VPAATP V4 Chapter 46

Imperial Palace And Fairy Land

I looked at the pitiful and fat Lu Haotao. Where did this guy look like from an athlete background? At most, he would be able to throw a frisbee. But the ability of this fellow at speaking bullshit wasn’t any bad, it was great to say anything. The way he spoke about his family happiness and how this motherf***er’s wife and child will leave him, it wasn’t bad indeed!

“It’s only an idea by the higher-ups for now; they still haven’t specified who will go and who won’t,” I said. Actually, it was just an idea I came up with right now.

“I understand, I understand! Then I must request Director Liu to put in a few good words for this lowly subordinate!” Lu Haotao knew when to retreat and when to advance, so he no longer talked about the matter to me.

“What were the two of you talking about a moment ago?” As Yang Mei was listening to our strange dialog, she asked somewhat curiously.

“Nothing, we were just discussing a TV serial,” I didn’t want to speak about my matters too much, after all, Yang Mei and I didn’t really have a relationship between us, so there wasn’t a need for her to know too much about my matters.

“Oh…” Yang Mei didn’t say any more. She was sure that I and Lu Haotao were certainly not talking about any TV serial. Yang Mei knew I wasn’t a person who liked watching TV shows. When we had stayed in the hotel for a few days on the business trip, I never once watched TV. But Yang Mei was a well-mannered woman. If someone didn’t want to talk, she wouldn’t pester them. Although Yang Mei felt annoyed that I was hiding stuff from her, she didn’t say anything.

“Should I inform the manager of the Resort to personally come out and greet?” Although Lu Haotao was a man without cultures, he wasn’t foolish and turned around to ask for my opinion. He knew that my visit to D City was unusually low-key and knew I wasn’t someone who likes to show-off, so he had to ask for my opinion. He had invited me to the Harbour Resort but that was decided on the spot. He wasn’t a God, so it was impossible for him to know I would call him at this time. He knew that if not for his son causing trouble, he might never had had a chance to meet me.

On one hand, Lu Haotao cursed his son for not having eyes, going out provoking someone no one could handle. On the other hand, Lu Haotao felt that if it wasn’t for his son not having eyes, he wouldn’t have obtained this God-sent opportunity to come in contact with me. Often, the matters of the world would be such, contradictory!

Lu Haotao found a parking space and parked the car. Our group walked to the gate of the Harbour Hotel.

“Welcome, gentlemen! What sort of private room should I prepare?” At the gate, an usherette welcomed us with a smile.

“Are there any guests in the Crystal Palace?” Lu Haotao asked.

“Sir, there aren’t any guests in the Crystal Palace, but do you have an appointment?” The usherette asked with some awkwardness.

Lu Haotao was about to pull out his phone and call the manager of the resort, but suddenly, he remembered how low-key I had been. He was afraid I might be unhappy, so he hurriedly put his phone back, pretentiously saying to the usherette, “Heh, I was just looking at the time!”

I didn’t say anything as I looked at Lu Haotao’s funny actions. With that watch worth hundreds of thousands, who would still take out their phone to look at their time?

“You go and talk to the reception desk!” Lu Haotao took out some money from his pocket and stuffed it into the usherette’s hand.

“Alright sir, please wait a moment!” The usherette took the money and put a part of it in her pocket while she handed the rest to the general manager at the reception desk. After saying a few words, she returned to us.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please follow me,” the usherette said to us with a smile. It seems the things had been dealt with.

In the elevator, I asked somewhat strangely, “Fatty Lu, how is it that this hotel of yours is so flamboyant; they even ask for money just to see if the room is available or not?”

“Director, you don’t know but Harbour Resort is the most luxurious and expensive Resort in D City. In the hotel, the Crystal Palace is the grandest private room in all private rooms. Usually, it is filled with important guests; it’s our luck that the room isn’t already booked today! You should know that it’s really hard to book that room. In D City, it’s impossible to get that even if you had money; only those with some identity would have the ability to dine in there!” Lu Haotao explained.

I nodded. The fact that the Resort could reach its current level, Lu Haotao definitely had a lot of credit for it.

Right now, Mother Yang had the same appearance as Granny Liu from the Dream of the Red Chamber when she first visited the Grand View Gardens. Looking at this magnificent hotel, she felt she was in an imperial palace! The gold-plated luxurious materials in the hall, the well-designed aesthetic furniture that could rival those in the grand hotels of United Arab Emirates, and the jade walls… {TL Note: https://bit.ly/2MYRsXC}

Usually, in her idle time when she has nothing to do, Mother Yang had the habit of talking to the women in her neighborhood about various stuff and an unattainable life. Even if her and Father Yang worked for their entire life, they might not be able to afford a meal here.

But even then, the business in Harbour Resort was still booming. Under the tide of reform and opening, a lot of wealthy people had been born. Now, everyone would come to Harbour Resort to have a meal of honor. This place had also become a frequent visiting place for many celebrities discussions and business formulations. If you couldn’t get a room here then your partner might reconsider you and evaluate if you actually have the qualifications to cooperate with them.

In the end, people were animals that loved to satisfy their vanity and wanted face, and Harbour Resort not only let them have more face, it satisfied their vanity as well.

Once we were out of the elevator, I couldn’t help but sigh. The decoration here was no less than that of Songjiang’s Guobin Hotel. There were a lot of similarities, proving that the same designer had done both! Ding Baosan’s concept of hotels was very good; all that we needed now was an urgent reform of the people overlooking the work and their overall qualities.

If the rest of the hotel was an imperial palace, then the Crystal Palace was certainly a Fairyland! Mother Yang’s eyes opened wide in fear of missing something. It should be known that this was going to be her future capital when she proudly showed-off before people.

“Old man, take a few photos of mine!” Mother Yang stared at the innocent Father Yang.

“We don’t have any film…….” Father Yang replied with a smile.

After Mother Yang listened to him, she remembered that they had run out of film. Her heart was bleeding! However, she still thought she was fortunate that her daughter was hot, otherwise, if she made her go on a blind date, making her lose my, then there won’t be any words to explain her regret.

If Mother Yang knew I only agreed to be her boyfriend as an act, and we had no actual relationship, I wonder what kind of feelings she would have. Maybe, if I left, she will still think Zheng Shaopeng was the best.

As Lu Haotao listened to Mother Yang’s words, he immediately said to the waiter, “Do you have camera films here?”

“Indeed we do. Right now we have the __ type and the ___ type. Which type would you take sir?” The waiter replied.

“Which one is the best?” Lu Haotao asked as he beckoned with his hand.

“Naturally, the best ones are the Su Type as they are technically manufactured by Shuguang Corporation authorization,” The waiter replied, “Their price is 398 Yuan for a single volume. How many would you take mister?”

“First, bring 10 volumes,” Lu Haotao said, but he immediately thought of something and turned to Mother Yang, “Aunt, what do you think? Will 10 volumes be enough?”

“Enough, they will be more than enough!” As Mother Yang heard the price of a single volume, she was startled and almost jumped. 398 Yuan? That amount was enough to buy 20 volumes in the supermarket. The price here was really ruthless!