VPAATP V4 Chapter 53

Why Ask Me Again?

Meng QingQing’s family was outside of B City, in U City. Even when going by car, it took 2 hours to arrive there. Do not look that there were so many sports cars in the city and it was nothing special. Only when it came to the speed would the advantage be displayed.

Meng QingQing’s family lived in the most luxurious residential area in U City’s residential district. In my previous life, I also had a house in this place. Though my wage and draw bonus were a lot in my previous life, I could only afford a small villa here. The villa had a courtyard that was shared with some others as well. Meng QingQing’s family actually occupied an entire residency to themselves. It was just like our villa in Songjiang. But it must be known that the housing prices here were hundreds of times that of what Songjiang had to offer.

Meng QingQing saw that I didn’t have any special expression after I saw the villa, so she was internally relieved. She was afraid that I might make some inopportune movement that might make her father look down on me. It seemed she had been too oversensitive.

“Young miss, the master is in the study room!” An old steward opened the door and said.

After I looked around I thought that a major family was indeed a major family. Although the family might have declined a bit over the years, their momentum hasn’t decreased at all. They even have stewards and all the servants. The same was true of Liu Zhenhai’s family. Even though my worth was thousands of times greater than all of them, my family lacked the momentum these aristocratic families had. I am more casual and don’t like these things, but if I want my future children to have this innate aura and bearing, the environment will be very important.

Now what I was thinking is that after I graduated and settled down, I should also follow suit.

The decoration in Meng QingQing’s villa was biased towards the style of the early years of the Republic of China. Perhaps, it was the style of that era the people were now interested in.

Meng QingQing took me to the front door of a room on the third floor and knocked on the door twice. A middle-aged man’s voice came from inside, “Come in.”

Meng QingQing opened the door. The room was an old-style study room with a black bookshelf and a writing desk. A thin middle-aged man sat on a wooden rocking chair, looking at a book. As he saw us entering, he looked up and said, “QingQing, you have brought the fellow. You can go back now.”

“Father, what are you doing!” Meng QingQing felt very strange listening to her father speaking so seriously.

“Cough!” Meng Chuan coughed twice. He had just wanted to create a serious atmosphere so as to give me some psychological pressure. He never expected his daughter to destroy his efforts, so he said, “QingQing, you go and bring two cups of tea. I will say a few words to your schoolmate in the meanwhile.”

“Dad, let the servant go and do that. I will sit here.” Meng QingQing obviously didn’t want to leave me alone.

“Be obedient. Dad likes the tea you make better,” Meng Chuan said.

“You wouldn’t have some words you don’t want me to listen to?” Meng QingQing stood rooted to the spot.

“QingQing, do you want me to help you speak to grandfather or not?” Meng Chuan saw the nervous look on Meng QingQing’s face and sighed in his heart. It seemed this girl had true feelings and wouldn’t be swayed by him! Therefore he said with a smile, “Are you afraid father will eat your young lover?”

“Ah, alright then.” Meng QingQing didn’t feel relieved and looked towards me, but she still turned around and left the room.

After Meng QingQing closed the door, Meng Chuan hinted towards the sofa near the writing desk and said to me, “Young man, sit.”

“Thanks, Uncle Meng,” I naturally nodded and sat on the sofa.

“Can you tell me how you and Meng QingQing came to know each other?” Meng Chuan naturally couldn’t find anyone who could investigate me thoroughly over this period. He had found several people but still couldn’t unravel how I know Meng QingQing. He had doubts regarding this matter and was afraid that I was deliberately getting close to her, seeking the Meng Family industry.

But the question Meng Chuan asked was exactly what I couldn’t answer. Was I supposed to say that your daughter went to a bar? That the little missy experienced being made love to and turned into a woman when I went there to find a p********e? Wouldn’t Meng Chuan want to shoot me on the spot!

“We are in the same University, so there are many opportunities for us to be acquainted with. I think this is a private matter between me and Meng QingQing. Unless I have her consent, I hope uncle won’t ask me about it.” Saying that I evaded the important questions.

“Good, I won’t ask then,” Meng Chuan heard this and the suspicion in his heart about my goal grew, “We will talk about individual matter then. What is the relationship between you and Meng QingQing?”

“Naturally, we are lovers. Is there even a need to ask that?” I said with a smile.

“As far as I know, you already have other girlfriends?” Meng Chuan’s vision turned from gentle to sharp as he stared at me intently.

It seems this old foggy knows a lot! I can estimate that it is not only Zhong Yang he went to, but he also has many other channels. However, I was still calm as I smiled and said, “It seems uncle knows me very well. Why bother do all this? I don’t think there is only one woman around an outstanding man? Uncle, do you only have QingQing’s mother as your woman?”

These words of mine happened to hit the nail regarding Meng Chuan. He was very embarrassed and wanted to refute, but he had nothing to say. For some time, his face was full of uncertainty and cloudy.

I know that the words I just said hit the nail and Meng Chuan, who had been in the business industry for years, was now speechless. I couldn’t help but secretly thank him for being so embarrassed. Now that the hit rate was already so high, I continued by saying, “Uncle, let’s talk about the current talks about equality between men and women; that’s just some nonsense raised by the so-called feminists. In the final analysis of the current society, man is still the master of society, had been for thousands of years. Will the patriarchal society change the way it had been for millennia just because someone said it will change? Let’s not talk about what’s far away, let’s talk about what’s at hand: There are so many large industries all over the company. You tell me how many of them have women at their helm?”

“Righ- Cough!” Meng Chuan wanted to agree with my words as he was deeply impressed, but he suddenly remembered the purpose I was here today and changed his words, “Don’t take the topic too far away. Let me talk about your and QingQing’s issue! Are your sentiments for QingQing real?”

I considered it seriously. Although mine and QingQing’s union was an accident, and I admit that what I loved about her at the time was the physical and mental pleasure she gave me, but after getting along with her, I started to often think of her, remember her. Thinking till here, I said with affirmation, “Yes, I love QingQing!”

“Good, since you said that, then how are you going to deal with your relationship with your girlfriend and QingQing? You wouldn’t be going to tell me you want both of them?” Meng Chuan asked.

Want both? There aren’t only two! However, since Meng Chuan does not know, I don’t want to frighten him by telling him everything either.

“Right, that’s what I think,” I replied without any hesitation.

“I couldn’t see it, but you brat sure have a lot of eyes that you want both of them! You are good, really good! Do you think I will accept that?” Meng Chuan laughed at me. He never thought I would be so direct.

“Whether you accept or not, it has nothing to do with me. As long as QingQing doesn’t object, it’s all good,” I said.

“What? What did you say? Did you say QingQing already knows you have a girlfriend?” Meng Chuan had thought I was pedaling two boats while concealing each from the other. He never expected his daughter to already know about this matter!