VPAATP V4 Chapter 37

What Are You Afraid Of?

After I listened to her, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If I love her then I should let her seek her own happiness? Shouldn’t I be the one saying these words? Who is it that is trying to make her daughter marry someone she doesn’t even like? Now, I am the one who is at fault.

Mother Yang had just weighed the pros and cons in her heart. Although I had a higher monthly salary, Zheng Shaopeng had a car and a house, solving a lot of major future problems, so she still had more liking towards Zheng Shaopeng.

During the dinner, I found an excuse to go to the bathroom and called Ding Baosan. I asked him to get information regarding Zheng Huawen from the person in charge of Three Rock Gang in D City.

I told him to wait for my call after he investigates and make sure he doesn’t call me.

When I went to the bathroom again and called him, Ding Baosan had already investigated everything.

“Boss, according to our person in charge in D City, Lu Hongtao, that Zheng Huawen and his brother Zheng Huaqing were both active members of the underworld in their early years. Zheng Huawen’s brother Zheng Huaqing was quite a ruthless character in the past and was feared by a lot of underworld gangs at the time. But due to some physical deficiencies, he never had a child of his own, so he is unusually doting of his nephew Zheng Shaopeng. In 1998, Zheng Shaopeng and the son of the local tax bureau chief had a conflict over a woman. That son looked for a group of thugs and taught a lesson to Zheng Shaopeng. It was reasonable to say that no one would go against the bureau chief, but, after Zheng Huaqing learned about the matter, he brought a machete to the chief’s house and severely injured his son. If he hadn’t been rescued in time, the guy would already be dead. Because of this matter, Zheng Huaqing became a wanted criminal in D City and fled. He hasn’t been caught yet. But according to our informants, Zheng Huaqing is right now in the G City with one of his buddies and is doing the business of smuggling illegal arm dealership! The Cargo business that Zheng Huaqing started had also been taken over by his younger brother Zheng Huawen. When Zheng Huaqing left, he took the cash, around 3 million, with him and only left a small part for his brother, probably around 500,000. It was to keep the daily operations of the Cargo business working!” Ding Baosan introduced me to all their history.

“Zheng Huawen? Zheng Huawqing?” I thought for a moment and said, “Was the son of the chief called Feng Biao?”

“Feng Biao? Never heard of him. The son of the chief is called Wang Yunlong. What is it, boss? Do you need me to investigate that Feng Biao?” Ding Baosan asked.

“No need. I was asking casually.” I suddenly remembered a TV show I had once watched. In the show, there were two brothers who had almost the same experience and names, so I just said that casually.

“Ah, right! Boss, do you have any beef with this person? Want me to have Lu Hongtao get him?” Ding Baosan asked.

“Get him? No need to do anything for now.” I listened to Ding Baosan and understood that he wanted to deal with Zheng Huawen. I couldn’t help but be astonished by how much influence Three Rock Gang had here. Zheng Huawen was also someone in the underworld, mixing in D City for years, but Ding Baosan spoke as if just a sentence was enough to erase him!

“Alright, boss! You should save Lu Hongtao’s phone number, 1390*******. If you need something done, you can find him directly. I already told him about you!” Ding Baosan said.

“Alright. I won’t need him for the time being.” I hung up the phone and left the bathroom. Right now, I had some basic understanding of Zheng Huawen. Yang Mei’s friend in the police department said that Zheng Huawen had a net worth of tens of millions. It seems that was just an exaggeration. This fellow only appeared to be full, but in reality, he was all air. I believed in Ding Baosan’s investigation as a lot of information wasn’t very clear in the records. Only the people in the underworld who had wide connections would know all this!

To be honest, if Zheng Shaopeng was really a promising and talented youth, I might have been willing to let her and Yang Mei be together. But now, it seems that he was no good thing as he had a conflict over a woman in school already.

People were like this. I often got into a conflict over my women, but now that I heard Zheng Shaopeng had done the same, I thought of him as a playboy.

In fact, the thing was, if a person had the capital to be arrogant and rampant, then they could do whatever they wanted, even if they were playboys. It was taken for granted. But Zheng Shaopeng obviously didn’t have the capital to be arrogant. The consequences of his actions were that his uncle had to flee from home as he was now a wanted criminal.

Therefore, it was impossible for him to provide any sense of security to Yang Mei. That was the most important point.

After three rounds of wine, it was already late. Zheng Shaopeng received a call and said that the Cargo business had some matters he had to overlook, so he will return tomorrow. Mother Yang actually tried to keep him here, “What’s the matter you have to deal with in the evening? Can’t you do it tomorrow? It’s already late, so why not stay here!”

Zheng Shaopeng had a happy appearance as he hesitated, but then, he finally said with clenched teeth, “Oh, Aunt, there is some important matter in my family, so I really need to go!”

Zheng Shaopeng was also lascivious, so as he heard that Mother Yang wanted to keep him back, he was going wild with joy. But just now, he had received a call from his father telling him that his uncle, Zheng Huaqing, was going to return to D City tonight!

Although Zheng Shaopeng had grown up now and loved beauty, his feelings for his uncle were still as deep as they were when he was a child. At this moment, he must go back and see his uncle, so he reluctantly gave up on his love life for now. However, in his eyes, Yang Mei was already his woman, so there wasn’t a need for him to be eager.

Although Zheng Shaopeng said goodbye, Mother Yang kept on talking, “Little Zheng is really a good child dedicated to his work. It’s already so late but he’s still going to work! Moreover, he’s an absolute gentleman to be able to withstand the enticement of beauty. I was afraid that he might indulge in debauchery later as his family is rich. But now, I am relieved!”

“Little Liu, Little Zheng has already gone back, so when will you be leaving as well?” Mother Yang said to me as she had a cold smile on her face.

“Mom, Liu Lei’s family isn’t in D City, so where do you want him to go? He will, of course, stay with us here at our home!” Yang Mei said as she wasn’t too happy because of her mother’s words.

“Where would I want him to go! I am just saying that our house is so small, so why not let him live in a hotel!” Mother Yang said with her eyes wide open.

“You!! Zheng Shaopeng can live here but Liu Lei can’t? At night, we will stay in the same room. No one will bother you!” Yang Mei said as she panted in indignation.

“You dare!!” Mother Yang roared.

“What’s there for me to not dare! I am telling you, we already lived together in B City!” Yang Mei said as she snorted coldly.

After saying all this, she drew me and walked towards her room rashly. After entering the room, she shut the door with a loud “bang” and then locked the door from the inside.

“You won’t be telling me to really sleep here?” I asked as I pointed towards the small bed in the room.

“What? This young lady is not disappointing you, right? Or are you going to abandon me now?” Yang Mei raised her brows and glared at me.

“Of course, that’s not what I meant. I am trying to say that this bed is so small, how are we going to sleep?” I explained.

“You can’t go to sleep by yourself?” Yang Mei asked in confusion.

“I can sleep by myself, but where are you going to sleep?” I asked.