VPAATP V4 Chapter 63

Want To Kill Me

“Ah?” Meng Rusong was stunned and hurriedly turned off the big screen, saying, “The public security isn’t too good nowadays. I was afraid some thief might break in!”

A thief might break in? In his heart, Meng Chuan roared: Who dares have the guts to break into the Meng Family? Let alone there was high security on the gates, there were so many servants all over the residence!

Meng Rusong saw Meng Chuan’s expression that wanted to laugh at them hard and knew what he was thinking, so he said breathlessly, “Get the hell out, you little b*st*rd! What are you doing here instead of going to sleep? Hurry up and sleep!”

Meng Chuan could only turn around helplessly and walk out as he said in his heart: Why is my luck always so bad? I had annoyed him in the morning so I was considering how to apologize and even came here to check on him; how would I have thought that the two old men were peeping here!

As Meng Rusong saw Meng Chuan walk out, he caressed his beard as he said to Liu Zhenhai, This little b*st*rd, he can’t take care of any proper business where he is needed. If he was half as good as your grandson, I would have been happier! After all these years, he could only practice our Meng Family secret technique to 30% completion, ah!”

“Is the Wang Family also going to participate in the Martial Arts Congress this year?” Liu Zhenhai suddenly asked.

“Wang Family? Didn’t they only survive in name only?” Meng Rusong said, “They haven’t participated in any of the recent Martial Arts Congresses over the years.”

“I obtained some news that the Wang Family is also going to take part in the Martial Arts Congress this time. Moreover, their backing this time around isn’t small either……” Liu Zhenhai’s expression became more serious and dignified.

“Wang Family is coming as well? Were they hiding their strength all these years?” As Meng Rusong saw Liu Zhenhai’s expression, he asked strangely.

“Who knows? I only heard some news, I don’t know for sure. But I heard that they are coming for the Death Valley…” Liu Zhenhai said.

“Death Valley? It couldn’t be, right? Perhaps it was really just a rumor. To begin with, the people who have gone in there haven’t returned, ever…… What age is this? Even if they can command the Martial World verbally, is there any use for that?” Meng Rusong asked puzzledly.

“I am not clear. When the time comes, we will know what’s going on.” Liu Zhenhai shook his head.


I slammed open the door with my foot. Just when I was about to bring Meng QingQing to the bed when I saw Meng Chuan actually standing in there!

I was startled and said in consternation, “Eh……Father-in-law, excuse me, I seem to have gone the wrong way……” I said this on my mouth but my eyes could see the pink window curtains, faint yellow bed sheet, big cloth dolls suspended from the ceiling, and other women’s stuff. F***! This Meng Chuan wouldn’t be an oddball, right?

“Oh, that……Son-in-law, you haven’t gone the wrong way. This is QingQing’s room, haha……You know that QingQing doesn’t live here, nor do I. We rarely come here, so her grandfather hadn’t gotten this place cleaned. I was only cleaning this place for you two!” Meng Chuan said coherently.

I looked at the spotless room and felt strange in my heart. The room was obviously very clean, and if it wasn’t, there were maids in the residence; why would he need to clean this place himself? However, it didn’t matter how strange I felt, there was nothing too doubtful.

“Oh, so that’s how it is. Father-in-law, it’s already too late, you could have asked some servant to do this. You should now rest as you have to wake up early!” I was already burning now, yet this Meng Chuan was still standing there. It wouldn’t be too good if I told him to get out!

“Oh, son-in-law, what happened to your complexion? It doesn’t look too good? Why are you getting so red? Is it because of QingQing? Is she too heavy? Come, put her on the bed and go rest for a while!” Meng Chuan said to me with great concern.

My face would obviously be red, I was already burning inside! However, I didn’t have any other means to deal with him. Who let him be Meng QingQing’s father. I placed Meng QingQing on the bed; this girl had also sobered up from her daze now. As she saw her father, she immediately buried herself under the quilt.

“Father-in-law, I am alright. It’s just too hot outside. QingQing isn’t heavy, she’s really light instead!” I said.

“Oh, right, how about you drink a cup of water quickly!” Meng Chuan immediately brought a cup of water from the table.

“How can I trouble you, I will drink in a while……” I looked at Meng Chuan’s virtuous and attentive look and felt that something was wrong.

“We are all family, how could you be troubling me? Go ahead, quickly drink it. If you drink it, then I also will be able to go back and sleep.” Meng Chuan said as he handed me the cup.

I was already getting anxious about wanting him to leave, so I quickly took the cup and drank it, saying to him, “Father-in-law, you should also go and rest now!”

“Oh. Alright, I won’t bother the two of you anymore. Haha, hahaha!” Meng Chuan suddenly showed a happy expression and walked out of the room with a cheerful expression.

Have I made a mistake? Did he actually come here to do something to me? I looked at the cup I drank from on the table and suddenly felt my entire body turn dry and hot……

Meng Chuan happily walked as he thought: Hehe, I, this Old Meng has successfully swindled you to become a grandfather! With so many potent drugs I have used, I am not worried that you wouldn’t be able to make a grandson for me! Though it might be hard on QingQing, as they say: To gain something, one needs to bear hardships and trials! Only then will one have success!

Meng Chuan snorted and hummed a song as he returned to his room and went to sleep. Today was a wonderful day for him. All the rebuking he got from Meng Rusong was now gone!

I only thought that my entire body was now burning with extreme lust right now. I had never had this feeling before. Even when I had some lust and desire well up before, it wasn’t at this level! I couldn’t understand the reason, but my vision soon fell on the cup of water again…… Meng Chuan, you b*st*rd, you dare entrap this father!

I could now firmly believe that he had mixed some sort of aphrodisiac in that! When Su Yingzi had been kidnapped and drugged, Jiao Yazi had taught me the method to get rid of it, but it had no effect now. It was like a stone sinking in an ocean.

It was as if it wasn’t an aphrodisiac! At this time, Meng Chuan was thinking: Haha, even if you are a Martial Artist, can you get rid of this special Yang Fortifying tonic? This is the crystallization of advanced technology. We extracted the medicinal essence from Tiger P*nis, Velvet, and other rare and precious materials, then used it all and turned it into a special medicine using Scientific Technology!

“QingQing, we……” I tried to say as I had taken off all my clothes with only my underwear remaining.

“Wait…….I am going to take a bath……” Meng QingQing was feeling scared now that the battle was almost on the door, so she hurriedly jumped and ran into the bathroom, brushing her teeth.

“Let’s take a shower together,” I tried to resist the fire in my body. Following Meng QingQing’s a*s, I entered the bathroom and held Meng QingQing from behind.

“Ah, let me go quickly, you rogue!” Meng QingQing tenderly shouted, “Can’t you see I am brushing my teeth. Because of you using so much force, bubbles are coming out of my mouth now!”

“Weren’t you going to take a bath? Let me help you undress!” My hands then started to explore all over Meng QingQing’s body.

“I……I don’t want to take a bath now……” Meng QingQing hastily held down my hands. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to take a bath, she just couldn’t take a bath!

I couldn’t allow Meng QingQing to rebel against my advances anymore, so I didn’t wait for her to finish her words and sealed her little mouth with my own. Meng QingQing still had toothpaste in her mouth that she hadn’t spat out.

“I haven’t brushed yet, what are you doing?” Meng QingQing said unclearly.

“Nothing, let’s brush together!” I said as I began to use my hands to explore Meng QingQing’s entire body. Although Meng QingQing wanted to vigorously stop my perverted actions, how could she by my match? After a few moments, I was able to untie Meng QingQing’s belt, letting her jeans slip down her body. Meng QingQing also gave up any resistance and her both arms closely clasped onto me. Without paying any heed to the toothpaste, her small tongue warmly entwined with mine.

My spear passed through Meng QingQing’s underwear, pressing it to the softest and most delicate spot on her body… wait, the F***! Something is wrong. Why does it feel so different?

I felt strange and tried to pierce with my spear twice, making Meng QingQing moan tenderly as her breathing turned heavy. Sanitary napkins! These words crossed my mind. What the f*** is happening?

“Don’t do it! You are making me feel so uncomfortable……” Meng QingQing was able to get away from my mouth when I was stunned. After that, she said somewhat guiltily, “When I went to take a bath just now, I remembered that my periods……”

Now, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Unexpectedly, that’s what was happening! Doesn’t that mean that old fogey Meng Chuan didn’t even clearly investigate his daughter’s physiological time? Really trying to kill me!