VPAATP V4 Chapter 35

Speak Less

Though I didn’t care about what the fake mother-in-law said, Yang Mei wasn’t willing to let her speak like that, “Mother, what are you doing? Weren’t you the one always pestering me to find a boyfriend as soon as possible! Now that I have one—how are you treating him?”

“What does he do? Did I agree?” Mother Yang looked at me with disdain.

“He is a colleague at my place of work!” Yang Mei said, “We work in the same company!”

“Same company? How long have you two known each other?” Mother Yang continues to ask.

“One month!” Yang Mei replied.

“One month? One month and you already forgot your mother? I won’t agree! Look at Zheng Shaopeng. He’s handsome, has a family business, and the most important is their family is very rich!” Mother Yang said. After that, she looked at me and said, “You can leave. There’s no need for you to be entangled with my daughter. There’s nothing for you here!”

I looked towards Yang Mei. My meaning was clear: You see that. Now, decide what to do!

“Yang Mei frowned and said, “Mother, I love him and only him. If it’s not him, then I won’t marry anyone my entire life!”

“You!! You unfilial daughter, you want to anger your mother to death!” Mother Yang said angrily.

“Alright, no need to start a rant here!” Father Yang who hadn’t spoken all the time suddenly spoke. He appeared to be acting as the mediator. No one had thought he would speak at this time with a dignified appearance, “If you need to decide anything then go home for it. No need to make a joke out of yourselves here on the street! Alright, Little Liu is it. You also come with us.”

As Mother Yang saw Father Yang speak, she snorted coldly and pulled Zheng Shaopeng with her as she walked in front.

“Only four people can sit inside Little Zheng’s car!” As we arrived at the old-style parking lot, Mother Yang turned towards Father Yang and said. Her vision was focused on me though.

“We can squeeze and sit inside!” Father Yang looked at the space inside the car and said.

Zheng Shaopeng obviously didn’t want me to sit in his car, so he looked towards Mother Yang and whispered a few words.

“You look at the car. The tires don’t have enough gas, so five people certainly can’t sit inside!” Mother Yang said what Zheng Shaopeng taught her.

“I will take a taxi back with him!” Yang Mei couldn’t help but pull me along as she walked to the taxi waiting in the area.

“Look what you did!” Father Yang looked at Mother Yang in discontent, “Our daughter came back after great difficulty yet you are making things like this!”

“I am only thinking for her good! Little Zheng has money, power, and talent. Our daughter will certainly not suffer in the future!” Mother Yang didn’t care.

“Hais!” Father Yang sighed.

Both Yang husband and daughter were worried about their daughter’s future but Father Yang wasn’t too concerned about who his daughter dated as long as they were in love, but Mother Yang was very snobbish. The third party, Zheng Shaopeng was the one most joyful right now. As soon as he saw Yang Mei’s beauty a moment ago, he was stunned and shocked to Heaven. He had seen Yang Mei’s photo and thought she was a rare beauty, but now, looking at her in person, he hadn’t thought she would be even more beautiful. She was tens of times, no, a hundred times more beautiful!

The picture that Zheng Shaopeng saw was from the time Yang Mei got admitted to University. Yang Mei was wearing a uniform and had no makeup on while her hairstyle was also a common style.

But the present Yang Mei was the Manager of Public Relations Department, so she had no alternative but to pay more attention and care to her appearance, but she still only used a little bit of makeup. Yet, even though it was just a bit of powder and some makeup, she was still a stunning beauty.

Originally, Zheng Shaopeng had also held disdain towards this blind date, after all, his family condition was already superior, so he had no need to go on a blind date. But now that he saw Yang Mei, he resolved in his heart that he must get Yang Mei.

Therefore, in the car, Zheng Shaopeng used hundreds of methods he could to please Mother Yang. Mother Yang’s bad mood also improved because of his flowery words.


“You saw that, right! I said that your mother won’t agree. Do you really think we will be able to make her lose heart with this ploy of ours?” In the taxi, I said with a sigh.

“She will lose heart!” Yang Mei said.

“I doubt that. Didn’t you see that? She already treats that Zheng Shaopeng as her son-in-law!” I said.

“That’s her business. If she likes Zheng Shaopeng, then she can give birth to another daughter and let her marry him!” Yang Mei said with anger.

“……” I shook my head, “You are just talking nonsense. Now I will have to think of ways to deal with him. It’s such a tiresome matter!”

“How would I have known my mother would be so serious this time. But it’s just a blind date. As long as I don’t agree, my mom will certainly not try to force me!” Yang Mei said as she shook her head.

“Maybe it’s because the people before him didn’t have the same background as this Zheng Shaopeng. So now, your mother wants to make sure she catches this golden tortoise as his family is quite rich!” I said with a laugh.

“You are still laughing. Do you want to lose to him? How are you going to deal with him, think of something!” Yang Mei shouted.

“I?” I stared at Yang Mei’s current appearance. I didn’t know if she was too worked up or what, but she really got into the role, treating me like her real boyfriend, “There’s nothing for me to lose!”

Yang Mei was stunned. Only then did she realize the way she was talking before was a bit improper, so she coughed twice and said, “What I mean is that you should treat me like your real girlfriend now! Only then will you be able to have any motivation! Don’t think that we are acting. You must thin that Zheng Shaopeng is really your enemy. Think about how you will deal with your enemy!”

“That’s a good idea! If you were really my girlfriend, that Zheng Shaopeng would be lying in a hospital already!” I said as I laughed.

“Can you be serious already! Why are you joking and laughing again?” Yang Mei glared at me.

When was I joking? I was serious! My temper had become milder over the last two years. It was no longer the same hot-bloodedness and excitement that I had when I had just been reborn. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be impossible for Zheng Shaopeng to get beaten savagely. Yu Gang son and father were a good example. {TL Note: Refer to the first volume. If I remember right, then Yu Gang was the dude who threw Liu Lei and Chen Wei’er down the mountain on a school trip.}

“Let’s try something different first. First, we need to understand why your mother likes that Zheng Shaopeng. It should be an easy matter!” I said.

“That’s a good idea! Now that it’s decided, I will look for my former classmates and ask them to inquire about this Zheng Shaopeng and his family!” Yang Mei said as she took out her telephone and dialed a number.

“Hello, Liu Ying? I am Yang Mei!……Yeah, I returned to D City today. I haven’t seen you for a long time. I will ask you out on a meal another day!…… It’s like this: I wanted to ask if you know a person named Zheng Shaopeng?…… Well, I will be waiting for your reply!”

“It’s such a big city. Will you even be able to inquire about a single person?” I looked at Yang Mei and asked.

“Others might not be able to, but this friend of mine can!” Yang Mei smiled mysteriously.

“How? Don’t tell me she’s a detective!” Although China didn’t have the private detective industry, there were many information consultation companies. They were also a kind of detective business as well, helping people handle some investigations, company disputes, inheritance disputes, or track people, so on and so forth.

“She’s naturally not a spy but does similar work. She is the family registration control officer in the local police department, so she can pull out information and addresses of all people living in the city. As long as Zheng Shaopeng is from our city, he will certainly have a record!” Yang Mei said happily, “Liu Ying was my classmate in Junior Middle School and she’s also my good sister. I can certainly depend on her for the matter!”