought it would be taken over by you, a latecomer!

You had asked us to find a star with life, so I ditched Sun Sikong, and discovered this star by myself! I wanted to establish my state here, yet you discovered it as well!

Why, why does every good thing only happen to you? Why must I remain as your subordinate forever!”

“What? You said you were the one who discovered the Bright Flame World?” I couldn’t help but be stunned listening to Xu Qingwei’s words.