VPAATP V4 Chapter 24

She Is Liu Xiang?

“Qin Chaojun, you are too far behind! I was also on my way to watch Liu Xiang’s concert, but never would I have thought Huang Wenjing would be more anxious than me!” Qin Chaojun’s dormmate Wang Haoyu said.

“Wait, let me ask!” A new person overshadowed my wife. It made me feel very bad at heart. Although I knew this was how the entertainment world worked and new Celebrities always took the spotlight from the old ones, and it was already very rare to have someone like Su Yingzi who could be the top idol for so long as the top idols disappeared in the river time very soon, Su Yingzi was far too successful, and had a lot of faithful fans all over the world. I also knew that it was impossible for Su Yingzi to be everyone’s idol, but now that I heard Huang Wenjing’s words, I had a very bad feeling in my heart.

“What do you want to ask?” Huang Wenjing asked.

“Who is this Liu Xiang? Is the more famous than Su Yingzi?” I asked.

“That’s not a good comparison. Liu Xiang is a female singer who came to China this year for further development of her career. Just with several months of effort, her fame rapidly soared to the skies!” Huang Wenjing answered.

“Came to China this year? Is she a foreigner?” I asked strangely.

“You don’t know?” Huang Wenjing looked at me and wanted to explain when the sound of a concert was heard on the TV, so he immediately shut his mouth and turned to the TV.

I didn’t ask anymore. I had no interest in watching TV with the others, but the next scene stunned me.

“She is Liu Xiang?” I pointed towards the woman on the TV as my jaw almost fell to the ground.

The person on TV wasn’t someone else, but Aoi Yuka who I forcefully had sex with when I was in Japan! {TL Note: Aoi You Xiang is Aoi Yuka. The names were changed for consistency. All previous chapters were updated!}

Liu Xiang? I had heard about the culture of Japan as I was quite successful before, so I knew that women in Japan would follow their husband’s surname after marriage. Just what meaning was there behind this Aoi Yuka changing her name to Liu Xiang?!

“Isn’t she a Celebrity from Japan? How come she came to China? Moreover, why did she change her name to Liu Xiang?” I point to Aoi Yuka on the TV and asked.

“Don’t you know? She is indeed a Celebrity from Japan, but according to her, China is the country she yearned for since her childhood. Moreover, she says that Japan is historically a vassal state of China, so the final conclusion is that China is her motherland!” Huang Wenjing said, “Now, the number of girls who are so beautiful and understand their nationality like this isn’t many!”

Did she yearn for China? My head was full of question marks as I couldn’t process anything. No matter if it was the truth or false, I still had to admire her. The patriotism in Chinese people was very intense. In the past, there was a popular Celebrity who stated that she was a descendant of Japan rather than China, resulting in a ban on that Celebrity, and all their fame was ruined as thousands of people spat on them. But if someone said they had a strong yearning and sense of belonging to China, they will be crowned as heroes.

Therefore, if Aoi Yuka wanted to expand her carrier in China, then the route she took was indeed correct! However, she will instead lose her market in Japan!

“As for why she is called Liu Xiang, there is a saying that she loves the scent of flowers, so she named herself such!” Huang Wenjing said as if he was familiar with everything.

After I listened to him, I relaxed but also felt disappointed. It seems her decision had nothing to do with having developed any sentiments towards me. I had thought she decided to change her name due to having sex with me!

“Also, according to her, her name has another significance, but it is a secret she said. Something she can’t tell. It’s making everyone really curious!” Huang Wenjing continued, almost making me collapse with his words.

“Ah……oh!” I nodded and didn’t know what to say.

What makes me feel strange was the song Aoi Yuka, no, she is now Liu Xiang, sang was in Chinese. And it wasn’t just a mechanical memorization of the lyrics, she was completely fluent in the language as she sang on the spot, dumbfounding me! Several months ago, she couldn’t even understand a word of Chinese. Yet now……I had to acknowledge the girl was quite intelligent.

Liu Xiang took the moe root for her carrier. In China, it was still more acceptable to the lower age groups compared to Su Yingzi’s pure root.

“Do you have her CD’s? Let me listen,” I looked at Liu Xiang on TV and felt dazed. I was lost as I wondered if the decisions I made in Japan were wrong or right.

Perhaps, Liu Xiang thought that I was a very powerful socialite in China because of the power I displayed in Japan, so she thought she would be able to find me easily, but she was disappointed.

Let alone China, even in Songjiang, not many people knew about my name, Liu Lei.

Huang Wenjing’s eyes didn’t leave the television as he took out a CD from the bookshelf and handed it to me, “Don’t ruin it. It is the special edition disk!”

I received the CD and looked at the girl on the cover page, lost in thought. The matters of the world developed unknowingly. Meeting her again would happen sooner or later.

This matter really surprised me as I had some anticipation. I had simply not treated her as anything, and even now, I didn’t have any feelings for her. The only thing I had was greed and impulse to possess her body and face. It was an instinctive reaction!


Aoi Yuka’s family was a very traditional and conservative family, therefore, before the forced relationship with me, Aoi Yuka never had any boyfriend or any other relationship. Since childhood, she had been educated how a woman must be faithful to a single man her entire life. The only man who could obtain her body must be her future husband!

Due to these teachings and the influence over time, Aoi Yuka finally decided to step on the road to seek her husband……

It wasn’t known if it was because of other peoples influence or if she wasn’t resigned to her fate, Aoi Yuka started to remember the miss the man who had raped her!

As she could see the man had so much authority even in Japan, so he must be some great person in China. Even if he was already married, having her wouldn’t be a great inconvenience for him.

Therefore, having all this set in her mind, Aoi Yuka started to learn Chinese and decided to immigrate to China. In the beginning, her family was in opposition to her decision, but as soon as they learned the matter regarding Liu Lei and her, they tacitly approved Aoi Yuka’s decision.

She changed her name and came to China. It had already been three months, but she had received no news regarding “Liu Lei!” There wasn’t a single mention of his name in the elite society.

“Did that fellow made up a name to deceive me!” At the backstage of the concert, Liu Xiang angrily stomped her foot as she threw away stuff.

“Young miss, you are now the dream lover in the hearts of many men! If that man doesn’t come to you, then he must be truly blind!” Liu Xiang’s nanny Ms. Liu picked up the scattered stuff on the ground.

Ms. Liu had been the nanny of Liu Xiang since her childhood. Later, she turned into her manager. Now that Liu Xiang came to China for development, Ms. Liu also came with her and also changed her name to Ms. Liu. Though she wasn’t young, she still learned Chinese with Liu Xiang!