VPAATP V4 Chapter 45


I smiled. Mother Yang really understood how the wedding industry worked, but I also had a dealership run by Liu Yue, so I could still differentiate between a fake and genuine Hummer. I put my hand on a particular part of the car and pounded twice on the Hummer, “See, this is solid so it isn’t a copy, right, Little Taozi?”

As Mother Yang saw my movements, she was startled and jumped. This was no joke! She had heard that when the rich upstarts rented their marriage cars, only two people were allowed to sit in them, moreover, it was strictly prohibited to touch the car lest it was spoiled. If it was, then they would have to compensate with a lot of money.

As Yang Mu saw me pound on the car with such force, she was afraid Lu Haotao will make me compensate a lot of money, but then, she immediately changed her mind as she remembered what kind of status her son-in-law had. Even if he ruined the car, Lu Haotao might not even dare say anything.

And that’s how it was, Lu Haotao said, “Naturally, this Hummer is very sturdy!” Saying that Lu Haotao also pounded it twice.

“Fatty, though I have nothing against you, and it’s alright, but you are already so old, yet you are trying to destroy the company’s property?” I glanced at him. Damn, it wasn’t like you bought it.

“Ah……I was only trying to show how sturdy this thing was……” Lu Haotao said slyly.

Now seeing Lu Haotao’s attitude, Mother Yang finally put down all her worries in her heart. It seems that even if they took the car, Lu Haotao wouldn’t dare fart about it.

When Mother Yang saw how luxurious the car was from the inside, she couldn’t help but be shocked! God, this car was certainly from a luxury hotel. There was a refrigerator, a TV, a washing machine, a cabinet, a bathroom, and a sofa. There was everything in here!

Originally, Mother Yang believed that Zheng Shaopeng had a luxury car and was already a very rich man. But before this car, where could he be compared. There was always sky beyond a sky, mountain beyond a mountain. Her vision was indeed narrow. Now this was what the life of truly rich men was like!

Even if she could only ride it once, she would have the capital to boast before everyone else later.

“I wonder why I feel as I have returned to my youth today. Old Yang, you should take several pictures of me.” Yang Mu said as she thought that she must keep evidence for her entire life that even she had sat in such a luxury car! It would help her when she boasted.

Father Yang sighed and took out a camera. Mother Yang’s ego had inflated to immense heights now, there was no other choice now. As we had come out to have fun so Father Yang naturally had a camera on him. But Mother Yang had been busy taking pictures with Zheng Shaopeng and hadn’t taken any picture with me before.

Right now, Mother Yang was regretting everything immensely as Zheng Shaopeng would no longer have anything to do with them. It seems when they brought the film to the photo studio, they must state it clearly that the pictures in the front don’t need to be developed, so as to not waste money! {For the young’uns: Photographic film – https://bit.ly/2EsLbTQ}

Father Yang took two shots of Mother Yang, but the camera no longer had a film. Mother Yang looked at the consequence of her own hands. She wanted to cry but had no tears.

Zheng Huaqing also knew that he was being rude, but he still followed. He wasn’t willing to lose such a big opportunity! Now that he knew my relationship with Lu Haotao, and how his nephew Zheng Shaopeng and my relationship was also not bad, he felt that he needed to use the resources at hand to the fullest. It was clear that my identity wasn’t simple considering how Lu Haotao treated me. If he could follow me, then won’t the Zheng Family soar to the skies.

Thinking of this, Zheng Huaqing got his nephew into the car and took him with himself while his subordinates drove the van back. Why didn’t he bring his subordinates? That would be asking for death. They were going to the Three Rock Gang; who would dare go there like that! What if the Three Rock Gang was offended, so it was no use bringing his subordinates there!

Lu Haotao sent his son to the front passenger seat while he sat with me.

“Director Liu, what do you think about this old man, me?” Lu Haotao was already anxious to know what I thought as soon as he got on the car.

“Oh, not bad, just a bit fat. I think you should go to the northwest and find some way to exercise and lose weight. You are already reaching your 50s so there is a chance for you to contract Hypertensive Cerebral Atherosclerosis.” I said to frighten him. {TL Note: Disease – https://bit.ly/2BhYIMO}

“Ah, anything else!” Lu Haotao was shocked. What was the northwest? It was a poor area that hadn’t had any development, a backward place. Many people there relied on the country’s support for food and clothing. Once he went there, his life was as good as finished.

“The land in Southeast is also quite good. The scenery is also breathtaking. How about going there?” I laughed.

“Director Liu, you are a mighty and broad-hearted man. That little dog of mine had offended you a moment ago. You just see how I am gonna hang him and beat his a*s! You should calm down,” Southeast, that place was where the national minorities were many. Although the business of narcotics was quite good there, it wasn’t a business Three Rock Gang dabbled in. Three Rock Gang’s regulations were very clear, they didn’t allow anyone to contaminate China with drugs, therefore, Lu Haotao’s face quickly turned green.

“Since you aren’t willing to go there, sigh. I had wanted to send you to take care of the business in the Golden Triangle, that Myanmar side,” I said. {TL Note: Golden Triangle – https://bit.ly/2bPIMUK}

“What am I going to do there? Three Rock Gang doesn’t allow selling narcotics, right?” Lu Haotao asked as he was surprised by my decision.

“That is for domestic sales! There’s no issue selling them to foreigners we have nothing to do with!” I then said, “The gangs in Myanmar are relatively backward in terms of weapons and management, but they do have a lot of resources and money! Who is going to manage all that? That’s the fat difference!”

“Ah?” Lu Haotao’s eyes started to turn green as he listened to me. He had already heard that only the most excellent subordinates in the Gang would have the opportunity to expand the Gang on international turf. He was still struggling for an opportunity to get to another better region, and now that he had such a good opportunity, how would he be willing to lose it. Lu Haotao knew better not to waste such an opportunity as it could change his fate for great. Lu Haotao really wanted to hang himself now.

If others thought he had such thoughts, I am sure no one would let him do that as that would be a disaster if he fell, but Old Lu indeed felt his intestines turn green.

“Director Liu, I was just cracking a joke just now. My health is obviously my greatest concern so you can transfer me to Southeast!” Lu Haotao said as his face was overflowing with desire, “You don’t know but I am from an athlete family background. My physique, I am not blowing my own trumpet, but it was really just like a supermodel. Now, my wife has started to distance herself from me. Director Liu, I will be honest with you, if I don’t lose weight, she is going to divorce me. You see that little pup of mine, Yimin, he can’t live without his mother as he is too young right now. So, Director Liu, please be magnanimous as my family’s happiness depends on this!”