VPAATP V4 Chapter 32

Becoming Outstanding

“It naturally has a lot to do with you! Let me tell you this: I lost my heart to Yang Mei the moment I saw her for the first time! Also, have you had a look at yourself and your condition, you are still too young!” Li Xiaogang said with an appearance of a seasoned man, “You haven’t even graduated yet, yet you want to pick of young girls already? Let me tell you, with your present status, the most you can deceive are elementary students. Yang Mei is already a white-collar elite working as the Department Manager, so having any thoughts regarding her are just wishful thinking! Do you know just how much the perfume Yang Mei uses costs? 1500! Do you know how much the set of clothes she wears cost? 3000! Do you know how much she spends every month? Do you have a good car? Do you have a house? Will you even be able to raise her?”

I interestingly looked at Li Xiaogang as his spittle flew everywhere and his determined expression said that he will die rather than give up. A person might be very capable, but if their moral nature wasn’t good, then they were nothing but disabled.

“I can! How much is the monthly salary for you CTO’s? Don’t think I don’t know. I went to the financial department and asked about it. 2,500! Haha, it isn’t even enough to afford her dress! But I. My basic salary is 5,000, plus a bonus every month. The least commission I get is over 10,000 Yuan! What ability do you have to compete with me!” Li Xiaogang laughed.

I was still speechless. The guy was quite scheming. He actually went to the financial department to see how much my salary is! I didn’t need a salary to begin with, but Chu Gao insisted that I take something from the company, so I casually took 2,500. I never expected it would turn into a joke by this Li Xiaogang!

“Alright. I know you are quite amazing, so I hope you will have the same income in the future as well.” I said with a faint smile.

“Future? What do you mean?” Li Xiaogang apparently couldn’t understand the undertone in my words, so he said, “I have a monthly investment and my money will grow more and more in the future!”

I shook my head and didn’t say anything. There was no need for me to say anything more to him again as in my heart, Li Xiaogang was no longer someone of the New Century Group!

“I am talking to you. Can’t you hear what I said? Later, you better stay far away from Yang Mie! You bast*rd, I am talking to you here!” Li Xiaogang snarled as he glared at my back.

I just walked back to Chu Gao and saw he wait anxiously as he was frowning. I nodded to him and he immediately understood.

“Li Xiaogang, you can go to the finance department tomorrow and calculate your salary for this month. You don’t need to come to work again.” Chu Gao straightforwardly said to Li Xiaogang who was still murmuring to himself.

“What? Chief Chu, you wouldn’t be making a mistake, right?” An inexplicable expression appeared on Li Xiaogang’s face, “Are you cracking a joke with me? Haha, but this joke isn’t too funny!”

“I am not cracking a joke. What I said is a proper business!” Chu Gao said seriously.

“Chief Chu, I……But the profit that I bring in every month for New Century is at least 100,000, yet you want to dismiss me?” Li Xiaogang said inconceivably.

“Our New Century Group has no place for people who have issues in their moral nature!” Chu Gao said.

“Moral nature has issues? Did this Liu Lei say something to you behind my back? You will dismiss me just because of him.” Li Xiaogang’s complexion had started to turn ashen.

“Yeah! I have heard a few meanings in your words just now. Though your ability is great, I can’t allow my subordinates to go out and provoke others like that!” Chu Gao nodded.

“Good! You are really good!” Li Xiaogang knew that the matter was a foregone conclusion, so his tone became heavier as he said, “I will remember this! You fired me right! Good, just don’t regret it later! Just wait and watch!”

Then, Li Xiaogang glared towards me and said, “You, you motherfer depending on your relationship with this Chu Gao, you son-of-a-bi**h dare to trick me without me knowing it! Dammit! Fer, you better not be too smug. When the time comes, I am telling you, you better be careful. If something happens to you, then don’t blame me for not reminding you at the time! Just remember what I said to you before: You better stay far away from Yang Mie!”

Then he turned towards Yang Mei and said, “Yang Mei, you just wait and see how Li Xiaogang will become an outstanding man! I will look for you soon!”

Li Xiaogang said that and waved his arms as his left towards the casinos front door.

Chu Gao shook his head and said to everyone, “Let’s go, we will eat a meal. Everyone, you shouldn’t sour your mood over his matter!”

Because of the matter just now, everyone’s emotions were a bit low. Nt that they listened to Chu Gao, they indeed had some of their interest return. Moreover, all of them were indeed hungry, therefore, now that the topic was brought up, they all walked towards the dining area.

I don’t know if they did it intentionally or unintentionally, the colleagues from the company respectively took their seats. As my relationship with Chu Gao was very good and everyone in the company knew that, so Chu Gao naturally sat to my left. But on my other side, it was unexpectedly Yang Mei who sat on the empty seat!

I knew that it was the good intentions of all colleagues, so I could only accept it helplessly. Because of the drama with Li Xiaogang a moment ago, they were even more sure that there was something going on between me and Yang Mei. Although there wasn’t anything between us, in other’s eyes, we were already regarded as future lovers!

The food had been ordered beforehand, so Chu Gao just informed the waiter before we entered the dining room, therefore, it didn’t take long for the fragrant dishes to arrive being carried by a group of waiters and waitresses.

The overall quality of the food this time was comparatively higher than what Guang Yang treated us to. It seems that Chu Gao wasn’t a stingy boss. This made me feel relieved as only through this way will the staff give their all for the company.

Although all these members of the New Century were already earning the same income as Gold-Collar workes even though they were just white-collars, they were busy in the company most of the time and didn’t have much time to go to a hotel or anything, so they ate at the company cafeteria only. Therefore, now that they saw all these delicacies before them, their appetite started to grow as everyone was already hungry.

Chu Gao wasn’t like the other company bosses and disliked the lengthy speech they gave every time before eating or drinking anything, so he said simply, “Everybody is already hungry and my belly is growling as well! Since there aren’t any outsiders, then no need for any pleasantries. Pick up your chopsticks and let’s eat!”

Saying all that, Chu Gao picked up his chopsticks and clamped on a large piece of meat, biting it all in one mouthful, making everyone laugh.

And it was as Chu Gao had said: Everyone here was indeed familiar with each other, and there weren’t any outsiders, so no one held back while eating and drinking whatever they wanted. As they ate and drank what they liked, they also chattered about various topics outside of work. The atmosphere was very joyful.

“Yang Mei, you worked hard in the N-City exhibition over the two days. Let me give a toast in your honor first!” Chu Gao poured some wine and stood up as he said, “I also want to send two people for the work so you won’t be exhausted all by yourself, but you know as well, the high-level management in our company is already very busy every day and don’t even have the time to scratch their itch! And the company also went on the right track recently, so there’s a lot of work to do, so you will have to go there alone!”

“Hehe, Chief Chu is making the matter seem bigger. I will certainly be able to do it!” Yang Mei also stood up and picked up her glass, “But I am only in the business department, so if there are any technical issues, then I am afraid I might not be able to cope with them. Chief Chu, you can’t complain about them later!”

“Uh……That’s right, that’s an issue!” Chu Gao nodded, “Or how about this, I will assign someone from the R&D Department to go with you and assist you! You should check out who you wanna take with you. When the time comes, just let me know!”