VPAATP V4 Chapter 65

You Will Regret It Otherwise

As Meng QingQing saw her father’s vision, her face turned red. In her heart she said: It’s useless no matter how much you looked at my belly. You didn’t do anything well. There isn’t going to be a child in the belly, but I did swallow a lot of ingredients needed for a baby!

“My dear son-in-law, the weather is really good today!” Meng Chuan’s face was glowing with health as he greeted me.

“Yeah, the clouds are covering the sky and the weather is really good as well!” Meng QingQing looked at the cloudy sky outside and said ill-humouredly.

“Ah, yes, yes,” Meng Chuan was a little embarrassed, “Come, let’s have breakfast. Your grandfathers have already finished their breakfast and are now practicing martial arts in the practice room.”

After a night of naked skinship, Meng QingQing and I had gotten even closer than before. After being so intimate, the tacit understanding between us had also gradually increased. Meng QingQing would now often smile as she looked at me and my actions in taking petty advantages from her are now much easier as well. Not only did Meng QingQing not feel repugnant, she was instead enjoying it.

Looking at the happy appearance of Meng QingQing, Meng Chuan whispered to me, “Virtuous son-in-law, how was it? You must have been bursting with energy last night?”

“Yeah, I almost ended up exhausting your daughter to death!” I said without any expression.

“Hehe, this kind of matter isn’t enough to exhaust someone to death,” Meng Chuan apparently misunderstood my words.

I was too lazy to explain, and this kind of affair should only remain between husband and wife. Even if the other person asking was your father-in-law, you must never say anything.

After the meal, Meng QingQing and I could finally not stand the strange look Meng Chuan had on his face, so we went to the training room to say goodbye to Liu Zhenhai and Meng Rusong. We used the excuse that we must go to University tomorrow and left Meng QingQing’s family residence.

Meng QingQing took out her Ferrari and took me back to B City.

“When will you bring me to see the several elder sisters?” Meng QingQing had decided to be with me from now on, so this issue was something she must face.

“Whenever you feel like going,” I said with a smile.

“Liu Lei…… I am afraid. It will be alright when you are accompanying me, but when you aren’t around……” Meng QingQing was somewhat reluctant and afraid as she said, “I fear they will join forces and bully me……”

“Hehe, how could that be. Your elder sisters are really good women. Moreover, you and I are now together under the matchmaking of my second grandfather, who will dare say anything against his decision!” I patted Meng QingQing’s thigh as I said.

“Don’t move heedlessly. I am still driving. You want to get into an accident and die?” Meng QingQing rolled her eyes at me.

“We won’t die so easily. I, your husband, am the greatest Martial Arts master in the world. I will grab you and jump off!” Saying this, I had the thoughts of Su Yingzi as I fell in a daze.

Suddenly, Meng QingQing’s complexion changed. Before I could ask her what happened, an Audi TT took over from behind us at a crazy speed and then started to drive along with the Ferrari.

“QingQing, how come you returned home and didn’t let me know. I could have accompanied you,” A young fellow with a thorny hairstyle stretched his head out of the Audi and said.

“Zhang Ming, this is the highway. Have you gone mad that you are driving so dangerously,” Meng QingQing said unemotionally.

“Well, it’s no big deal. Who’s that brat sitting beside you? Why haven’t I seen him before!” Zhang Ming suddenly discovered that Meng QingQing wasn’t alone in the car.

“I don’t need to tell you who he is, do I?” Meng QingQing coldly replied. It was obvious she didn’t want to have anything to do with this person.

Zhang Ming looked at me and then turned his head away without saying anything. Who knows what he might be thinking.

“Who is he?” I asked Meng QingQing.

“An annoying bug,” Meng QingQing said indifferently, “He’s the young master of one of the Clear Dream Company’s partners.”

“It seems my wife’s charm isn’t small!” I said as I pinched Meng QingQing’s cheek with a smile.

My intimate actions with Meng QingQing completely fell into Zhang Ming’s vision. Zhang Ming clenched his teeth, stepped on the accelerator… steering the steering wheel with all his might, he smashed his foot on the break as soon as his car was before ours.

Meng QingQing anxiously turned the car to the side, preventing it from almost collapsing into the Audi.

“What the hell are you doing! You want to court death!” Meng QingQing jumped out of her car and said breathlessly. She was in her tyrannosaurus mode at this time.

“You tell me first who this handsome brat with you is!” Zhang Ming pointed towards me and asked.

I also got out at this time. Smiling faintly, I said to Zhang Ming, “She is my fiancee. I don’t know who might you be and what you want from us?”

“Fiancee?” Zhang Ming’s eyes were filled with envy as he said in a heavy voice, “QingQing, since when have you known him? Why haven’t I heard anything about this matter?”

“Why do I have to report to you since when I knew him? What do you have to do with me?”Meng QingQing said.

“I am the one most clear about what’s in your heart! You and I are a match made in Heaven, while this brat… He doesn’t even have a car!” Zhang Ming said.

“I will have to trouble you to move your car out of the path as we must hurry and go back to B City. We don’t have the time to be pestered by you,” Meng QingQing didn’t want to keep on wasting time with him, so she got into the car. She wanted to get her car away, but the car was in an inclined position because of the unexpected braking before and there was a guard rail behind, so it was not possible to get out.

“Humph, unless you explain everything to me, you can forget about getting your car out of here!” Saying that, Zhang Ming also took the keys from the car, shook them before Meng QingQing and then put them into his pocket.

“You better do as my wife told you to, otherwise, you are going to regret it,” I said as I looked towards Zhang Ming.

“Regret? From my birth to this day, I, Zhang Ming, have never known what regret it!” Zhang Ming said rampantly. {TL Note: You will, you will know and feel regret.}

I shook my head. People who acted like this wouldn’t live freely too long. I pulled out my phone, dialed a number and said my general location.

“Did you just report to the police? Haha, even if they came, they will only give a warning. I don’t give a damn about that and will not take my car away!” Zhang Ming thought that I reported to the police, so he said disdainfully.

“You don’t need to drive away,” I said that and stood there calmly. Warning? Dream on. In a moment, I will make you cry.

It had only been around 10 minutes when a heavy trailer rushed and towed Zhang Ming’s car to a side rashly. Under the dumbfounded gaze of Zhang Ming, the trailer knocked his Audi off the cliff and then swaggered away. The entire process was so smooth as if they had rehearsed it all beforehand. It took no more than 10 minutes for everything to be done.

“You…… You screwed my car!” Zhang Ming yelled.

“Which one of your eyes saw me ever do anything to your car?” I asked with a smile. The trailer was indeed called by me. The brats at the Three Rock Gang were quite well-versed in handling this sort of stuff.

“Good, you are good. Meng QingQing, you cursed *itch! The contract between our Zhang Yang Internet Cafe and your company is now void! There’s no longer a need for you to supply for the new cafe chain. There are many Shuguang computer distributors. We can go with them. It’s only because I had a liking for you that I let my father make a deal with you!” Zhang Ming pointed and shouted towards Meng QingQing.

“Go ahead,” Meng QingQing had no problem even if a customer like this was lost. Although the Zhang Yang Internet Cafe was the largest chain of Internet cafes in the country. If she did business with them, the benefits brought to the Clear Dream Company in the future could be imagined. But Meng QingQing wasn’t willing to do this business where she had to deal with someone like him.