VPAATP V4 Chapter 59

Very Clever, Very Individual

I smiled indifferently and said, “I know what you mean. Say your initial price first. Hehe, if it’s inappropriate, then there’s no need to bring it out.”

Yuan Gang secretly thought that when other people couldn’t buy it, they would still ask for them to take it out and see. He never expected me to directly ask for the price before anything else.

“600 million…” Yuan Gang said with some hesitation.

“600 million? It’s a bit expensive. Let me see it.” Six hundred million was just a number for me, and I had no feeling whatsoever.

A bit expensive? Yuan Gang was shocked and thought that the guy’s tone was too big, saying it was just “a bit expensive” to such a price!

“Please wait a moment,” At this time, we arrived on the second floor VIP room. There were four men in black standing guard at the entrance of the VIP room, responsible for the security of this place.

Yuan Gang turned and walked out of the VIP room. After a while, Yuan Gang returned with a black wooden box that looked very luxurious from the texture.

“This is a famous ring from Britain, made in the 18th century – The Heart of Love, created by the famous jeweler Howard at the time. At the end of the 18th century, he gifted the ring to Empress Dowager Cixi, but later, the ring fell into the United Kingdom, changing hands from one collector to another. Two years ago, our company finally obtained the ring from some special channel……” Yuan Gang said with some mysteriousness. {TL Note: Empress – https://bit.ly/1UctRR4}

No matter what channel he got it from, it had nothing to do with me. As soon as the box was opened, I was fascinated by the ring. Although the ring was made of gold, there wasn’t any impurity in it. Especially the light-blue gem on it. The gem was even more special.

I carefully took the ring in my hand and carefully looked at it. On the inside of the ring, the words “ETERNAL LOVE” were engraved in English followed by the signature of Howard. What’s even more unusual is that the gem had the same effect of shining in the dark just like the luminous pearl talked about in the Chinese ancient heritage.

“I want it,” I didn’t say too much. I thought that Meng QingQing would definitely love this. I handed my bank card over to Yuan Gang.

Yuan Gang was stunned. It was bought, just like that? There wasn’t even a haggling of the price? However, he already knew my special status, so he didn’t have any special reaction. He took the card and went through the formalities.

After a while, Yuan Gang returned and handed me my card, some receipts, and a VIP card. I looked at it casually and stuffed it in my pocket. I looked at Guan Yang and said with a smile, “I like the stuff you have here in this place. I will return when I have time in the future.”

“Yes, yes, you are always welcome!” Yuan Gang showed me out with a smile, then he relaxed finally. This Heart of Love was a private possession of British collector. But when it was on display, the Feiyan Gate somehow got it. But for some reason, the news was leaked. When the British Collector learned about the matter, he sent someone to China to demand the ring. Guan Yang naturally wanted to get rid of the ring as soon as possible. He had prepared for me to counter-offer a price, and as long as it was acceptable, he would sell it to me. He never expected me to just buy it like that!

I naturally didn’t know about all these hidden matters. If I knew about them, I wouldn’t have let him get off easy. Although I wasn’t afraid of anyone coming to look for me, nor did I care about the ring, but this guy actually dared fool me; his courage was too big. Well, no one had offended me to a large degree ever since my rebirth, so all was well.


“Liu Lei, where are you? My grandfather will bring me to Kunlun Mountain Cafe for the blind date at 9:30 today. There are no private rooms there, only a hall. You must come there, also, be there on time!” Meng QingQing said anxiously. Suddenly she heard someone from outside shout, “Miss, are you okay in the bathroom? You have been in there for a long time.”

“I am alright. I am just busy dressing up for the blind date. I naturally have to dress up well!” Meng QingQing shouted towards the door of the bathroom.

“Alright Liu Lei, I am calling you from inside the bathroom. My father is monitoring me extensively. You must come there today!”

“Well, QingQing, do you not trust me anymore. I always keep my word,” I said as I thought it was I who was going to be on the blind date, I naturally had to go. In fact, my second grandfather had already told me about the date spot last night.

Meng QingQing hung up the phone and smugly looked at her dress. The short neatly combed hair was now in a messed up hedgehog style. She had also sprayed blue color on her hair. Strong-green colored eyeshadow, large earrings. Her appearance was like that of a young female delinquent. Meng QingQing sneered as she thought: I will see how that playboy will have a liking for me now!

When Meng Chuan who had been defending outside the bathroom saw Meng QingQing’s appearance, he was scared as he said, “QingQing, how are you dressed up. Go and wash it quickly!”

“What wash? I think I am very attractive! Also, if I go back and put on makeup again, we won’t have enough time to get there!” Meng QingQing had a victory smile on her face as she had succeeded in wasting time.

Meng Chuan helplessly shook his head. At this time Liu Zhenhai and Meng Rusong happened to walk there. Meng Chuan awkwardly looked at them and said, “Uncle Liu, father, forgive me, QingQing is just……”

“This brat! How could you be so willful!” Meng Rusong’s face couldn’t help but change. After all, the grandfather of his future son-in-law was standing beside him. It was rude to let him see his granddaughter like this.

“Hoh? Good, good!” Liu Zhenhai suddenly said, “My grandson also loves the ones with a unique personality. He wouldn’t even glance at people with an average personality!”

“Ah? Is that so?” Meng Chuan finally relaxed. Since the boy’s parents didn’t have any problems with their daughter-in-law, he also had nothing to worry about, so he said, “Yeah, QingQing, this girl is very clever, very individual!”

Very clever? Liu Zhenhai didn’t see all that. He saw that Meng QingQing had wanted to oppose the marriage from the beginning. But he had confidence in his grandson, so he didn’t say anything.

At the cafe.

As it wasn’t yet time for a meal, so there were only some people discussing their matters over some early supply of tea.

Meng Family naturally had a private car whenever they went out. Meng QingQing and Meng Chuan rode a Rolls Royce Silver Seraph, while Liu Zhenhai and Meng Rusong sat in a luxurious nanny van, following them.

There were a lot of rich people who would come to patronize Kunlun Mountain Cafe, but there weren’t many who would come in a Rolls Royce. Now that there was suddenly someone who came in the “Silver Seraph” the security guards at the gate were stunned for half a day. The manager immediately came out to welcome the guests. He knew that this was Meng Chuan’s private car, so he immediately came to the vehicle and personally opened the door for him.

Meng Chuan’s group had arrived early. It was 9:10 in the morning right now. Liu Zhenhai looked at the time and called me. At this moment, I was reading the newspaper in a nearby guesthouse. As soon as I received the call, I hastily changed my clothes.

The manager lead Meng Chuan and the others to the best table with great respect and then went back. Meng QingQing was now starting to get worried in her heart. She kept on looking at the direction of the entrance, chanting prayers in her heart, but still couldn’t see me come.