VPAATP V4 Chapter 33

Clamoring Over The Celebration Drinks

“Ah, Chief Chu, on the side of the R&D Department, we are already short of manpower because of that project we have to do for Germany. Moreover, Motorolla is already getting anxious looking at the plan, so we already need more people. If you reassign someone now, then it will cause a lot of trouble. I don’t agree!” The R&D Department Manager said straightforwardly. The company management was already used to such a behavior from him.

Listening to him say that, Chu Gao was very awkward right now. The company had just started and the present situation needed them to put in a lot more effort to speed up its development to the current rocket speed. Although there was more personnel hired, it was impossible to meet the current needs just with them. After all, it wasn’t the peak time for employment! Moreover, the conditions for the employees in the New Century weren’t high, but it was still difficult to find suitable talents to work at this time.

“Little Wu, I don’t know your situation, but this exhibition is very important to the company. It’s the first time for us company to hold a world-class exhibition. The prestige and future development of our company will gain a huge advantage from this!” Chu Gao said.

“Then, do we stop doing our work?” Wu Chang, the Manager of R&D Department said ill-humouredly.

“This……” Chu Gao was a bit embarrassed.

“Chief Chu, Wu Chang, I have an idea. There’s no need to get people from the R&D Department, but the problem will still be solved!” Yang Mei suddenly said.

“Oh? Tell us then!” Chu Gao said with pleasure.

“Our company has a CTO who gets a salary but doesn’t contribute to the company that much. How about letting him go on a business trip with me?” Yang Mei said in a grand tone.

As I heard her words, cold sweat covered my back. Why does it seem like all this had been pre-planned?

“You mean Director Liu?” Wu Chang said loudly, “Well, with Director Liu’s technical ability, dealing with those issues would be a piece of cake!”

Chu Gao also looked at Yang Mei with a smile.

“Chief Chu, why are you looking towards me like that?” Yang Mei said straightforwardly.

“Yang Mei, tell me, you were aiming for this result from the start, right?” Chu Gao asked with a smile.

“Chief Chu, I……I am only thinking about the company!” Yang Mei said with panic.

“I never said you aren’t thinking for the company. What I mean is: Is everything really for the company?” Chu Gao continued to ask.

“I……” Yang Mei couldn’t refute his words anymore.

“Haha!” The other colleagues of the company saw her like this, so they all understood what happened and started to laugh.

“Alright, Yang Mei, how can I disagree to something that is for the company? But the key is if Director Liu will agree to do it for the company!” Chu Gao smiled as he glanced at me, deliberately stressing on the words “for the company!”

What could I say now? Chu Gao’s meaning was clear: The company is yours, so you deal with these matters!

“Alright, I will attend the exhibition. There won’t be a problem. But first, tell me when it is, so I can make free time for it?” I said.

“It’s the day after tomorrow. Do you have other matters to deal with?” Yang Mei asked.

“Oh……no!” I nodded.

Afterward, I and Yang Mei became the object of ridicule for everyone else, especially the ones who had drunk a bit more. All of them were clamoring about how they must drink my and Yang Mei’s celebration drinks. {TL Note: A Celebration drink is when two people get into a relationship or something!}

Yang Mei was thoroughly blushing as she lowered her head. It wasn’t the blush one would have from getting drunk. Everyone could see the joy from her current appearance.

I sighed darkly.

I had read in many historical books that there were many lascivious men in the past who were loose in love and married many wives.

In fact, there were times when even they might not have been able to help themselves!


The three-day exhibition was dull. There were no technical problems like what Yang Mei said before. All I had to do was take some products and put them on an exhibition. After the multinational organizations checked them, we just had to wait for their orders. As Yang Mei was the Manager of Public Relations Department, getting those companies to sign contracts with us was a piece of cake for her.

It could be said that for the few days, it was only Yang Mei who had been really busy. I was idle almost all the time. Taking the opportunity, I went ahead and looked at the several products from other companies in the exhibition.

Properly speaking, before my rebirth, China rarely held exhibitions on the international level. But now, China was the number one country in the world when it came to technology, whether software or hardware. In the high technology aspect, we were dominating the worlds top position, therefore there was no doubt that the exhibition would be held here.

Microsoft, the company I worked for in my past life was still a massive entity and had a strategic partnership with Shuguang. Although it wasn’t on the same scale as in my past life, it was still one of the best software manufacturers in the world. They had also released a lot of new products in the exhibition, naturally, they implemented the Shuguang Standard in them. Shuguang OS had turned into a unified standard for the world’s software industry, so there was no doubt they would keep it as the standard.

Besides Shuguang and New Century having some special products exhibited in the exhibition, there were many other companies that were following the same development speed of the current age just like what was there in my previous life. This was also the result that I most desired. I didn’t want the historical development to advance too rapidly. It was better this way.

“You called me here, it wasn’t for any technical issues, right?” After the exhibition ended, I somewhat suspected Yang Mei’s goals.

“What……?” Yang Mei’s body shook, but she still said somewhat unnaturally, “How would I know. I am not a tech specialist, so I am not an expert that will know if the issues will happen or not……”

“But there had been no technical stuff in this exhibition that might need someone to solve them?” I asked.

“Ah? You saw through it……” Yang Mei was young, so she couldn’t understand I was cheating her and immediately confessed the details.

“I didn’t see through anything,” I said with a smile, “I just guessed.”

“Ah? If I had known, I wouldn’t have acknowledged!” Yang Mei said, somewhat disheartened, “Why am I feeling so unsettled.”

“That I don’t know. I will buy us tickets to return to B-City.” Heh, little girl, since you aren’t going to say anything, then I am not going to ask either. I will just let you calm down.

“Hey? Why are you like this? Such an irritating man!” Yang Mei couldn’t calm down anymore. As she listened to me saying that I was going to buy return tickets, she didn’t want to go back so soon.

“I asked you but you didn’t say your original intention. I don’t like forcing people against there will, so what’s the problem with this?” I said with a laugh.

“If I said then will you help me?” Yang Mei whispered.

“What is it? If you don’t say it clearly, how will I know if I can help you or not?” I looked into her eyes and thought the girl was very scheming. If she said I had to help her, it will certainly not be any good matter.

“Will you……with me……I am asking if you will go on a date……” Yang Mei said.

“Huh?” I was shocked. What kind of international level joke was this girl trying to play on me?

“You want to go on a date with me? You aren’t mistaken about something right?” I looked towards Yang Mei as if I saw an alien. To be honest, even if I saw an alien, I wouldn’t be this startled!

“Ah……no. What I mean is, can you accompany me to a blind date?” Yang Mei explained. {TL Note: Yang Mei has a blind date with someone else, so she’s asking Liu Lei to come along with her.}

“Accompany you? You still need someone else to accompany you on a blind date? If I go with you, then, won’t I become a light bulb between you two!” I asked strangely. {TL Note: Light bulb – Someone extra causing trouble in people’s romance.}