VPAATP V4 Chapter 48

Conflict Over The Private Room

“Came first? Let them go to another private room then. I am telling you, today I have invited one of our company’s major stockholder, Aogawa Sanjiro of Japan’s National Sun Corporation, Ltd. He’s a foreigner!” Young master Zhu pointed towards a thin dwarf-like man behind him. {TL Note: Aogawa “Sanjiro” is a Japanese name.}

Foreign guest? The status of Japanese people in every Chinese person’s heart was something that didn’t even need to be said. This hall manager was no different. As he looked towards the man, he thought: If not for giving face to you, I would have already bombarded this little devil. {TL Note: Just ignore all this.}

“Zhu Chunjun, what’s the matter? Didn’t you say your family was very influential around here yet you can’t even get a private room?” Aogawa Sanjiro asked.

Zhu Chunjun would of course not want to lose face, so he said coldly, “Tell the people inside I will give them 10,000 Yuan as long as they went to the Cloud Pavilion!”

The hall manager felt funny in his heart. 10,000 Yuan? Just the tip he alone received from them was 10,000 Yuan; will they even care about your meager money. To begin with, no one who came here to dine would give a damn about just 10,000 Yuan!

“I am telling you something, haven’t you heard?” As Zhu Chunjun saw the hall manager not go, he exclaimed in anger.

“Young master Zhu, you also understand the rules of Harbour Resort. Since the time the Resort opened, there has never been an incident of us removing our guests from the private room they are already in for someone else!” The hall manager said lightly.

“Motherf***er, you are angering me. If you aren’t going, then I will go! I want to see who dares snatch the private room this father wants to take!” Zhu Chunjun shoved away the hall manager and rushed towards the Crystal Palace.

Aogawa Sanjiro was obviously a fuel-efficient lamp. He looked towards the hall manager with ridicule and followed Zhu Chunjun to the Crystal Palace.

The hall manager shook his head and took out his walkie-talkie, ready to call the security department. {Tl Note: For more than half my life, I used to think a walkie-talkie was just a children’s toy.}


Just as I was going to toast with my cup, the door of the room was shoved open and a short fatty and a short thin man rushed in.

“Sirs, you seem to have mistaken the room?” I reminded them kindly.

“Hell NO! Let me tell you, as long as you people give this private room to me and leave, I will give you 10,000 Yuan!” Zhu Chunjun came straight to the point.

I was startled. Was this guy a neuropath? I glanced at Zhu Chunjun and said, “Dude, you wouldn’t be sick, right?”

At this time, Zheng Shaopeng stood up and arrived next to Zhu Chunjun and said to him, “Zhu Chunjun, you should leave now. Don’t create a disturbance here!”

“Oh, look who we have here! Zheng Shaopeng!” Zhu Chunjun patted Zheng Shaopeng’s face and scolded rampantly, “I will f*** your mother! Who do you think you are son-of-a-b***h! So it was you b*st*rd who rented this room! I am telling you I am taking this private room now!”

“Zhu Chunjun, you shouldn’t be too rampant. I recommend you leave now. There is someone in here you can’t offend!” Zheng Shaopeng said with a snort.

“Leave your mother! Zheng Shaopeng, you better not f*** with me or I might not be able to hold myself back. You think you can scare me? I am telling you, you are now going to roll out of here. You better do it well, or otherwise, we will hand all our shipping orders over to the other families, canceling all deals with the Zhengs!” Zhu Chunjun pointed his finger towards Zhu Shaopeng.

Zheng Shaopeng’s face changed multiple times but he could finally not get angry. The Zheng Family’s Cargo Terminal’s 80% business was in the transportation they did for the Zhu Family. For his family’s sake, Zheng Shaopeng had to endure.

Lu Yimin, on the other hand, wasn’t too amused and stood up. He looked towards Zhu Chunjun and said with a sneer, “Zhu Chunjun, you sure are chatty, eh! You b*st*rd, are you tired of living?!”

A moment ago, Zhu Chunjun had seen me and thought I was a new face. Before he could pay attention to the people in the private room, he was entangled by Zheng Shaopeng, so he couldn’t see who else was in there. Now that Lu Yimin stood up and spoke, he discovered that the son of D City’s underworld godfather was also here! Wait…… Who’s the one beside Lu Yimin? Lu Haotao?

Zhu Chunjun’s back got covered in cold sweat. He immediately said with a trembling voice, “Ah, Elder Brother Lu, why are you here as well?”

Lu Yimin didn’t even look towards him and said, “Get lost!”

After Zhu Chunjun listened to him, he clenched his teeth as a vicious glint passed through his eyes that he immediately hid; lowering his head, he said, “Yes.”

“Zhu Chunjun? What’s the matter? Weren’t you going to make them leave the private room? I am getting impatient now!” Aogawa Sanjiro knit his brows and said in Japanese.

Others couldn’t understand Japanese, but I understood the entire thing that guy said. Even though Lu Haotao couldn’t understand any foreign languages, but he could still tell that the guy was Japanese. This guy being talkative now really irked him. And when he saw I was uncomfortable, he stood up and pointed towards Aogawa Sanjiro as he yelled, “You f***er, you are dead, so dead!”

Zheng Huaqing had already calculated a lot in his heart. Zhu Chunjun and his family were obviously important to the Zheng Family’s business, but if he could sail this Lu Haotao’s speedboat, then wouldn’t the Zheng Family’s business fly to the sky? And now it seemed that the Zhu Family’s business won’t last too long in D City either!

Thinking of this, Zheng Huaqing jumped up and grabbed the devil from Japan and slapped him on his face. This guy was thin and weak, how could he stand a beating from a “war” veteran like Zheng Huaqing? In a few instants, the guy was beaten black and blue, with flowers blooming all over his face. His nose bone was now crooked as it collapsed and his nostrils were now bleeding.

Aogawa Sanjiro could only see red in front of his eyes now. Anything else had now disappeared. He was almost unconscious as he waved his hands in the air for a fight. After Zheng Huaqing saw that, he said, “Oh, still trying to resist hunh! You really are a stupid d**k!” After saying that, he used his knee and smashed into Aogawa Sanjiro’s balls. “Ah!!!” Aogawa Sanjiro screamed like a pig being slaughtered as his eyeballs burst out. His mouth was wide open as he fell to the ground, twitching faintly. {TL Note: Too ruthless!}

“Zheng Huaqing, you dare to beat up my guest! Do you not want to let your family’s Zheng Cargo Terminal keep on working!” As Zhu Chunjun saw Zheng Huaqing beat up his man, he wasn’t willing to leave. He didn’t have a way to go against Lu Haotao and Lu Yimin, but Zheng Huaqing was a different matter. Did he not want to do business here anymore?

“Who said that Little Zheng’s Cargo Terminal won’t do business anymore? I am also preparing to invest capital in it! Who dares delay me from making money; I am going to kill him!” Lu Haotao’s heavy voice sounded.

Zheng Huaqing breathed out a sigh of relief. It seems that his gamble worked. With Lu Haotao’s investment, their Zheng Family Cargo Terminal will have Three Rock Gang as their backing. Even going nationwide won’t be a difficult matter anymore.

At this time, Zheng Shaopeng also heard Lu Haotao’s words and was no longer afraid of Zhu Chunjun. He sighed, stood up, pointed towards Zhu Chunjun and said, “Surnamed Zhu, I have waited for this day for a long time! The heavens have eyes, finally ending my wait! Today, I will f*** your grandma!”

Zheng Shaopeng scolded and started to fiercely rain down his punches on Zhu Chunjun. His fist hit right at the center of Zhu Chunjun’s left eye, giving birth to a completely new animal! Don’t think that just because Zhu Chunjun was fat and usually had a high and respected position that Zheng Shaopeng wasn’t a match for him, that would be ignorant! Zheng Shaopeng had been burying the hatred over the many years in his heart. Today, he let all the hatred smash into Zhu Chunjun’s body.

“This fist is for my father…….”

“This fist is for my uncle……”

“This fist is for……”



“This fist is for you……”

“Why a hit for myself when you are hitting me……” Zhu Chunjun mumbled as he was bleeding.

“Because it’s not good for you to be oppressive!” Zheng Shaopeng said as he kicked with his foot, “This foot hit is for __!”

“Who is __?” Zheng Shaopeng shrieked.

“The guy who sells whole cloth,” Zheng Shaopeng replied.

Listening to these words, Zhu Chunjun thoroughly fainted.