VPAATP V4 Chapter 66

Stop Cooperating

“Don’t regret it when the time comes. Heh, our Zhang Yang Internet Cafe is preparing to open 12 more chain stores this years. We had thought of purchasing 6000 computers from you!” Zhang Ming said happily, “If you apologize to me now and become my girlfriend, I will let this matter go into the past!”

“Dream on!” Meng QingQing snorted and got into the car. I looked at this Zhang Ming. This fellow seemed to be incurable. Zhang Yang Internet Cafe? It seems your business is soon going to end.

After we left, Zhang Ming pulled out his telephone and dialed a number, “Father, Meng QingQing that *itch pushed my car down a cliff!”

“What? What did you say? Did she push your car down the cliff? Since when did she get so much strength?” Zhang Yang asked strangely.

“It’s the b*st*rd that was with her. I don’t care! In simple words, you tell the purchasing department to terminate all contracts with her Clear Dream Company. Oh, right! We can work with the New World Group. They are the provincial level business agent of Shuguang Corporation, so they will also give us better prices!” In his heart, Zhang Ming was thinking: Meng QingQing, you are going to regret. The several million order I was going to give you is now gone!

“Right, a couple of days ago, their manager contacted me and offered really good and preferential treatment and benefits. Much better than what the Clear Dream Company could do! I will contact them in a while! Right, do you need me to find someone to teach a lesson to this woman?” Zhang Yang said.

“You don’t need to deal with her, I will do it myself!” Zhang Ming was boiling in resentment as he thought.


“Uncle Zhao, in a while send a circular to all our business agents forbidding them from doing any business with Zhang Yang Internet Cafe Group. If anyone violated the command, immediately deprive them of all their business qualifications,” I calmly said on the phone.

Humph, I will see how your Internet cafe is going to remain open now! Nowadays, all the Internet cafes in the industry used Shuguang Corporation’s machines because not only were Shuguang machine’s much higher end, the compatibility was also really great. If any internet cafe used some other companies machines, then they will certainly not have so many customers. Customers weren’t fools. No one would be willing to spend money on something lower-quality!

“Who did you call just now?” Meng QingQing asked.

“A friend,” I replied.

“Uncle Zhao? Is that the CEO of Shuguang Corporation, Zhao Junsheng?” Meng QingQing immediately inferred from my words.

“Yeah, right. You are really intelligent,” I had no plan of hiding the truth from Meng QingQing.

“How do you know him?” Meng QingQing felt somewhat strange. She thought I was a really mystical person hiding a lot of secrets from me.

“Hehe, that’s because he is Zhao YanYan’s father,” I said with a smile.

“Zhao YanYan? I have heard her name… She’s the head of our University’s school flowers. One of your girlfriends,” Meng QingQing said sourly. Her expression was even worse when she said the word “one”.

“What’s wrong, are you jealous?” I looked at Meng QingQing’s appearance and knew what she might be thinking.

“Even if I want to be jealous there is nothing to be jealous! But I think it’s really strange. It seems that ever one of your girlfriends has an unusual and major background. How can they all fall in love with you at the same time? Were they really willing to share their love with other women?” Meng QingQing asked puzzledly, “Do their parents agree to this?”

“Before you ask all these questions, you should first think about yourself and you will get the answer. Did your father not agree?” I smiled, “Moreover, it’s a bit too much to say they approve. What else can they do other than that, be angry?”

“I hate you. Can’t you say something serious!” Meng QingQing said, “My dad is different. He knows you are Liu Zhenhai’s grandson, that’s why he agreed. But as far as I know, Liu Zhenhai himself only recently found out that you are his grandson? Don’t tell me Zhao YanYan loves you because of that!”

I slowly shook my head. The matter between me and Zhao YanYan couldn’t be explained in simple words. Moreover, the relationship I had with Zhao YanYan was absolutely pure. There were no impurities in our relationship.

“Don’t have such complicated thoughts. Are you with me because of my family background? Before this incident, did you even know who I was?” I sighed.

“That’s true! But now the problem is solved, so no need to worry! Right, since you are Liu Zhenhai’s grandson and also Liu Yue’s fiance, why do you still work for the New Century Group?” Meng QingQing had some doubts, “Is the Liu Family’s industry not enough for you to handle?”

The Liu Family’s industry. To be honest, it was really not enough for me to handle. However, one day, I will stand on stage in the limelight. It will be the time when my status is publicized to the world completely, but it wasn’t yet the time for that.

“If I said that the New Century Group was also mine, would you believe that?” Since Meng QingQing was already my woman now, there was no need to hide something so inconsequential from her.

“Your?” Meng QingQing was stunned, but she suddenly had enlightenment dawn on her, “No wonder. It turned out to be like this. I was wondering that when I went to steal stuff from their last time, Chu Gao really cared about your opinion!”

“Actually, I still have another identity. But I will tell you about that when the time is appropriate!” I said with a nod.


Zhang Yang put down the phone as he had an inexplicable expression and bewilderment. Just a couple of days ago, the New World Group contacted him and wanted to discuss being his company’s supplier. Yet today, they actually reneged on their words and smashed him with a bunch of inexplicable excuses to dodge the matter. In brief, the cooperation had been canceled.

“Motherf***er, I don’t believe people will have to eat a living pig just because they couldn’t find a butcher!” Zhang Yang held a phonebook and dialed another suppliers number. He had not thought that others had already heard everything about his Zhang Yang Internet Cafe fame, but still found a casual excuse to reject him. Moreover, they directly hung up the phone on him.

Zhang Yang was bewildered. So long as he just said the name of Zhang Yang Internet Cafe before, which supplier wouldn’t rush to cooperate with him? But now, every one of them was trying to evade him like a plague!

Zhang Yang had thought about the reason for half a day and finally decided to contact his son Zhang Ming in the office.

“Zhang Ming, tell me about the matter from yesterday in detail!” Zhang Yang thought that there couldn’t be coincidences of such a level in this world. They just had a falling out with the Clear Dream Company yesterday, and today all the suppliers boycotted them. If he still couldn’t understand there was a connection between the two matters, he would be damned for being an idiot!

Zhang Ming still hadn’t known that their Zhang Yang Internet Cafe had been boycotted by everyone in the market, so he replied completely indifferently, “Father, it’s Meng QingQing, that little sl*t. I noticed that there was a man in her car, so my heart wasn’t feeling too well, so I stopped the car in front of their’s to block the way! Finally, can you guess what that b*st*rd guy said?”

“He said he was Meng QingQing’s fiance! F***! Our company had been cooperating with her Clear Dream Company for such a long time and even gave her so much business, but what did she do with us?”

“I had a liking for her, so I cooperated with her instead of others. But this little wh*re, she couldn’t understand this father’s grace and even looked for a fiance!”

“If this wasn’t enough to smash my face, that guy also threatened me, that motherf***er! I say… now that we have canceled all cooperation with Clear Dream Company, we should find that man’s details and teach him a good lesson for threatening me! That b*st*rd certainly doesn’t want to live anymore!”