VPAATP V4 Chapter 4

All Your Fault

It was good that Wu YingYing wasn’t too greedy. After she won a million, she stopped gambling and happily said to me, “As soon as you came, my luck at the game went through the roof. You are my lucky star!”

“Yeah. Hehe, now that you have won so much money, I won’t have to buy you that car anymore, right?” I said with a smile.

“How can a million be enough for it! You certainly have to buy it for me!” I could tell from Wu YingYing’s appearance that she was saying: I know the boss of this casino is your friend, so I won’t be too greedy and make do with a million. But if you don’t buy me a car, then I will keep on gambling. I will see what you are going to do now!

“Alright! Then when do you want to go and buy that car!” I nodded. In fact, I didn’t care even if Wu YingYing kept on winning money. She would have never thought I am the behind-the-scenes boss of this casino.

Ding Baosan had the dealer convert all chips to cash and transfer them over to Wu YingYing’s card. His sly expression clearly said: She is your mistress! No wonder she dared to make a fuss in the casino and could even threaten us! And we had to let her win as well!

But what made Ding Baosan wonder was how could Big Sis Zhao YanYan not be angry even after watching everything? Could it be the legendary three wives and four concubines, the harem? No wonder Chief Liu loved her so much. It’s because she wasn’t in opposition to anything.

Now that we had bumped into Wu YingYing, we could naturally not roam around the casino anymore. We went to the Casino’s resting area with Wu YingYing and ordered a few drinks. Sitting down, we started to chat as we waited for the others to return.

“How come you are gambling here?” I asked strangely. Although Wu YingYing was a spoiled girl, she wouldn’t come to a place like this. I knew her better than anyone else and knew she was a very conservative girl.

“Isn’t it because of you!” Wu YingYing grumbled.

“Because of me? What relation does your gambling have to do with me?” I strangely asked.

“It naturally has a relation! My race car crashed on during the New Year’s celebration. You promised to buy a new one for me, but I didn’t even get to see your shadow! I had to pay for my car to get repaired somehow, right! You also know I am now a Graduate Student and have a lot of expenses. My dad also gives me such a small amount of money. I managed to ear 50,000 Yuan from working part-time, but my race car’s repair would cost 100,000! Some of my friends told me about this casino, so I came here to see if I could win some money and get my car repaired. But who would have known these people were cheaters! I don’t understand why so many people come here to gamble even though they know they are getting cheated!” Wu YingYing said with hatred.

“Cheaters?” I smiled bitterly. The casinos unquestionably cheated people! It seemed this girl didn’t understand the thrill of gambling and only thought of it as a method to get rich quick! How many of these people here were even gambling to win?!

“Yeah, they cheat people!” Wu YingYing said.

“Hmm, don’t come here again!” I said with a laugh. Gambling wasn’t a good thing. Once someone got addicted, their life might get finished because of it.

“Yeah, I certainly won’t come here. Next time, if I want to gamble, I will bring you along!” Wu YingYing said, “After all when I have no money, I need to get it from somewhere!”

My expression changed dramatically. F***! That works as well!

Wu YingYing smiled as she saw my expression, “Look at how scared you got! I was joking.”

I talked to Wu YingYing about a few things and also about Fatty Wu. I had known Fatty Wu changed his job because of that incident last time. That issue had already ended as well. When I return to City B, I will give him a visit.

Later, Wu YingYing started to talk about women’s subjects with Zhao YanYan. The topics between women could last an eternity. From tying up a man’s heart to make up, and then clothing and all…….In brief, their chat was endless.

After a while, Zhang Zhisong and Alice Yang returned having lost all their chips. My parents also looked much fresher. They had also lost chips, but they still had a lot with them. And to my surprise, not only did Yang Honghai not lose any chips, he even won over 50,000 Yuan!

Yang Honghai, my parents, and Zhao Junsheng didn’t care about this money and didn’t have the waiter cash in the remaining chips. Ding Baosan didn’t say anything as he also knew the identity of these people. Instead, he felt that giving this bit of money to them all would be looking down on them.

As I had bumped into Wu YingYing, Zhao YanYan and I had no intention to go home with my parents anymore. I said goodbye to everyone, and my parents took Zhao Junsheng’s car, while Yang Honghai and the others took their Rolls Royce.

Yang Honghai also had some matters to discuss with Zhao Junsheng, so Zhao Junsheng also went to my family’s villa. While I took Wu YingYing and Zhao YanYan, driving out of Guobin Hotel.

I didn’t know what goal Wu YingYing had, or perhaps I wasn’t willing to believe she had a goal, but, in brief, Wu YingYing was deliberately trying to close the relationship between herself and Zhao YanYan, getting more intimate with her. Zhao YanYan didn’t feel repugnant to her, so the two naturally had a lot of common topics to chat. They even talked about the incident when we went to eat at the Royal Seafood. {Tl Note: Royal Seafood was where Wu YingYing and Liu Lei first met.}

By the time we reached Auto City, the two were already very close to each other.

“Liu Lei, you wait for us at the entrance of Auto City. Sister YanYan and I will go and buy a car!” Wu YingYing said.

“Huh?” I never thought I would be left outside to shrivel under the sun! But it was good as well. Just what I wanted! I never liked strolling in these sorts of places, especially when accompanying a girl to shopping. After they finally choose something, they would always think what they chose a moment before was much better.

The entrance of Auto City had no parking spot, so I casually stopped the car at the side of the road. Parking here wasn’t allowed. But since there weren’t many parking spots around, many taxis were parked around the place as they waited for customers. Usually, no one would come here to manage the traffic rules, so I didn’t care about it. I parked the car and entered the Cafe opposite Auto City.

As the Provincial Capital of Songjiang Province, the speed of business advancement in Songjiang City was rapid. Three years ago, there were only a rare few Cafe’s in Songjiang, but now, Cafe’s were almost everywhere.

Drinking coffee had become a hobby for the white-collar workers as soon as they had some free time.

I just sat on a table when my phone rang. I picked up the phone and saw it was a number from B City.

“Hello,” I answered the call.

“Hello……Is this Liu Lei?” A girl’s voice came from the other side of the phone. It wasn’t one of my wives though, as I could distinguish their voices quite easily.

“I am Liu Lei. Who might you be?” I asked politely.

“I am Xu Xueyun……” the voice from the other side of the telephone said.

“Xueyun?” I asked, “So, it’s you. What happened? Did that guy trouble you again?”

“Ah, no! He didn’t cause any more trouble for me again. I don’t go out to work either……” Xu Xueyun replied.