VPAATP V4 Chapter 61

You Made Me Say That!

“Come, Meng Chuan, let me introduce you. This is my grandson, Liu Lei. But it seems you two are already familiar, so I won’t give too much introduction,” Liu Zhenhai said as he pointed towards me, laughing.

“What!” Meng Chuan had felt that something was not right. Now that he heard about my real identity from Liu Zhenhai, he was shocked and angry. The courage of this bastard was too big, keeping him in the dark. Then wasn’t he just playing like a monkey all this time?

“Excuse me, Uncle Meng, I had no intention to conceal it from you. Actually, I also only found out yesterday that my second grandfather arranged a blind date for me.” I ran off my eloquent mouth and say.

“So that’s how it was. I knew that the words that Qingqing said early couldn’t be so intense otherwise!” Meng Chuan subconsciously believed my excuse. Only Meng Rusong and Liu Zhenhai shook their head slightly. I and they already knew. They do not believe that I didn’t know Meng Qingqing was Meng Rusong’s granddaughter.

Meng Qingqing maliciously glared at me, pounding with her small fists on my chest, “Dead Liu Lei, smelly Liu Lei, since you already knew, why didn’t you tell me. How could you make me be so ugly and embarrassed!”

“How did you get embarrassed?” I asked intentionally.

“Hateful jerk! In front of all these people, you said that I and you…… Had the relations with you…… After this, how am I going to cultivate my temperament!” Meng Qingqing discontentedly said.

“Well, that’s strange now. Wasn’t it you who made me say all that?” I replied innocently.

“You!!” Meng QingQing was ashamed and angry, but Meng Rusong and Liu Zhenhai were looking towards us with bad smiles on their faces. Meng Chuan, on the other hand, had a pondering expression on his face right now. He didn’t know whether to be happy or not now that I have become his son-in-law, but I also made him lose face big time. If he looked at my newfound identity, I wasn’t any worse than their Meng Family, then why wasn’t there anything in the report? The people who Meng Chuan was now cursing were the several investigators. They were just pigs who couldn’t do a simple task.

Actually, those people couldn’t be blamed. It was very simple to get information about me on the surface, and Lu Zhenhai and my relationship were only brought to light this year, moreover, it wasn’t made public, so it was normal that others couldn’t investigate that much.

“Alright, Meng Chuan, let’s not talk about the children, you have problems of your own. Why didn’t you talk to me about this matter beforehand? Now that you did all this, isn’t it you picking up and ax and smashing it in your own foot?” Meng Rusong said.

“Yes,” Meng Chuan was also very ashamed and unreconciled at this moment. He thought that a great injustice had happened to him. In the beginning, he had also wanted to help his daughter, but when he found out that I had other girlfriends, he gave up the idea. The reason he didn’t tell about this matter to his father was that he thought the old man would be angry. Hais, in this era, the ones who weren’t obedient were good, while the one who was obedient wasn’t human!

“What? Are you not feeling ashamed?” Meng Rusong saw that Meng Chuan’s expression was somewhat unnatural, so he said, “How did I give birth to a useless son like you? Look at Old Liu’s grandson, he’s much better than you!”

Meng Chuan was completely speechless. It seemed that the younger generation wasn’t too obedient, so he gathered his courage and said, “Father, I only did all this for QingQing. I think that it was you who killed my love, so I didn’t want QingQing to have the same fate as me. But when I investigated this brat at that time…… How could I allow my son-in-law to have women outside, so I was angry and had a fall out with him!”

“Smack!” Another slap in Meng Chuan’s face. As Meng Rusong saw Meng Chuan daring to argue against him, he got angry as he said, “I killed your love? Try saying that again? Do you really believe I killed your love? He has women outside? He has women outside, so what’s wrong with that? You are embarrassed to accept that! Then what about the two vixens you are raising outside? Do you think I don’t know about them? I am telling you now, you little bastard, QingQing will soon get married now, so you better hurry up and bring her mother home! Or I will let you know what pain is! When the time comes, do you want to turn our, the bride’s side, into a single parent family!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Meng Chuan head felt faint as he was sweating. His stomach was suffering from injustice right now. Just what had he done? Why was his luck so bad today? But he couldn’t dispute! Meng Chuan didn’t dare speak too much and sat in the corner, hiding from everyone’s vision so as to not get a violent beating from Meng Rusong again.

“Alright, alright, don’t scold him anymore. You should be content that you have a son. Thinking about my son and daughter-in-law…… Ah!” Liu Zhenhai remembered the sad events from his past and shook his head.

I know that Liu Yue’s parents died early, so Liu Zhenhai obviously felt sad over the matter, so I said to him, “Second grandfather, don’t you have your nephew, my father. As the saying goes, a nephew is a half son. And you also have an outstanding grandson like me, so you should be happy.”

“Yeah, but there are some matters I can’t help but sigh about. Oh, right, Liu Lei, after you return this time, bring your parents to meet me. They still don’t know they have this uncle?” After Liu Zhenhai listened to me, he said calmly.

“I mentioned you to them, just haven’t paid a formal visit,” Actually, when I went home with Liu Yue at that time, my father was already aware of Liu Zhenhai’s experience. He even went into a rage when he heard of Liu Yue’s life experience. But in the end, no one would have thought that my grandfather was actually an adopted child!

“Alright, then also discuss the matter of you marrying my granddaughter and Meng QingQing. If you can, I want you to set up the marriage celebration feast for them together!” Liu Zhenhai said.

“Together?” I was stunned. Could someone marry two women at the same time? Would that work?


“QingQing, we are finally together.” Don’t know what was going on in Meng Rusong’s mind, he didn’t make me stay in the guest room in the evening, instead, he threw me and Meng QingQing in the living room to sleep.

“Humph, you think I was willing to be with you? Just look at your wretched look.” Meng QingQing rolled her eyes.

“Oh, if you didn’t want to, then why did you call me in the morning?” I smirked as my hand began to restlessly move all over Meng QingQing’s body. Anyway, there were no other people in the living room, and even if there were any, Meng QingQing was already my fiancee, so who would say anything!

Meng QingQing unnaturally twisted her body around. After all, this was our first time being in such close contact after that accident before. Meng QingQing held down the evil hand gently and said angrily, “Don’t move heedlessly! I called you today…… It’s because…… It’s because my purity had been tarnished by you, so what other choice do I have as a woman?”

My heart yelled that your status is there! Don’t say that you had sex with me, even if you were a divorced woman, there would be enough men wanting to marry you that the queue will go to the Pacific Ocean. However, on my mouth, I said, “QingQing, your expression has betrayed you!”

“What expression do I have?” Meng QingQing hurriedly put on a serious expression, but the color of happiness in her eyes could not be concealed.

“Why are you putting on a serious expression? When you smile, you look really attractive, but now you look like crying, really ugly,” I looked at Meng QingQing and teased her.

“Really? Am I attractive? Really attractive?” Meng QingQing then smiled; she smiled really happily.