VPAATP V4 Chapter 31

The Way Of Management

“Boss Yu, I……” The man covered his cheek as he wanted to explain but had nothing to refute with. The hierarchical system of their gang was too strict that the subordinate never dared complain no matter what the boss did.

“Alright. He’s only thinking about the good of the company, just his method isn’t right!” I waved and said to Manager Yu.

“Since Chief Liu asked, I will let you go this time!” Manager Yu didn’t know what kind of identity I had, but he knew that since his Boss Ding personally told him to do whatever he said with so much respect, then my identity couldn’t be ordinary. He didn’t have the guts to offend me, but now, his subordinate went ahead and rammed his head into the iron plate just for petty personal gains. He could fire a dozen people but he still had to take the wider picture in view.

Now that he heard that I was letting the man go, he was obviously happy to sell me the favor.

The man gratefully looked towards me and said, “Thank you, Mr. Liu! The lesson Mr. Liu gave me just now has benefited me immensely!” Manager Yu was somewhat bewildered as he wondered just what had I taught this man, but he knew it wasn’t the time to ask about these matters, so he didn’t speak anything.

As the matter had been resolved, I didn’t want to take any more of his time. After all, he was responsible for the management of the resort and had to look over 100’s of people and places under the resort! {TL Note: It’s about Manager Yu.}

Three Rock Gang had been growing very fast over the last few years. It could be found all over the nation. Although all these people were very loyal, loyalty didn’t mean they could earn money for the gang! The businesses under Three Rock Gang, especially these Grey Zone business were handled by the core members of Three Rock Gang. Most of these people were the dregs of society and didn’t have much education, so it wasn’t easy for them to know much about business management and operations!

This also reminded me of a problem that must be solved as soon as possible, the literate and cultural level of these people. Originally, I had only thought Guo Qing would be a small time big boss and soon give up, so even though Three Rock Gang had my shares, I never treated them seriously. After all, the income I gained from Shuguang Corporation and what I earned from the Gang had a difference of Heaven and Earth. However, after the development over the years, Three Rock Gang had now grown to a massive scale. Their business was also enjoying the limelight of the day, commanding winds, and clouds wherever they went, so I will have to take them seriously now.

Guo Qing and Ding Baosan weren’t men made for business. If you wanted to let them crush some people as they lead their subordinates, they would be experts at it. But when it came to business management, their ability was sorely lacking. Although Ding Baosan was still learning, but having started something so late in life was obviously not easy. Moreover, the people under him were still doing the same old stuff and there wasn’t a lot of actual business, so having such a large scale that Three Rock Gang grew to wasn’t easy!

This issue must be solved as soon as possible. We needed to train the members of Three Rock Gang in batches and classes! When I thought of this, I decided to go back and discuss with Ding Baosan and implement it as soon as possible.

As for teachers to teach them. It was easy. Shuguang Corporation and East Asia Motion weren’t lacking in business experts. Just a few top-tier management personnel will be enough to let them study for a long time!

But the business outside China, such as in Japan was only casual. Even if we backed out of their economy for a few dozen years, it won’t have much effect on us.

I didn’t want the money that we won from the casino as I didn’t lack money, and Yang Mei wasn’t greedy for money either. In the end, all the money still belonged to me.

“Liu Lei, you were so cool just now! You even told that man how he was useless and couldn’t do anything!” Yang Mei forgot that we were in trouble just a moment ago in a blink of an eye.

“I just taught them the way of business management. These people are crude men and don’t look at the bigger picture, so they can’t be faulted for everything!” I said with a sigh.

“No wonder you weren’t afraid of them at all! You knew their boss, that Ding something……” Yang Mei said with a playful smile.

“Oh, yeah. Ding Baosan is a good friend of mine from their headquarters!” I said with a nod without concealing anything. But I didn’t say that the relationship between me and Ding Baosan was that of a superior and subordinate.

Yang Mei didn’t ask again but she felt the man before her was very mysterious, just like in those TV shows and novels. Although he wasn’t a prominent figure in society, he still extremely broad personal connections and unknown secrets!

If I knew what Yang Mei was thinking, I would certainly exclaim that she was right!

Yang Mei and I returned to the casino. Li Xiaogang and Chu Gao were already penniless as they had lost all their chips, so they were waiting for us anxiously. As soon as they saw us, the two rushed towards us together.

“Bos-……Director Liu, where did you go? I was so anxious!” Chu Gao was worried and almost said the word “Boss.”

“Yang Mei, what did you and him do!” Although Li Xiaogang was also anxious, he was more jealous as he asked. No matter what, everyone could listen to his overtones.

“What does him and I doing anything have to do with you!” Yang Mei raised her brows as she said, “We had a chat and took a walk! So what!”

I helplessly shook my head and bitterly smiled towards Chu Gao, but Chu Gao actually said in a voice that only I could hear, “Boss, won’t I be having a lot of sisters-in-law?”

I glared at Chu Gao. Li Xiaogang’s complexion, on the other hand, wasn’t very good as he glared at me with an unfriendly and hateful expression.

“We need to talk!” Li Xiaogang said to me as his emotions were in a turmoil.

I thought about it slowly nodded after a while.

In my heart, I had no intention to deal with the guy or do something special out of nothing. After all, he was a talented subordinate. If he doesn’t go too far, then I can still bear to let him stay, but if there is any problem with his character, then I will have to make him leave!

“Li Xiaogang!” Chu Gao looked towards Li Xiaogang with anger as he yelled his name.

Chu Gao was cursing the eighteen generations of Li Xiaogang’s ancestors and the only good impression he had of him was now torn to shreds. What did he think he was! Actually daring to speak like that to the Boss. It must be known that the boss was the man who founded their company. What qualifications did a manager have to tell him to go for a talk!

Chu Gao wanted to pounce at him but he was stopped by an eye signal from me. I thought that this Li Xiaogang was looking for trouble with me because of Yang Mei’s matter. After all, it was fair competition when people wanted to pursue a girl, so I naturally didn’t object. I wanted to see how this guy would act! {TL Note: Everything is fair in love and war! I would have killed Li Xiaogang a hundred times over.}

“Li Xiaogang, what do you think you are trying to do!” Yang Mei wasn’t happy as Chu Gao didn’t act against him.

“Matters between men!” Li Xiaogang said with a cool look. When he finished, he walked to a place where there weren’t other people.

I walked behind Li Xiaogang. Li Xiaogang stopped at a “777” slot machine and turned around as he said to me, “Do you know what I want from you?”

I was speechless. Was this guy insane? Did he think I could read his mind!

“Because of Yang Mei?” I still said truthfully.

“Humph, so you do know. Since you know already, then you should also know that I love Yang Mei?” Li Xiaogang kept on asking.

“That I can see, but did you just bring me here to say these things? What does it have to do with me!” I said impatiently.