VPAATP V4 Chapter 55

Cheap Grandson

The man in black also turned into a gust of wind and disappeared. But if someone with a discerning eye focused, they could tell that his speed was much slower than me. But in an ordinary person’s eyes, his speed would still be too fast for them to distinguish.


Meng QingQing had been boiling water impatiently. The tea room filled with boiling water every day didn’t have a single pot of boiling water today! Meng QingQing couldn’t guess if her father arranged all this deliberately to stall for time. But there was no other option and she had to boil water in the end.

When the water was boiled, Meng QingQing refused to perform an actual tea ceremony. As soon as there were some bubbles appearing on top of the water, she grabbed two cups and some tea leaves, throwing them in the cups. She simply poured the water in the cups and mixed it all hastily. {TL Note: Tea Ceremony is a special art of making tea. I couldn’t find a good video so let me know if you have any.}

When she arrived at the study room and saw that there was only her father in there, she couldn’t help but ask, “Dad, where is Liu Lei?”

“You are talking about your schoolmate? He’s gone,” Meng Chuan said with a blank expression.

“Gone? Why did he leave?” Meng QingQing had some doubts, but she suddenly understood what was going on, and exclaimed, “You drove him away!”

Meng Chuan nodded and said, “He isn’t the one for you.”

“Dad, didn’t you say you were going to help me out? How come you did this now? You are reneging on your promise!” Meng QingQing asked hurriedly.

“I am not reneging on my promise because I think he will not be able to support you. Moreover, you aren’t his only girlfriend? I don’t want the woman of my Meng Family to be used as a treasury in the future!” Meng Chuan spoke calmly.

“How do you know he won’t make money in the future?” Meng QingQing said, “He is making money now!”

“He can make money. As long as someone isn’t too stupid in this world, they can make money! But there is a big difference between people making money! Can he provide you with the same superior life you have currently? With the clothing you wear right now, even if his entire family used all their income, will they be able to do that? Their entire year’s income might not be enough to pay for your one month’s expense. He won’t be able to let you spend so freely!” Meng Chuan said.

“But our family is rich……” Meng QingQing said in a low voice.

“Our family is indeed rich. If he will support you with this money in the future, I have no issues, but I am unable to tolerate him using that money on other women except for you!” Meng Chuan snorted and said, “No need to say anymore. In a while, I will contact your grandfather and ask him to arrange a time for you to meet with that aristocratic family junior!”

SFX. Precious tea-set falling!

The tray in Meng QingQing’s hands fell to the ground. The specially manufactured tea cups fell to the ground without getting damaged in the least. The tea was spilled all over the floor. The boiling water splashed on Meng QingQing’s leg, but she didn’t feel anything.

“I don’t want that! You don’t even love me at all!” Meng QingQing said as her voice got weaker and weaker.

“I am your father!” Meng Chuan said, closing the book on the table.

After that, Meng Chuan stood up and walked out of the study room. Without paying any attention to Meng QingQing behind him, he walked to the teahouse and made himself a cup of tea. Picking up the phone on the table, he dialed Meng Rusong’s number.

At the same time in a secret room in a residential area in the city.

“Xiao Dong, what you said is true? Is he really faster than you?” An old man with an excited expression and tone said. Although the old man’s face was covered in wrinkles, his spirit wasn’t weak. If one didn’t know him, who would think he was 90 years old this year?

“Master, I am telling the truth. His speed was so fast, I couldn’t even see his appearance!” The man in black said.

“Is he really the master? For more than 76 years, I have prayed to the stars, hoped before the moon, wanting to see my master once more. I never expected I would have the chance to realize my wish! When the old man left all those years ago, he told me that he might return in the future! Is it really him who returned this time? Yes, it must be him! He must have heard that our Feiyan Gate is in trouble, so he returned to help us!” Standing up, the old man couldn’t help but arrive at the side of the secret room, kneeling before an incense table.

If I had been there I would have certainly realized that the guy whose portrait was on the incense table with various offerings was none other than that motherf***ing old codger, Jiao Yazi!

“Old man Liu, I am Old Meng!” Liu Zhenhai was reading the newspaper when he suddenly heard the person on the other side call him Old man Liu. He knew that the call was important, so he answered the phone and it was unexpectedly Meng Rusong.

“Haha! The man I defeated, no, wrong, it should be the one defeated by my grandson! What are you looking at me for? Could it be, you were thinking about my grandson?” Liu Zhenhai remembered the miserable situation Meng Rusong had been in after he suffered a defeat that day. In his heart, he was incomparably happy. It was really true. Times really change. He had always suffered defeat at that old man’s hands, but finally, he could now be proud as that old foggy was defeated by his grandson. It was a really crisp feeling! In a more fashionable way, the words could be: Having a grandson was really good.

“Cough! You old codger, don’t be so arrogant. What can you do yourself? I admit your grandson was able to defeat me, but don’t forget it was your grandson! If you and I fight, I may not lose!” Meng Rusong said dismissively.

“You old man Meng, you are just speaking nonsense now! You just refuse to accept the truth! It happens to be that I just learned a new and great move a few days ago if you aren’t satisfied then come over. See how I will make you look all over for your teeth! Oh, right! With your old age, you might not even have any tooth? Hahaha! Did they fell out early or someone smacked them out?” Liu Zhenhai ridiculed.

“You are talking bullshit! My teeth are really good. I just gnawed a full bone yesterday!” Meng Rusong said with some anger.

“Oh, it’s good you can gnaw a bone. The puppy in my family can also gnaw on bones really well!” Liu Zhenhai just didn’t want to let go.

“Humph!” Meng Rusong thought that it was impossible to win against this old b*st*rd in the art of eloquent talking, so he shifted the topic, “It’s indeed about your grandson, but I am not looking for him. It’s about what we talked about before! What do you think about that matter?”

“What matter?” Liu Zhenhai said, “Can you not speak in riddles?”

“It’s regarding the marriage of our two children, my granddaughter, and your cheap grandson!” Meng Rusong explained.

“Cheap grandson? Get the hell out! He’s my elder brother’s grandson, I am his younger grandfather! Even then he is more dear to me, more dear than your granddaughter!” Liu Zhenhai thought that his Liu Family now had such a flamboyant heir, so how could he let that old man speak like that. He must make sure everyone understands his grandson was very dear to him.

Meng Rusong thought: obviously he would be more dear to you than my granddaughter, my granddaughter doesn’t even have anything to do with you. You are really an old-fashioned guy! However, he didn’t want to provoke a war of words with this old man and had proper business to talk, so he said, “Old man Liu, you wouldn’t be wanting to not accept past mistakes, right? A debt needs to be repaid. All you have to do is have your grandson take care of the debt!”

At this time, Liu Zhenhai started to rapidly calculate in his heart. The Meng Family’s industry was no less than their Liu Family, and Meng’s granddaughter was the only heir they had, so if she married his grandson, wouldn’t the Meng Family’s business be as good as their’s as her dowry?

Although his granddaughter would be the heir of the Meng Family, it was only temporary. When their child is born, the child will be surnamed Liu! Then the Meng Family’s industry would be theirs sooner or later. They were only gaining and not losing anything. How was it them compensating anything!