VPAATP V4 Chapter 42

He’s Your Father?

Zheng Shaopeng’s uncle, Zheng Huaqing, had just returned to D City yesterday. As soon as he heard his nephew was in trouble, he was in a rage and led four subordinates and rushed over.

The Zheng Family Cargo Station wasn’t far from Ocean Park, it was only a few minutes away if rushed with a car. Before long, I saw a flat-headed middle-aged man lead several bald subordinates.

“Shaopeng, who’s causing trouble for you?” The flat-headed man was Zheng Huaqing.

“Uncle, it’s those three!” Zheng Shaopeng pointed to the three leisurely chatting without paying any attention to what was happening around them.

“Are you b*st*rds tired of living!” As Zheng Huaqing saw the three b*st*rds keep on doing their own thing without paying any attention to his arrival, he got angrier.

“Hoh, I was wondering who it was? So it turned out to be Zheng Huaqing!” The guy in the lead looked at the baldy before him and said with disdain.

“Since you know me, you still dare talk to me like this!” Zheng Huaqing looked at the man who wasn’t afraid of death and wanted to laugh a little. He didn’t return to D City for some time and now these monkeys started to play the king in the lion’s turf?

“My father said that the two bottles of wine you brought him from G City were quite good!” The leader said faintly.

“What, the f*** your father……” Zheng Huaqing was stunned and his complexion changed greatly, “Excuse me, my nephew had been a bit impulsive and offended you. I hope brother will forgive him for the mistake!”

As Zheng Shaopeng saw his uncle actually call the man in front as his brother and was stunned. The guy looked to be around the same age as him? What was his identity? How could his uncle show him such respect?

“Shaopeng, hurry and apologize to this uncle!” Zheng Huaqing said with a sigh. This year, his former subordinates had been useless and ruthlessly destroyed as the Underworld had a reform! Right now, they all were under the eaves, so had to keep their head lowered!

“Uncle, he……” Zheng Shaopeng looked at his uncle incredibly.

Zheng Huaqing whispered several words into Zheng Shaopeng’s ears. Immediately, Zheng Shaopeng’s appearance changed as he turned more servile, hastily saying in a respectful tone, “Uncle, I am sorry……”

When Zheng Huaqing took asylum in G City, he did the business of smuggling firearms. Afterward, who knows where the Three Rock Gang popped out of, but the swept the entire Underworld of G City in a few days worth of time. Three Rock Gang’s methods were like thunder, giving palpitations to anyone. Zheng Huaqing only had relationships with the Underworld, he hadn’t joined any gang in G City, so he was able to keep his life from being swept away like the others.

If Zheng Huaqing wanted to survive in G City, he naturally had to seek asylum from Three Rock Gang. After some time, Zheng Huaqing found out that not only G City but every major city in Huaxia had their Underworld influence completely replaced by Three Rock Gang, including D City! After Zheng Huaqing returned to D City, he naturally first went to visit the Boss of Three Rock Gang in D City, Lu Haotao. When he visited him yesterday, the gift he brought with him was two bottles of good quality wine that he smuggled!

Therefore, how was it possible for Zheng Huaqing to not be scared after listening to the words spoken by the man in front of him! Although Zheng Huaqing was a ruthless guy, he was clear about what he mustn’t do to not seek death!

“Little Sister, how about you come to eat a meal with this elder brother and his friends?” Lu Yimin said to Yang Mei proudly.

As I saw Zheng Shaopeng call Zheng Huaqing a moment ago and Zheng Huaqing act so respectfully to the three, I knew the matter wasn’t going to be resolved so I gave a call to Lu Haotao whose number I got from Ding Baosan.

“Little Taozi?” I asked as the phone call connected.

Little Taozi? Lu Haotao had been the head of Three Rock Gang in D City; who here dared not address him as Grandpa Lu. Even those who were similar to him in age would call him Elder Brother Lu with great respect, but today, he actually heard someone calling him Little Tao. At heart, he wasn’t feeling too well, but the mentality of a superior person still made him ask calmly, “Who might you be?”

“Oh, didn’t Third Monkey tell you? I am Liu Lei,” I said.

Lu Haotao was shocked and immediately sat up straight. Although he knew the other person couldn’t see him, he couldn’t help but be nervous. Yesterday, Ding Baosan had called him and said that a supreme person had come to D City. Ding Baosan and Lu Haotao were old friends, so in fear that he might anger me, Ding Baosan very implicitly told him that even Guo Qing had to respect me as an Elder Brother.

Someone respected by the Great Boss Guo! It must be known that in Three Rock Gang, Guo Qing was already considered a God! Lu Haotao didn’t dare neglect my presence and asked his subordinates to buy five extra batteries for his phone as well set the phone to loudest ringtone and vibration in fear that he might miss my call if the phone didn’t have any battery.

Even then, Lu Haotao often took out his phone to see if there was a call.

“Chief Liu, hello, I am Little Taozi. Boss Ding ordered me to be ready to serve you at any time 24 hours a day!” Lu Haotao said respectfully.

“It’s not any big issue. I ran into some people looking for trouble here at Ocean Park. Send some of your men to deal with them!” I didn’t know that the leader of the group before me was Lu Haotao’s son, otherwise, I would have let them talk over the phone directly.

“I will immediately come there personally.” Lu Haotao hadn’t even waited for me to hang up the phone and rushed out his entrance in a flurry.

He called his two subordinates and then drove his Mercedes Benz to Ocean Park.

On his way, he broke three red traffic lights; the traffic police knew who the owner of the car was, so nobody tried to stop him.

“Wait, the three of you. You, yellow-haired, are you the leader of your group of three!” I entered the stage.

“Who are you?” Min’s complexion was cold as he looked at me inexplicably.

“Of course, I am her boyfriend!” I pointed towards Yang Mei and said, “Alright, I don’t want the three of you to be embarrassed, so before my people come here to deal with you, you should hurry up and run away from here!”

“Hahahaha!” The three started to laugh as the leader said, “That’s the funniest joke I have ever heard! Who is going to come? The same kind as him?” Brother Min looked towards Zheng Huaqing and said.

“Bro, you shouldn’t step into these muddy waters. We can’t deal with them.” Zheng Shaopeng walked towards me and said. If this fellow had really not gone stupid, then he sure was a good person.

“Can’t deal with him?” I asked with a smile.

“Yeah, his father is the Godfather of D City’s underworld, Grandpa Lu. My uncle Zheng Huaqing had also been once the top character of D City, but now even he has to lower his head.” Zheng Shaopeng reminded me.

“Grandpa Ye? Lu Haotao?” I was surprised.

Zheng Shaopeng nodded.

“You motherf***er, you dare say my father’s given name? You must be tired of living, you f***er!” After the leader of the three heard me, he became angry and yelled.

“So you are the son of Little Taozi; you sure are rampant!” I said with a smile.

“Brothers, tear his mouth apart!” After listening to me, Min’s face turned green as he commanded.

At this time, an obese man rushed over as if his butt was caught on fire. It was hard to imagine how someone so fat could run so fast. He appeared to be like a steamer.

“Father?” Brother Min strangely looked at the obese man who rushed over.

“Good, Little Taozi is here now!” From Min calling him ‘Father,’ I judged that the man must be Lu Haotao.

As soon as Lu Haotao had hung up the phone, he rushed over here. Now that he saw his son Lu Yimin, he couldn’t help but be surprised as he thought: Did this son of mine offend Chief Liu? This unfilial evil creature; does he want to torment his father to death!