VPAATP V4 Chapter 60

Highly Improper

After waiting for a long time, Meng QingQing was finally unable to suppress her anxiety and looked for a reason to go to the bathroom. After she arrived in the bathroom, she didn’t dare to call me because Meng Chuan had arranged a maid to follow her everywhere, even to the bathroom, so as to prevent her from escaping. The main was right outside the door.

Meng QingQing took out her phone and immediately sent me a message interrogating me why I hadn’t arrived? Did I want her to be with someone else on a blind date!

I replied that I was on the way and would be there immediately. Meng QingQing was relieved and returned to her seat.

Right when it was 9:30, I appeared at the entrance of Kunlun Mountain Cafe. I didn’t have a custom of arriving late, nor did I have a custom of arriving early.

“Sir, what would you like?” I came on foot, so I naturally didn’t get the same treatment as Meng Chuan where the manager would personally come out to greet me. But I was still welcomed politely.

“I am here to see a person,” I observed the situation in the hall and saw Liu Zhenhai and Meng Rusong. Then I quickly walked over to them.

After Meng QingQing saw me, she was very happy. Meng Chuan, on the other hand, wasn’t feeling too good. He didn’t expect that Meng QingQing actually called me here.

As Meng Chuan was burning in rage right now, he didn’t see the smile on the faces of Meng Rusong and Liu Zhenhai standing nearby. Meng Chuan glared at me, stood up and yelled, “What are you doing here?”

Meng QingQing saw me arrive; she gathered all the courage she had, stood up and ran over to my side. Then like a timid young girl, she tenderly grabbed my arm, pulling closer to me. She looked at me affectionately and said to Meng Rusong, “Grandfather, this is my boyfriend Liu Lei!”

Both Meng Rusong and Liu Zhenhai were surprised by this turn of events. Both old men were startled as their mouths opened wide. They stared at us, having nothing to say.

Meng QingQing thought her grandfather was angry, so she raised her neck a bit and said, “Grandpa, love is free for everyone. You can’t interfere in our love!”

“Love is free? Good, good, good! Grandfather won’t interfere……” Meng Rusong’s eyes were about to pop out. What was going on here?

As Meng QingQing heard her grandfather say “good” thrice, she thought that her grandpa was quite mad now. But the matter was already out, so she didn’t care anymore.

I looked at Meng QingQing’s strange attire and felt inexplicable, but I liked it quite a bit. The women around me were all the kind of women who were more pretty or quiet, none dressing like this. At this time, looking at Meng QingQing dressed so naughtily and wildly, it was really fascinating to me.

“QingQing, you are really beautiful today,” I smiled and said to Meng QingQing.

“Really?” Meng QingQing looked down as her face flushed red.

After Liu Zhenhai heard what I said, he looked towards Meng Rusong with a haughty expression. The look in his eyes was saying: See, it’s like what I said. Didn’t I say my grandson will like your granddaughter!

But Meng Chuan was already smoking with anger right now. Seeing me and QingQing flirt here, treating him as if he didn’t exist, he was irritated as he yelled, “Brat, what are you doing here? Don’t you know, QingQing is here on a blind date today!”

“I know. It’s because I know that I came here. If I didn’t come then who would come on this blind date!” Such words from me made both Meng Rusong and Liu Zhenhai. They were both experienced old men. Now that they saw that I had some sort of contradiction with Meng Chuan, they also got interested in how this will end.

“You!!” As Meng Chuan heard me, he got even angrier. He really hated me now. He looked towards his daughter and sighed, thinking that she had really grown up now (leaving her father for another man).

“Father-in-law, don’t be so angry,” I said with a smile.

“Who’s your father-in-law?” Meng Chuan said.

“Might not be now, but will be soon!” I said that as I had a double meaning in my words. In a while, if I spoke as Liu Zhenhai’s grandson, then Meng Chuan would naturally be my father-in-law.

“Humph! Don’t even think about that! QingQing is already betrothed to someone else!” Meng Chuan said with a snort.

“Someone else?” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Who was he talking about if not me? Obviously, no one else. Meng Chuan still didn’t know my status, so I continued to speak aloud, “Father-in-law… no, Uncle Meng, you should also know that I already had an intimate relationship with your daughter, so she is now my woman. I will naturally not allow her to marry someone else!”

When Meng QingQing listened to me, her face turned red with shyness, but she gave me an encouraging look as this was what she wanted to achieve.

Meng Chuan listened to my words and his face turned green as he pointed towards Meng QingQing and roared, “You shameless thing! The face of the entire family has been lost because of you!”

“Smack!”A slap right on Meng Chuan’s face made him shut up. Meng Chuan looked at his father with an aggrieved look as he wondered what he did? Was it inappropriate to teach his daughter?

When Meng Chuan was about to inquire, he heard Meng Rusong say, “You just lost the entire family’s face by yelling at your daughter in front of her future parent-in-law!” \

“Understood, father. I was wrong!” Meng Chuan didn’t dare disobey Meng Rusong since he was young as he couldn’t even marry the woman he loved. At this moment, Meng Chuan lowered his head and stood to the side just like a child who had done something wrong, waiting for Meng Rusong to reprimand him.

“Well, well, no need to scold him too hard. It’s also this brat who was wrong. If he doesn’t say anything, will you have given your granddaughter to him!” Liu Zhenhai said to Meng Rusong as he beckoned.

Meng Chuan heard Liu Zhenhai’s words and thought that he was making fun of them because their daughters matter. He was so ashamed, he wanted to find a place to bury himself in. But Meng Rusong’s following words made Meng Rusong feel even more inexplicable.

“The youngsters nowadays, they aren’t as conservative as they were in our era. It’s normal for them to have intimate relationship nowadays.” Meng Rusong said.

“Ah?” Meng Chuan wondered if he was muddleheaded when he heard his father’s words! Just what was happening now? Did his father like the brat in front?

“Alright, Meng Chuan. If you and little Liu have any contradictions, go and solve them at home. Right now, we are here on a blind date. You should go home earlier. You see the two children are already so inseparable, so we might as well let them have their bridal chamber earlier!” Meng Rusong said with a smile.

“Ah? Uncle Liu, your grandson hasn’t arrived yet?” Meng Chuan couldn’t feel his brain work anymore.

When Meng Rusong heard Meng Qingqing call my name a moment ago, he knew that this matter was too well planned! The boyfriend his granddaughter looked for was unexpectedly Liu Zhenhai grandson. It seemed that he went to so much trouble unnecessarily! When he saw Meng Chuan and my dialog, he knew that Meng Chuan hadn’t known my other status, but he and Liu Zhenhai wanted to look at the good play, therefore did not divulge the matter, looking at how I deceived Meng Chuan!

“Right. I say, Meng Chuan, have your eyes gone blind? Do you not see the people standing here?” Meng Rusong scolded, “He called you fathers-in-law, don’t you have something better to respond with?”

“Father-in-law?” Meng Chuan was startled. He immediately looked at me standing nearby as his brain started to churn rapidly.