VPAATP V4 Chapter 43

Grandpa Liu

Ding Baosan had already given my picture to Lu Haotao beforehand, so Lu Haotao immediately recognized me.

“Father, why are you here?” Lu Yimin strangely looked towards Lu Haotao and asked.

Lu Haotao didn’t pay any attention to him; in his heart, he was sure his son had courted death, so he hurriedly tried to explain to me, “Ah, Chief Liu, I am Little Taozi!”

Lu Yimin almost felt his mind blown to smithereens as he dropped whatever was in his hand; Little Taozi? Really, did he really call himself Little Taozi?

“Hello,” I smiled and didn’t shake hands with him.

Lu Haotao hurriedly said, “So smart! Chief Liu, let me introduce: this little dog of mine is Lu Yimin. He dawdles around the streets all day long, not doing any actual work, looking at beauties! I have told him to get his life straight many times, but he just won’t listen! Haha, everything that happened a while ago was just a misunderstanding!”

After Lu Haotao said all this, he stared at Lu Yimin and said, “Yimin, you still haven’t called Uncle Liu!” After he said that, Lu Haotao felt that something wasn’t right. He himself was on the same rank as Ding Baosan, while Guo Qing was a rank higher than them, and this Chief Liu was the same rank as Guo Qing, so wouldn’t that make him Grandpa Liu?

Although Lu Haotao felt that the title was a bit awkward, the ranks in Underworld decided a person’s generation. No one would dare casually confuse those generations, so he changed his words and said, “No, call him Grandpa Liu!”

Lu Yimin was thoroughly shocked. He knew he had kicked an iron sheet today. Just now, that Zheng Huaqing was a measly character, but this man before him was a legit big shot! Now that he thought about it, he was really negligent as he had believed that only those who had a mental illness or those tired of living would call his father “Little Taozi” in D City.

Lu Yimin hurriedly said respectfully, “Grandpa Liu!”

“Alright!” I waved my hand and said, “Call me Uncle Liu. Grandpa Liu sounds too awkward!”

As Lu Haotao saw his son stand there indifferently, he quickly yelled at him, “Brother Liu told you something. Call him as he said!”

Lu Haotao calculated at his heart. As the matter stood if he could call him Brother Liu and maintained a good relationship with him, then his future would be infinite! Perhaps, he might even have a chance to be transferred to a city with more resources!

“Ah, thank you, Uncle Liu!” Lu Yimin said, “This little nephew had offended uncle a moment ago; I didn’t know that……That aunty was your girlfriend……”

“All right, that’s not strange if you didn’t know! However, young’uns, let me remind you: Earth is very dangerous, so you should return to Mars!” I patted the do-… Lu Yimin’s head and said.

Although Lu Yimin felt amused in his heart, he didn’t dare say anything and nodded, “Good, I will buy a return ticket tomorrow!”

“Oh, right! I heard that the tickets to Mars are quite limited right now. I happen to have two extraterrestrial friends; how about it, want me to call them and give you a ride in their UFO?” I asked in a friendly manner.

“Haha, no need to trouble them!” Lu Yimin laughed as he thought I was ridiculing him by cracking a joke. Only I know that I really have two alien friends; just, I don’t know how to contact them right now.

“Oh, right! Buddy, you better not pursue Yang Mei anymore,” I didn’t care much about the matter as I said while patting Zheng Shaopeng’s shoulder.

“Ah?” Zheng Shaopeng had already understood the immensity of Heavens. He now knew his background in D City was nothing more than a fart when a company employee from another city could call for wind and rain here. It seems that B City was worthy of being the capital; there were a lot of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. He wondered if he should go to the capital tomorrow and work as a commis!

“That… Grandpa Liu, that was just a joke. I was simply playing around. How would I dare have any thoughts about your woman!” Zheng Shaopeng said nervously. He had just called Lu Yimin uncle, so according to seniority, he had to call me his grandfather.

“Forget it, buddy. Don’t call me Grandpa Liu, the relation between us is different!” To be honest, this Zheng Shaopeng didn’t seem to be such a rampant person, except, he was a bit lecherous though. I think that the conflict with that tax office chief must have been stirred up by that chief’s son.

As Zheng Shaopeng heard me call him buddy, his heart was budding in joy! Considering that Liu Yimin had called me uncle, wouldn’t he have to call him uncle as well! Zheng Shaopeng was obtaining great psychological pleasure while Zheng Huaqing understood what my calling him “buddy” meant for their Zheng Family. From Lu Haotao’s manner, Zheng Huaqing determined that I must be a high-level personnel from the Three Rock Gang, or at least, I was someone whom the authorities attach great importance to. Therefore, if their relationship with me was good, then Zheng Family would once more rise in D City just like the old days.

“It’s Chief Liu who has favored us,” Zheng Huaqing saw that his nephew was laughing like a fool now, he hurriedly pulled him back and said to him seriously.

“Alright, no need to call Chief Liu, Boss Liu, etc. I am just a Technical Director in a company,” I beckoned with my hand and said.

Technical Director? Lu Haotao had never been in the technology game or any high-level company so he obviously didn’t know what a technical director was. If I told him that I was a boss, then he could understand. But a technical director, what kind of position was that?

After thinking for half a day, Lu Haotao suddenly remembered that he had once watched a TV series where the leader of the thugs was called a director!

Important, he was definitely an important part of the leadership! Thinking till here, Lu Haotao scolded his son. It was great that they hadn’t stirred the anger of the director, otherwise, the consequences would have been really dire!

As he listened to the director talking about sending his son to Mars, he realized that there might be a double meaning to his words. What if he meant to say that he will make him vanish from Earth!

Lu Haotao was startled. With a flattering expression, he said, “Director Liu, I have prepared a grand banquet in D City’s most luxurious Harbour Resort in your honor. You can go there straight after you are done playing here. I will be waiting at the door, so I won’t bother you all anymore!”

As Lu Haotao just heard me no satisfied being called “Chief Liu,” he called me “Director Liu” as well as he thought he had inferred my identity correctly a moment ago. Since the director was the highest authority, therefore, he especially emphasized my superior status.

“There was no need for such an expense?” I said politely, but to be honest, I hadn’t had a meal since morning so I was really hungry right now.

“There’s no expense, really! The resort is part of our Three Rock Gang’s establishments!” Lu Haotao hastily replied and also emphasized the word “our” especially.

Now, the most surprised were Yang Mei’s parents. Especially, the expression Yang Mei’s mother had right now was marvelous. She just saw Little Zheng call his uncle to deal with the thugs, but both bit the dust before him and had to call him uncle. But I just made a call and the thug’s father himself ran over. And looking at his flattering expression, it was obvious he had come to lick my shoes.

And what was the Harbour Resort? It was the most luxurious resort in the city. An average person could certainly not afford a meal there. In her entire life, Mother Yang had never been close to that place. Now that she had an opportunity, she was obviously very excited. I noticed that the way she looked at me had changed completely. It was the same shiny look miners would have when they saw gold. It gave me a scare.