VPAATP V4 Chapter 72

Want To Try

“There are many friends of the Wang Family and some new friends as well, but that’s not the issue. But from the moment you all leave this place, we will no longer be friends!” Wang Weihan spoke till here and everyone present relaxed. Since he said that, then he will certainly not kill them. They weren’t worried that they won’t have the opportunity for revenge!

However, Wang Weihan’s following words made everyone’s heart fall into an icy cavern, “Of course, your lives can be forgiven, but there must be a price in exchange for your life! In these years, the Wang Family had been living outside the city regardless of how much the world advanced. But you had been desperately making money. Our family is really envious of you! As a family, your wealth has been rapidly growing, while our family has to spend more and more just on normal expenses. We have been going in a deficit continuously. So I thought, what use would be having Martial Arts be? However, having this Martial Arts Competition is really our lucky time. It made me feel that we haven’t wasted our time all these years learning martial arts. At least, we have you now!”

“Humph, speaking so much bullshit for no reason. I understand the meaning behind your words. It’s all about asking for money. You could have said that in a few words!” The one who spoke was Situ Danshan. As the capital of China, B City had a much rapid and higher economic development compared to other places, therefore, the Situ Family had also made a lot as they were one of the middle-ranked Aristocratic Family. Their nature was that of filthy rich people.

“Haha, you are worthy of being my old friend, you have made my mood refreshed!” Wang Weihan said with a smile, “Just like what Brother Situ said! Now, what did you all understand?”

Although the other families weren’t as rich as the Situ Family, now that they heard Wang Weihan wanted some wealth, they obviously had no opposition.

“I have a blank check on me here. It has a maximum limit of 100 million. If you want, you can take it all!” Situ Danshan said coolly.

100 million! Although the people of the other families could also put out this much, who would be as cool as Situ Danshan when doing so? They hadn’t thought that the Situ Family was so rich!

“100 million? Am I begging for food here?” Wang Weihan sneered as he listened.

As soon as the people heard Wang Weihan’s words, they couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. 100 million was just money begged for food! It must be known that the capital many aristocratic families had in their business was only a few hundred million!

“How much do you want?” Situ Danshan was filthy rich, so he wasn’t frightened by Wang Wenhai’s words.

“How much do I want? How much can you give?” Wang Wenhai asked.

“As long as it isn’t too outrageous, I can satisfy you!” Situ Danshan said calmly.

“It is no longer in your control! You seem to not understand whose hand your life is in!” Wang Weihan shook his head and said to Wang Jinlong, “Little Long, prepare to let the heads of the various families see what we have ready for them.”

“Understood, grandpa!” Don’t know where he got it from, but Wang Jinlong took out a paper bag. With a smile, he walked down the podium and took out several documents from the bag, handing them over to the several families.

Situ Danshan didn’t feel anything before, but after he saw the content of the documents, cold sweat started trickling down his body. The document was extremely detailed. At the top, there were all of Situ Family industries, including the secret ones written on it. Even the gray income was written clearly! And behind the document was a property transfer book, which was actually an agreement to transfer everything to the Wang Family!

The others were having the same thoughts as Situ Danshan. They were shocked to the core. It seems that the Wang Family had done a lot of work beforehand and their family industry was as good as gone now!

“Wang Weihan, your appetite is too big! Do you want to swallow us all in a single bite? Can you even digest so much?” Situ Danshan said coldly.

“Don’t worry about whether I can digest or not, worry about whether you are going to give it to me or nor?” Wang Weihan asked.

“Haha, I never expected you to be such a mentally handicapped old codger! Do you think my grandfather will sign this shitty statement of yours? Do you think you will take our family business? After we go out, I can tell you that we are going to file a case of prosecution! These signs and this contract will just be waste paper at that time!” Situ Liang laughed like a fool.

Everyone else present there was glaring at Situ Liang with anger. You were the f***ing handicapped. You think something you could think of, we couldn’t? He couldn’t? If you say all this bullshit, who knows, he may get angry and decide to kill us all at ones!

“Good, very clever!” Wang Weihan actually laughed and clapped his hand as he said, “You said well, but I have already prevented that as well. Little Long, get the attorney!”

The people were immediately discouraged. With a lawyer present, if they signed a contract, it will naturally have more legal effects. Even if they went out and filed a dispute, were the Wang Family any random harry, d**k, or tom? Who would dare take the dispute against such a big family?

“What can an attorney do? Humph! Our Situ Family has immense power outside! When we go out, I will see how you are gonna eat the fruit of our labor!” Situ Liang pointed towards Wang Weihan and started to yell.

“Little brother, shut the f*** up…” Situ Kong didn’t want their troubles to increase anymore, so he hurriedly signaled his brother with his eyes. Everyone knew those words, but who would say it to get into trouble.

“Humph, Big brother, I have endured this for many years now. Our Situ family had been under you, but what happened? What good have you ever done? I have finally obtained the opportunity to raise my head high and you are actually yelling at me to stop? Are you out of your mind? I will say what I want!” Situ Liang yelled.

“Ah!” Situ Kong helplessly shook his head. He couldn’t understand how his brother could be so useless.

“Haha, good, raise your head hight! You said well!” Wang Jinlong sneered as he stood before Situ Liang and said, “You are very flamboyant, uh! You think you are terrific, you b***h?”

“Humph, I will let you know that you better think twice. Our Situ family isn’t one just anyone can offend!” Situ Liang continued to speak, “Do you know the Daxing Gang from B City? That belongs to our Situ Family! If you dare do anything to us, all those gangsters will f*** you up. You will be wanted by those tens of thousands of subordinates!”

In fact, the Daxing Gang had been already beaten black and blue in the anti-drug operation. Now, it was just a small gang with no influence, but Situ Liang still wanted to scare Wang Jinlong.

“Oh, what did you say? Daxing gang will help you? It may be because we have been in seclusion for too long, but I have never heard of anything like that. I did hear about a Three Rock Gang that is quite active around here recently though. Does it have anything to do with you?” Wang Jinlong patted his head, pretending to be in meditation.

“Three Rock Gang can do s**t!” Situ Liang said with disdain.

“Oh, it seems like you have nothing to do with the Three Rock Gang then. If you had said that you had some relationship with them, I might not have dared move against you, but since you say you have nothing to do with them, then there’s nothing for me to hold back!” As he was saying that, a cold bright dagger appeared in Wang Jinlong’s hand.

“You…… What are you trying to do?” As Situ Liang saw the dagger appear out of nowhere, he was scared.

“Oh, nothing much. I just heard the words: A blade goes in white, comes out red! I couldn’t understand the meaning so I wanted to try it!” Wang Jinlong said with a nefarious smile.

“You…… Don’t come near…… You dare to attack me, I……” A lung-tearing pig-slaughtering yell transmitted from Situ Liang’s mouth. Situ Liang wanted to struggle, but both his hands were held down by the men in black.

“Oh, it’s really fun!” Wang Jinlong said as he pulled out the dagger. A blood fountain gushed out of Situ Liang’s abdomen, followed by a pitiful scream.

Before anyone could react, Wang Jinlong again stabbed the dagger into his body, repeating it more than 10 times. Situ Liang twitched and fell on the ground as his body went soft.

“Little brother!” Situ Liang’s eyes emitted an ominous glare. Although he knew that his little brother had some hostility against him, but that was all family contradiction. Now that his brother had been killed before outsiders so ruthlessly, the Situ Family would never let this pass!

“Li’l Liang!” Situ Danshan cried and then yelled towards Wang Jinlong, “Don’t hurt my family anymore; I will sign it and that’s it!” He knew that Situ Liang was no more, just looking at his injury was enough. He now hoped that the same wouldn’t happen to Situ Kong.

“It’s still so early and I already got my clothes dirty with blood! I must change my clothes in a while!” Wang Jinlong said as he appeared like he hadn’t killed anyone at all.