VPAATP V4 Chapter 25

Hardcore Fan

“He must be blind! How many times I have hinted for him before the media, but there simply isn’t any news about him!” Liu Xiang said with a snort.

“Ah!” Ms. Liu sighed and said, “Young miss, please change your dress quickly. The concert has already ended, and there are many reporters waiting outside!”

Liu Xiang sighed and nodded. Putting on the clothes Ms. Liu handed her, she walked as she restored the fake expression everyone loved.

“Excuse me, Liu Xiang. This was your first concert in China. Do you think it was successful?” A reporter asked.

“Hehe, what you said isn’t correct. Instead of saying it was my first concert in China, you can say it was my first concert ever! Aoi Yuka from before and the current Liu Xiang are two different people!” Liu Xiang said with a smile.

“Liu Xiang. Before this, your fame and development in Japan were quite high. Why would you come to China and want to live a new life and a new identity?” Another reporter asked.

“I have explained the reason before. It is because I love China!” Liu Xiang said.

“Is there no other reason?” The reporter asked as he hadn’t lost his heart.

“Another reason……I will tell you, but you mustn’t tell others! I am looking for my love!” Liu Xiang raised her eyebrow and said, intentionally putting on a mischievous expression and smile.

“Hehe……” The reporters obviously didn’t believe her words. Everyone thought Liu Xiang was cracking a joke in this situation.

But in her heart, Liu Xiang sighed again. She hoped he could see the interview and hear the words she just said a moment ago.


The interview kept progressing but I didn’t see any of it. Just when it was about to start, I received a call from Chu Gao who told me about some matters in the company.

I handed the CD in my hand to Xu Er. After he took it, Xu Er looked towards the cover and said to me, “Chief Liu, you also like this Liu Xiang?”

“You also like her?” I asked.

“I don’t like these idols and dramas very much. It’s Xueyun who likes her a lot and had me go line up to buy her CD’s a few days ago!” Xu Er said, “The entertainment world is the filthiest of all. Those women appear so pure and holy on the surface, but in fact, we don’t know how much they indulge in debauchery……”

Xu Er saw my expression sink, so he immediately stopped. He couldn’t comprehend why I was angry and thought I might be one of her hardcore fans, so I didn’t want anyone to talk bad about my favorite idol.

Actually, I also know all these, the filth that plagues the world of entertainment very well. My brother-in-law, Chen Zelong, was involved in the industry after all. However, the problem is that my wife Su Yingzi was also in this circle, but she was an exception. But now, this Liu Xiang seemed to be one as well.

“All right, what you said is indeed true, but there are some exceptions as well!” I beckoned with my hand and said, “Drive. Let’s go to New Century Group.”

Xu Er didn’t say anything and raised the volume. In the car, I could hear Liu Xiang’s singing……

The blowing Winds and Fallen leaves in autumn

I met the person I loved most in the world

Ever since I saw his appearance

My heart is drunk in his love……

“Boss, you are here!” Chu Gao excitedly said after he saw me, “Boss, here I am dying of exhaustion over the days yet I can’t even catch a glimpse of yours. You just vanished in a flash. No matter how much I tried I couldn’t find you. It was only after I heard from Huang Wenjing that you returned to University that I could contact you!”

“What’s the matter that you are looking for me? Didn’t I allow you to handle the company as you please?” I asked, “Can’t the Technological R&D Division and develop something new independently now?”

“It’s like this: Our company’s OCR technology is the best in handwriting recognition all over the nation, so there is a very great opportunity for us right now!” Chu Gao said, “Motorolla, one of the top mobile manufacturer’s in the world, want to integrate our OCR technology into their next-generation mobile products. The Chinese Language recognition will be handed over to our company. In fact, this was inevitable as we are the top when it comes to Chinese Character Recognition, but I think that our OCR technology for English, Russian, and Italian aren’t too lacking either and should be more than enough for use in mobile phones!”

“Good, now that you have the idea, you need to work on it. Only then can you succeed!” I patted Chu Gao’s shoulder in appreciation and said to him with a smile, “It seems that making you manage the company was a wise decision on my side!”

“Boss, thanks for your praise! I also think that our company has more than enough capability. In the beginning, though, I had never thought that one day we will be able to have a cooperation with a tech giant like Motorolla!” Chu Gao said with some embarrassment.

“There’s no need to belittle yourself for no reason. When you first signed a cooperation with Shuguan, you proved the company isn’t a hoax. I think that one of the reasons Motorolla wants to cooperate with us is because of our strategic partnership with Shuguang Corporation!” I said while nodding.

“That’s right, I think the same. The representative who was sent by Motorolla to oversee everything also wanted to get detailed information about our relationship with Shuguang Corporation!” Chu Gao said.

“How did you deal with him?” I asked.

“Hehe, I obviously won’t be foolish enough to tell them we are only a contracted distributor of Shuguang. Instead, I talked ambiguously, making him think that our background and company weren’t simple!” Chu Gao said with a smile.

I nodded in appreciation. Chu Gao was growing in the business field. Compared to the Chu Gao who was afraid of being embarrassed when I first met him, and the one right now was too different.

“Since it’s like this, then you can feel relieved and do it boldly. There’s no need to ask for my permission or instructions on this matter again. Although I am the investor and owner of the company, you are the general manager. The power of decision-making is in your hands. As long as you do anything that can help in the company’s development, there won’t be any opposition from me!” I was accustomed to giving enough freedom for my subordinates to grow. Like this, it was favorable to both them and me. Because of this, I had a lot of free time, and there weren’t people cursing me behind my back for being a tyrant.

“That’s not all. The reason I called you this time is that the company had reached this major milestone, so all the leaders in the company were very happy and wanted to hold a party. But everyone said that we hadn’t seen Director Liu for a long time, so I wanted you to participate in the event as well.” Chu Gao answered.

“So that’s how it was. Alright, I will also join you and eat a bit early, and have some chat with the others! Hmm, I am free tonight. How about you arrange it for today!” I said with a laugh.

“Good, I will arrange everything Boss. Right now, it’s 3 o’clock, we will leave at 4 o’clock. I have already reserved a room at Jiuding Resort!” Chu Gao said.

Jiuding Resort again? It seems that this Jiuding Resort is a hot place! Now, all I knew was that the amount of money in my bank account was increasing at an insane rate every month. Among the sources of my income were the dividends from Shuguang Corporation, East Asia Motion, New Century Group, and the Three-Rock Gang. There was also the income and profits made by the Mercenary Company under Du Xiaowei that sold services and firearms in South Africa and the small countries nearby.