VPAATP V4 Chapter 7

Storm In The City Management

“88888 Benz?!” The eyeglasses had a scare! Could the person before him be the legendary figure from the Three Rock Gang!

The glasses and the other uniformed men were shocked as cold sweat flowed down their backs. They knew what the Three Rock Gang was, and they also knew the car belonged to Three Rock gang. The rejoiced for not being foolish and going too far. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even know how they died!

“Big Brother, was your car truly towed away…” The eyeglasses said and looked at my complexion. As he didn’t see any dissatisfaction or anger on my face, he continued by saying, “Big Brother, our team certainly didn’t tow your car. We are two teams, so it must have been the other team that towed it……”

“Alright, I understand! You can leave now.” I just wanted to know where my car went. Since I already know now, there wasn’t a need to worry. But getting the car back from the City Management won’t be easy.

The glasses thanked for letting them go, and all of them immediately jumped onto their broken vehicle and rushed away. They felt lucky I was so easy to talk to! Even after they had left the streets, the glasses still had a lingering admiration in him, “The Chief is Chief indeed. Such grace, such demeanor! If we could become his subordinates, then even we had our car crashed, it would be worth it!”

The lead guy also felt they were lucky. They just offended that great man’s woman, but he didn’t retaliate against them. What could be more fortunate than this!

Knowing the car’s whereabouts, I immediately called Ding Baosan and had him call back all his subordinates who were all over the city, and told him to send a few people over to the City Management to bring my car back.

Zhang Yong’s mind was turning upside down as he contacted a friend after friend, looking for a single person who could talk to the Three Rock Gang, or maybe someone his friends knew about. At this moment, the office gate was pushed open as the head of the City Management Brigade, Li Mai, came in, leading a youth dressed in western clothes.

The young man wasn’t unfamiliar to Zhang Yong. He was a famous celebrity always in newspapers, TV, and magazines. He was the private business entrepreneur Ding Baosan. Of course, his behind-the-scenes identity was a big boss of Three Rock Gang.

“Old Zhang, let me introduce you. This is Chief Ding of Three Rock Entertainment LLC……” Li Mai said.

Zhang Yong nodded towards his boss, and then walked forward to shake hands with Ding Baosan with his face overflowing with reverence and awe, “Hello, Chief Ding! It’s a fortune to meet you! It’s a fortune to meet you!”

“Captain Zhang? I would have to trouble you for a little matter. Our Chief’s car had been towed by your people; I am here to bring it back. Of course, I will pay the fine. Just say how much the fine is, I will pay for it, it’s not a big deal!” There wasn’t a need for Ding Baosan to come here personally. He could have sent any subordinate and the matter would have been solved. But Ding Baosan felt than handling this matter was of utmost glory, and as my subordinate, how could he let someone else take away all his glory?

It was said that Ding Baosan was a small thug in the food market. Later, after being subdued by Guo Qing and working for him, his social status kept on rising higher and higher. Now, Ding Baosan felt that working for Guo Qing was the wisest choice he had made.

Some people might ask why you would become someone else’s subordinates when you were already the Boss of the food market, how was it a wise decision? However, Ding Baosan was very clear. If he remained the Boss of the food market, it was possible he would already be dead by now. But now, even though he was a subordinate, he was a great and flamboyant subordinate. Only a fool wouldn’t want that!

Therefore, the more Ding Baosan lived, the more he felt his life had a meaning. Today, everything he had was given to him by his Boss. He became a specialized full-time white-collar and obtained honor by working for the Boss. But working for the Chief now, was a matter of immense Glory!

Zhang Yong didn’t dare to conceal anything. He knew even if he concealed, the truth would still come to light sooner or later, so he might as well confess everything and strive for a bit less pain.

“Mr. Ding, I apologize! My subordinates just joined recently and don’t understand some matters, they are innocent! Your car’s rear had some paint fall off it, so I already sent them to get it painted……” Zhang Yong said with his head lowered.

“Rear paint fell off?!” Though Ding Baosan’s temper was pretty good now, it was impossible for him to let someone provoke the dignity of Three Rock Gang. The paint of a Mercedes Benz falling off was an insignificant matter, but the issue was, this car belonged to their Chief! It wasn’t some random Mercedes Benz! Ding Baosan’s expression sunk as he looked into Zhang Yong’s eyes, “How did it happen?”

“It was probably when they placed the car on the trailer, they weren’t careful……” Zhang Yong answered.

Ding Baosan thought he must inform the Chief regarding this matter, so he immediately dialed my number and called me.

When I heard that they had sent the car over for paint, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. It was too funny! The back of my car indeed had paint falling off of it, but it was certainly not their mistake, it was already like that! I hadn’t driven a car for some time, so when I drove it out this time, I accidentally shoved it into the flower bed in our yard, making the paint fall off! I had already wanted to go and get it painted after a few days. Who would have thought the car would be robbed first!

As I told about this matter to Ding Baosan, Ding Baosan couldn’t help but laugh in his heart. There was no change in his expression though. Hanging up the telephone, he said to Zhang Yong, “Our Boss said to let the matter be and talk about the fine first. Once the car is back from the paint spraying service, let us know how much it costs!”

Zhang Yong looked towards his Boss, Li Mai, and saw him shaking his head, so Zhang Yong quickly said, “There is no need for fine. It was our fault for not handling the car well, so how can we ask you to pay for our mistakes!”

“It won’t be so good, right?” Ding Baosan glanced towards Li Mai stading nearby.

“It’s nothing. Zhang Yong will put the money for the car repair on my account!” Li Mai said.

“Good! Young man, you have a promising future!” After calling me and finding out the car paint wasn’t ruined by them and seeing I was happy, Ding Baosan was also very happy. So, he thoughtlessly patted Zhang Yong’s shoulder and praised him like an elder.

Imagining the scene of a young man less than 20 patting the shoulder of an old man above forty and saying to him: Good! Young man, you have a promising future! Just what kind of funny scene it would be!

However, Zhang Yong didn’t think it was funny at all. Not just any random person could earn praise from Ding Baosan! Zhang Yong felt extremely flattered as he nodded his head, “Thank you for your praise, Boss Ding!”

Li Mai didn’t know why Ding Baosan suddenly praised Zhang Yong, so he reckoned Ding Baosan must consider him to be a promising person. Li Mai thought if he should promote Zhang Yong!

The Deputy Chief of the City Management Brigade had retired at the beginning of this year, so that position was empty. In terms of qualification, Zhang Yong and Wang Danian, the captain of the other team are both old hats in the City Management, and their ages were also similar, so both had enough qualifications.

If he promoted one, the other won’t be convinced. This made the situation very awkward for Li Mai. However, because of the matter of promotion, Zhang Yong, and Wang Danian had been like water and fire over the year. Both teams had been playing tricks and schemes, trying to frame each other for many matters including the stolen goods from the plant. Their mutual blaming had been getting more and more exaggerated recently. And today’s matter was also the other guy trying to frame Zhang Yong!