VPAATP V4 Chapter 39

Definitely Can’t Look

MSN was now a product of Shuguang. Although I had an account, it was the internal account number of Shuguang ending in a high-level special-purpose mailbox, so it wasn’t too convenient to tell her that. {TL Note: Basically, everyone else has: username@msn.tld but Liu Lei has LiuLei@Shuguang.tld}

“Oh? I don’t know how to chat so I don’t have all this!” I said.

“This……Forget it!” Yang Mei said with some disappointment and continued to chat with her friend.

“For security, stay safe and far away from the internet? What kind of name is that?” I strangely asked as I pointed to the net ID of the person Yang Mei was chatting with.

“Oh, this? It’s Ah Ying. My friend from the police station, Liu Ying! There had been several cases of fraud and cheating on the internet recently!” Yang Mei said.

I felt I would go mad. The woman was worthily a police officer, she didn’t even forget to educate people on the internet!

I looked at the screen for a while and felt bored. They were chatting about nothing but topics between little girls, perfume, clothing, and the like. I stood up and took a look around the room and went to the bookshelf. I found several celebrity photos on the bookshelf. As I looked at the person inside the pictures, she was obviously Yang Mei. The images were from the time she was around 15-16. It seemed to be from the time before she went to high school.

“Hello, what’s the matter? Are you trying to infringe on my privacy?” Yang Mei said as she stood up and walked towards me.

“I am only looking at your pictures, so why are you getting so worked up, eh? There’s an entire album here, let me take it out!” I suddenly found an album at the bottom of the bookshelf!

“No!!” Yang Mei shouted and reached out and grabbed my hand that was just about to open the bookshelf window.

“What’s the problem with me having a look?” I looked at her strangely.

“Not good, you must not look! Absolutely!” Yang Mei said.

Before I could say anything, we heard the sound of the door lock being opened with a key. The next moment, Yang Mei’s room’s door was shoved open as Mother Yang stood at the entrance with an anxious and serious expression.

“Mother, what are you doing? Why do you have the keys to my room? Weren’t the keys with me only?” As Yang Mei saw the keys in her mother’s hand, she spoke unhappily.

“I am your mother, so what’s so strange about me having some spare keys to your room!” Mother Yang said. As she looked all around and saw that nothing was wrong, she felt relieved to see that nothing was unusual.

Just now Mother Yang and Yang Mei had quarreled and when Yang Mei said that she had been living with me in B City, Mother Yang had been thoroughly shocked. She thought that if Zheng Shaopeng found out that the girl was no longer a virgin, then wouldn’t the Golden Turtle fly away from their hold?

But then she carefully thought and realized that something was wrong! Mother Yang was already so old and was also a veteran in life, so she remembered the way Yang Mei walked at talked and suddenly discovered that her daughter was still a virgin, so nothing was wrong yet!

It was only then that she realized that her daughter had been talking nonsense in anger. But now, Mother Yang was anxious as she knew how bad Yang Mei’s temper was. She was someone who would certainly do what she said. As Mother Yang saw her daughter lock the door to her room; the more she tried to think there was nothing wrong, the more anxious she got! She feared that Yang Mei might really do something with Liu Lei in there. So, unable to calm herself, Mother Yang immediately found the secondary key for the room and shoved her way in.

Of course, all this stuff was something Yang Mei couldn’t guess. When she saw her mother enter the room, she thought her mother had come to reprimand her, so she walked towards the door and pushed her mother out. She went out as well and shut the door as she didn’t want me to see the joke that their family quarrel might be.

However, the quarrel outside the door could still be heard inside the room. I wasn’t Yang Mei’s real boyfriend, so I didn’t care what they were bickering about, so there wasn’t a reason for me to eavesdrop.

After waiting for a while, I still couldn’t see Yang Mei returning, so I was just idle and bored. Somewhat curiously, I took out the album from Yang Mei’s bookshelf that she didn’t want me to see.

“She was acting so mysteriously. Could it be, there’s a picture of her first-love sweetheart inside the album?” I thought about it and opened the album.

It turned out to be pictures of Yang Mei’s childhood wearing a red scarf, standing with a group of other children.

As the women turn eighteen and above, they change a lot compared to their childhood. But their foundation still remains the same. Even in her childhood, Yang Mei stood out from the crowd of other children with her big, bright eyes, and a cute face with some baby fat. She resembled her current appearance quite a lot!

I couldn’t help but continue to look at the photos with great interest. It could be seen from the photos that Yang Mei’s relation with her mother had been really good when she was little. Many of the photos were of Yang Mei happily snuggling in her mother’s embrace. Both mother and daughter smiled very brightly with happiness overflowing in their surroundings.

But with the lapse of time, the advancement in age, the experience over the years, Yang Mu started to become snobbish and started to hope that she and her family might be able to obtain riches and honor by taking advantage of her daughter’s future happiness. As a result, the relationship between the mother and daughter turned more and more intense as cracks started to appear between them.

I sighed. The generation born in the 40s and 50s had experienced the Great Cultural Revolution, experienced hardships, and experienced the tides of reform. They had suffered for a lifetime, making them envy wealth and honor, hoping their child could bring it to them so they could be proud.

Initially, my mother was also like this. Although she wasn’t as obvious as Mother Yang, she still talked to my father how Zhao Junsheng was now making a lot of money compared to them.

Only after she saw me having hooked Zhao Junsheng’s daughter completely did she stop speaking all those matters. I think that Yang Mei’s mother is also like this. She had been poor for a lifetime, so now, she wanted to have her grandchildren and an easy life. In fact, this thinking wasn’t actually wrong, but the issue was, she was neglecting what Yang Mei wanted.

At the end of the album, there were some black-and-white photos from some years forgotten. Suddenly, my vision stopped on a little embarrassing photo!

It was a 100-day photo of Yang Mei. Someone had written on it with an ink pen: Yang Mei 100-days, Happy Photo Gallery.

The picture was nothing special, but what made me feel a bit awkward was that Yang Mei was wearing split pants in the photo and there was nothing covering her private parts. I could see everything unobstructed! {TL NOTE: Split Pants – https://bit.ly/1H3FuSj}

Although there wasn’t anything to see in a child’s photo, I couldn’t help but look at it multiple times because it was a picture of Yang Mei. Don’t say that I am a pervert. If I was replaced by someone else and they could see the naked photos of a beautiful colleague right before them, I don’t believe they won’t look! Although she was too young……

I couldn’t help but criticize in my heart. What were this Mother Yang and Father Yang thinking? Could they not even cover her when taking photos? The boys will reveal their chicken while the girls……just forget it……

While I was lost in my continual temptatious thoughts, the door was shoved open and Yang Mei walked in.

I panicked and tried to close the album in my hands, but failed to do as there was no longer any chance. As Yang Mei saw that I was looking through her photo album, she gawked, but then she immediately rushed and clashed with me, seizing the album from my hands, “Who allowed you to look?”

I stood there as I looked at the photo album in Yang Mei’s hands awkwardly. Fortunately, she didn’t pay any attention to the content of the pages I was looking at. I only hoped that she would close the album as soon as possible.

Often, some things that one didn’t want to happen will turn into reality. Yang Mei glanced at the photo album in her hands just as she was about to close it. Suddenly, her pupils constricted as she shouted towards me, “Ah! Liu Lei, you are a rogue!”

“I……” I was at a loss and said in my defense, “I didn’t know you wouldn’t be wearing any clothes in your photos……”

“Who isn’t wearing clothes!” Yang Mei yelled with a cold snort.