VPAATP V4 Chapter 64

Tossing Around To Death

Meng QingQing and I had had sex one time, so she had some understanding between the matters of men and women now. Now that she felt a hard thing on top of her little belly, Meng QingQing was stunned and unconciously grabbed it with her hand. Meng QingQing wasn’t a fool and knew what it was was, so she took back her hand and tenderly scolded, “You wolf!”

I was helpless in the matter. Wasn’t it all her father trying to harm me!

“Alright, Liu Lei,” Meng QingQing thought that I was disappointed, so she comforted me, “Just a few more days… Well, only three days okay. After three days, I will give you a really good time?”

“But, I am now……” I pointed to my buddy down there and said, “QingQing, I can’t wait. If I don’t do something, I am going to die from the burning inside!”

“How could it be so serious? Liu Lei, don’t lie to me! You think I am an ignorant girl. I was also ready to take you in me just now, but now that it happened……” Meng QingQing rolled her eyes on me, but then she suddenly realized her words were too suggestive and her face immediately turned red and hot.

“It’s different now, I……I was given some sort of medicine by your father!” I was at the point of no return now. Dear father-in-law, you can’t blame me for having sold you out now!

“Ah?” Meng QingQing was stunned as she said, “He gave you medicine? What medicine?”

“I don’t know. After I finished the cup of water he gave me, I started to feel hot as my body started to burn and it also turned rock-hard……” I said as I rubbed my spear against Meng QingQing’s lower body. Didn’t I just get played by the father and daughter?

“Ah! How could my dad do something like this?” Meng QingQing recalled the strange expression her father had before when he was being so diligent. There was no longer any doubt in her heart.

However, it wasn’t the time for her to get angry. Meng QingQing had read the description of aphrodisiacs in novels before and knew that people who were affected by it would feel their body burn with lust and must have sexual intercourse in order to detoxify the poison.

She didn’t know what kind of aphrodisiac her father used, so she was worried about me. She hesitated a bit, clenched her teeth and said to me, “Liu Lei, if you don’t think I am dirty, then I can wash it with hot water and you can do it with me……”

I pulled her back and said to her, “Silly thing, what are you doing? These days are when a woman is at her frailest every month. There is a high chance of getting a bacterial infection down there! How can I injure you just to relieve myself!”

“But you……” Although Meng QingQing was worried, her heart was filled with happiness as I was still caring for her even in such a situation! Ever since that night, whenever the two of us met, Meng QingQing realized that she had my shadow engraved in her heart.

However, Meng QingQing always thought that the only reason I was accepting her was that I had to take responsibility for accidentally raping her. But now that she heard my words, she knew that I really loved and cared about her, so how could she be upset any more?

But just when she became happy, she again got worried about me, “Liu Lei, what are we going to do then? Right! Since it’s the medicine my father gave to you, so I will go and find him to give you a solution for it!” Meng QingQing said as she no longer gave a damn about her appearance and was about to rush out of the room.

“Come back!” I hastily held her back. I didn’t want her and Meng Chuan to have any crack in their relationship. This kind of matter wasn’t to be spoken out to anyone. If it was said, then it might cause a gap between the father and daughter.

“What are you doing? How could you still laugh! I am in a hurry!” Meng QingQing was already crying.

“In fact, there are some other ways. We don’t need to do an actual battle, but we will still be able to solve the issue!” I laughed and showed a bad smile.

“What do you want me to do? You say what you want and I will do anything for you!” As Meng QingQing heard there were other ways to solve this, she immediately stood on the spot obediently, waiting for me to order her. She didn’t want to ask her father for the solution anymore!

I grabbed Meng QingQing’s little hand and slowly placed it on my erected c*ck down there. Meng QingQing’s hand grabbed and stroked it, making me moan in pleasure. Her white skin had turned red with shame, but she didn’t avoid it and put her hand inside my underwear, holding my d**k as I instructed her!

I quickly took off my underwear. Although Meng QingQing had already seen me naked before, she was still a bit shy at this moment. When she saw the scary giant on my lower body, standing proud and erect, she couldn’t help but close her eyes. But she only closed her eyes for a moment. Meng QingQing was afraid that I might get angry, so she quickly opened her eyes.

I took Meng QingQing’s hand and let her gently hold my c*ck, slowly moving back and forth. After guiding her twice, I let go of her hand.

Meng QingQing was a clever girl and immediately guessed my intentions. Although it was her first time doing something like this, she learned quite fast, “Is this feeling good?” Meng QingQing asked with some fear as she thought her actions might not be pleasing to me.

“Anh… Really Good……” I nodded as my hands unconsciously climbed onto Meng QingQing’s proud chest. Meng QingQing’s b**bs completely fit in my hands as I played with her. Although Meng QingQing’s chest wasn’t too big, her t*ts were very soft and elastic. As I was fondling her, an evil thought welled up in my heart, but I gave up as I was afraid Meng QingQing might not be able to accept it for a while.

Gradually, Meng QingQing started to get more proficient in her stroking and pleasuring. Women seem to be naturally good in these matters. They don’t need to be taught; they can automatically understand the mystery and let their man obtain the greatest pleasure.

Meng QingQing seemed to have felt the change in me, and the strength and speed at which she pleasured me also started to increase. As my body trembled, my c*ck throbbed and erupted, spurting the gooey stuff everywhere.

I gently kissed Meng QingQing’s cheek while still grabbing her t*ts, “QingQing, I love you!”

“I hate it, my hands are so gooey!” Meng QingQing tried to get rid of the milk-white liquid from her hand and said in astonishment, “Hey, why is it still so hard?”

I also noticed that my c*ck was still in heat as it pulsated. I smiled in my heart as I thought this Meng Chuan’s aphrodisiac was too fierce, wasn’t it? Did he really want me to empty my golden gun tonight!

“Who knows just what kind of medicine your father made me drink!” I said helplessly.

“Then… I will help you again?” Meng QingQing asked.

“Should we change the method this time?” I asked tentatively.

“What method?” Meng QingQing asked.

“Pleasure it here!” I said as I pinched Meng QingQing’s little chest. “Go die, you really are a satire!” Meng QingQing said angrily.

Yesterday night, Meng QingQing and I basically didn’t get any sleep. I enjoyed it the most, while Meng QingQing was the most tired. I started to change the positions. From her hand to her chest, and from her chest to her mouth. When her mouth would go numb, I would again use her chest. Relieving my load on her, making her really exhausted.

Since both Meng QingQing and I were people who practiced Martial Arts, there wasn’t any issue even if we went a night without any sleep. We were still very active the next day.

When both of us arrived at the dining table, we could see Meng Chuan looking towards Meng QingQing’s belly from far away. I finally understood what this old fogey wanted. Indeed, it was all so he could hug his grandchild as soon as possible. He almost had me tossing around to death!