VPAATP V4 Chapter 50

Feel Relieved

“Hahahaha! QingQing, you haven’t treated dad like this for a long time! Dad is really happy today!” Meng Chuan said with a smile, “Alright, now tell me about that guy’s character?”

“Hehe, he’s a really good person!” Meng QingQing said insincerely. It was true that he was a good person, but how could he r**e this Miss!

“When are you going to bring him home? Should dad help you deal with your staff at the office?” Meng Chuan asked.

“That…… In the next coming days!” Meng QingQing said with some hesitation.

“Good. You should be a bit quicker though, otherwise, your grandfather might make you go on a blind date. I won’t be able to prevent that!” Meng Chuan said with a nod, then changed the topic to the guy’s background, “QingQing, what about the boy’s family background? Have you made it clear? What if he’s just aiming for our Meng Family’s business!”

Family background? Meng QingQing didn’t know anything regarding that. At present, all she knew about me was merely from the surface. As for my family, she didn’t know anything regarding that. However, as the saying went, “the first impressions last the longest,” she tried to think of my good aspects and said, “His family background should be good. He and Chu Gao from our school run the same company, developing the latest technology. I think his family shouldn’t be doing too bad, nor should they be as rich as us. Otherwise, why would he work for someone else?”

“Chu Gao? The general manager of New Century Group?” Meng Chuan asked after thinking for a while.

“Yeah, their group is indeed called New Century Group! When they bought the land behind the University, they made a big show of I! In the beginning, they were actually going to buy all the stores. Later, when the bidding came to the stores I chose, then…… then he said some words for me, making Chu Gao give up.” As Meng QingQing said till here, somehow, her heart was filled with sweetness.

“It seems that Chu Gao takes that student very seriously,” after Meng Chuan heard, he nodded. Meng Chuan had been in the business industry for a long time and had heard about the New Century Group and their exhibition in N City. Meng Family’s business also had an exhibition cabin there. He had seen the waves of many emerging companies there.

“Right, I heard he is a very capable person. Many products in the New Century Group were developed with his active participation, so Chu Gao would naturally take him seriously!” Meng QingQing said.

“He is a talented man. Good, our Meng Family needs talented people like him. When you bring him, let father meet him first. If father is satisfied with him, I will make him work at the Technology Corporation under our Meng Family. Right now, the world is developing quite rapidly; it is all dependant on Science and Technology. I think that the profession, whether it’s now or the future, that will earn the most money is the Technology industry!” Meng Chun continued to say, “Just look at Shuguang Corporation. Just a few years ago, it had just been a small retail business formerly known as Tianheng Computer Co. They only did some computer installations and small software development. Such a company stressed on making something that would be useful for their country and soon occupied the market with their Chinese Character input software. Later, they had a cooperation with Microsoft from another country and soon became the number one Corporation in the Mainland followed by the entire world. The first two years of East Asia Motion, they depended solely on a powerful engine. Yet now, they are in the top 10 leading companies in the world. Even though their output is limited, they will soon catch up to Shuguang. It’s just a matter of time! Moreover, let’s not talk about what is far, let’s talk about what’s near, the New Century Group. Though it has abundant funding, it’s also true that their technology is also truly leading. Otherwise, how could they develop to their present scale in such a short time!”

“These words, I also approve of. In the 21st century, the most important will be having talented people in the business! Having a talented person in your company would be akin to having endless wealth! If that young man is really as good as you say, then I agree with you. In the future, you and his management and technology will certainly lead our Meng Family Industry to a path of prosperity!” Meng Chuan sighed.

“Hehe, thank you, father!” When Meng QingQing heard her father say “in the future”, she couldn’t help but smile embarrassedly.

“Oh, right. Let me know that boy’s name, class, and grade, I will let someone investigate him. I have a friend in the criminal police who’s also the team leader in the police authorities of B City. I will have him help us slightly!” Meng Chuan said.


After finally getting rid of Mother Yang’s entanglement, Yang Mei and I boarded a plane and returned to B City.

I finally relaxed. For these days in the Yang Family, I had wanted to rest in the guest room, but Mother Yang won’t agree and forced me to sleep in the same room as Yang Mei. Luckily, my physique had a transformation, so it didn’t matter even if I didn’t sleep. Otherwise, I would have certainly turned into a nationally protected panda.

Even if we rested in the same room, Mother Yang wasn’t relieved and made special fortifying energy soup, which she unexpectedly made really good. I braced myself and drank several bowls. If not for my strong physique, I might have already been consumed by lust. If that wasn’t enough, then she also put *** Kidney and 99 Emperor Pills on Yang Mei’s pillow every day. {TL Note: The pills are for tonifying kidney and increasing a person’s sex drive.}

Even on the day we were going to leave, Mother Yang wasn’t very happy to see no change in her daughter, but she was also not willing to let it go easily, so she said to me in a low voice, “Little Liu, I am telling you, there are a lot of men in pursuit of Yang Mei. If you want to bind the heart of a woman, the most essential part is to cook the rice with her!”

“What does cooking the rice with her mean?” I acted as if I was silly.

“Give her your that!” Mother Yang continued to answer.

“What do I give her?” I continued to act silly.

“……” Mother Yang was finally speechless.

“Hehe, aunt, you can rest assured that I won’t bully Yang Mei in any way. Haven’t you looked at my manner over the day, Yang Mei and I treat each other with great respect, just as a host would treat their guest!” I said with a smile.

After Mother Yang listened, she nearly passed out. In her heart, she was saying that my words didn’t make her feel too relieved.

On the plane.

“Sorry, I created so much trouble for you. That’s how my mother is; she despises the poor, while curries favor with the rich!” Yang Mei said apologetically.

“It doesn’t matter. Hehe, I am only afraid that your mother will be disappointed,” I said with a smile.

“Disappointed? Why?” Yang Mei didn’t understand what I said.

“That I am just a fake boyfriend!” I said.

“Ah?” Yang Mei was stunned and immediately understood, faintly saying, “Then I will be disappointed even more……”

“What did you say?” I asked.

“Nothing……” Yang Mei thought I didn’t understand, but in fact, I heard it very clearly.

Some things can’t be said to each other as they would make life awkward. Might as well keep the feelings to one’s self and let nature take its course instead of forcing everything.

At the airport, Xu Er was already waiting for me there. I made him first drive to Yang Mei’s apartment she had rented, then back to my villa.

My cell phone rang at the moment. I took a look, and unexpectedly, it was Zhong Yang! From Fatty Wu I had understood that he was the criminal investigations team leader of B City’s police authorities.

“Hello,” I answered the phone.

“Hello, is this Liu Lei?” Zhong Yang’s voice came through the receiver.