VPAATP V4 Chapter 52

Revealing The Truth

“You won’t be divided into wife and concubine,” I said. This was a matter of principal. If Meng QingQing couldn’t accept it, then I couldn’t do anything either.

“Oh, alright then!” I didn’t expect Meng QingQing to agree without any hesitation. It made me dazed. Where would I know that Meng QingQing grew up in an aristocratic family since she was a child. Her father had two concubines outside in addition to her mother at home. Although Meng QingQing’s mother and father had no feelings, being a wife at home couldn’t be compared to concubines. A moment ago, what Meng QingQing thought was that as long as I was willing to treat her the same as my girlfriend, then there was nothing wrong with the matter.

“Alright then. Since you said so then there is already an opportunity for you to prove yourself!” Meng QingQing said, “My grandfather is ready to marry me off to some junior in an aristocratic family, but I didn’t agree. Now you must come to my house as my boyfriend!”

The junior of the aristocratic family Meng QingQing was talking about was actually me, but I didn’t know that at the time. If I know, I wonder what I would have felt.

“Go to your family? Good, I don’t have any issue,” I immediately complied. This was a matter I had a lot of experience in. I have already become a blind date specialized person as I had just accompanied Yang Mei to her home. Now it was Meng QingQing’s turn.

“Alright then. You must prepare well! My father’s vision is very high. You must make him appreciate you. With that, he will help us speak before grandfather, otherwise, I will be forced to go on a blind date with a person I don’t like!” Meng QingQing said urgently.

“I understand. You can be relieved that I will certainly satisfy your father! Let him think that the candidate for his son-in-law must be me!”I said. It was like the time with Xia Jing.

“Okay, you must prepare well! Wait for me at University this Sunday! We will go there together.” Meng QingQing said.

I thought to myself that I had even handled a great mother, what’s so difficult about handling your father? Will he be more difficult than her? However, I still asked, “QingQing, what does your father do? Listening to your tone, he seems to be a great man?”

“I will tell you, but you must not let anyone else know. I don’t want my classmates to know about my family background. My father is the person at the helm of the Meng Family industry. My family is also one of the major families of China, the Meng Family,” Meng QingQing said.

Meng Family? Is she the little princess of the Meng Family? Could she be the granddaughter Master Meng wanted to betroth to me? I sweated. It couldn’t be so coincidental, right? At that time, I tried my best to refuse. I would have never thought it would still happen.

No wonder Zhong Yang said that Meng Chuan wanted to investigate me. It seems that Meng Chuan already knew Meng QingQing was going to bring me home. But he doesn’t know that I am the youngster his father was talking about.

“Why aren’t you speaking? Are you scared? Don’t worry, after we get married, I won’t bully you……” Meng QingQing saw that I wasn’t replying and thought I was going to shrink away from the responsibility. So she quickly tried to comfort me.

I shook my head and smiled forcefully. I was extremely surprised at this moment. In the past, when I didn’t even have anything on me, I dared to oppose Liu Zhenhai, having nothing to fear at all! Also, I was also an aristocratic family member now!

“Yeah, I am somewhat afraid,” I said with a smile, “I am a bit afraid that after I go there, someone might not want to be my woman!”

“Who is your woman? It sounds so wretched. In the future, you must call me your girlfriend!” Meng QingQing smiled and said happily. She had not been happy all this time, but once the knot in her heart had been untied, happiness now bloomed. It was the same feeling a little girl would have during her first love.

“Understood, my dear girlfriend,” I said.

“Um? Why do you sound so awkward? Other couples also call each other boyfriend and girlfriend?” Meng QingQing asked strangely.

“Oh…” I didn’t expect Meng QingQing to not understand. It seems this girl was really pitiful and had never experienced love before. So she didn’t understand the sweet feeling between lovers. I thought about the matter and vowed that I will love her a lot.

“They call each other husband and wife, or dear……” I explained.

“You and your girlfriend also call each other like this?” Meng QingQing asked with some jealousy.

“Which girlfriend are you talking about……” I said slyly.

“Of course, the one other than me. I don’t care, you have to call me like that in the future!” Meng QingQing said, “The word ‘girlfriend’ sounds so weird to listen. I don’t like that.”

“Okay, my wife!” Although I already knew that Meng QingQing was mine, when I called her wife, my heart felt touched and happier.

“You will call me wife, but I won’t call you husband. You are still in the inspection period. Only after you get my father’s approval will you get to hear that,” Meng QingQing said like a spoiled child.

Hanging up the phone, I sighed. The girls, no matter what their personality, were all the same when they were in love.

I immediately asked Du Xiaowei to prepare a copy of all information related to the Meng Family. Although I had some understanding of the Meng Family from before, I don’t know what might have changed in the recent times.

Du Xiaowei had now become my intelligence organization. He had a wide personal network that could provide me with timely and accurate information.

On Sunday, when I just arrived at the University gate I could see Meng QingQing with her red Ferrari. I thought even if she didn’t say anything about her family, people would certainly know they were quite rich.

I asked Xu Er to park the car next to the Ferrari. At this time, Meng QingQing also saw me and waved as she said, “Liu Lei, let’s go in my car!”

I nodded and then gestured to Xu Er to drive the car back. After that, I went to Meng QignQing’’s Ferrari. Although it was Sunday today, there were still many students entering and leaving the University entrance. As someone saw me sit in Meng QingQing’s car, they immediately whispered, “That guy must be a gigolo?”

“I don’t think that? I just saw he also had a car of his own?”

“What are you talking about, that Santana 2000!”

I turned a deaf ear to these arguments. I have had no feelings about these since my previous life. The world was like that. However, Meng QingQing was embarrassed after listening and said, “Did I make you lose face? I won’t bring this car out in the future!”

“It’s nothing. You should drive what you like. It’s no big deal. I will change my car tomorrow,” I said comfortably. I didn’t say the following words though: My several wives have a better car compared to me.

“You really don’t care?” Meng QingQing asked. She thought that men attached great importance to their face and that I was only saying all this to ease her.

“What’s there to care about what people say. They are just tired and have nothing better to do!” I waved my hand and said, “They have their own mouth; can we manage what they say? If I changed my car, then today, it might have been you who would be treated as a mistress I support outside!”