VPAATP V4 Chapter 74

Entering The Show And Stealing The Limelight

None of them understood what that Death Valley entailed to. Even Liu Zhenhai who had been in Songjiang for decades had never heard of that place.

They were even more curious now, so they took up the torch and again arrived before the skeleton, wanting to see if there was any clue. As a result, they ended up finding some words on the wall.

The text was written in traditional Chinese character. Perhaps, due to being rushed for not having enough time, some words weren’t written well. However, after the analysis by the several of them, they were able to understand what it said. The text was: I got a mysterious map from a man in my early days. According to him, there were countless treasures hidden inside. I finally found a steed and arrived at the Death Valley, but because the valley was too dangerous, I was seriously injured. Using all my might, I arrived at this cave to rest. But my injuries are getting heavier and heavier as more time passes, so I will leave this message for anyone who might arrive. {TL Note: No actual clue.}

All of them were curious about the Death Valley, so early the next morning, they came to the valley pointed out by the map. At first glance, they canceled the thought of going down to take a look. The valley appeared to be bottomless and the area was filled with fog all over, making it difficult to see anything. Although the map described the situation at the bottom of the valley, the main issue was how one was supposed to go down! If they rushed down rashly, that would be equal to committing suicide. Although they were interested in treasures and wealth, they weren’t short of money, so they kept the matter a secret. Each of them took a copy of the map as a memento, leaving it for 10 years. If they had the opportunity, they would have visited the place again.

That matter happened a decade ago and a decade passed like a flash. None of them had expected that the matter would be mentioned by Wang Weihan today.

“That sheepskin is at our homes. Why would anyone bring something like that out with them?” Situ Danshan looked towards Wang Weihan and didn’t understand why this old fogey would want the sheepskin. Not like it had any use.

“Old fogy, it seems you aren’t very honest; want me to kill your other grandson as well? When we investigated everything, we also got all the news regarding this matter. You all had decided to visit that mountain valley after 10 years, so do you think I will believe you didn’t bring the sheepskin with you!” Wang Jinlong said as he swayed the dagger in front of Situ Kong.

Although the relationship between the several aristocratic families over the years had become rather strange, the most important thing between the people of the martial art world was faithfulness. What they agreed upon in the past, none would go against that. Although they have mutual issues and hatred, because of the prior agreement from 10 years ago, they still brought the sheepskin on their body.

Since Wang Weihan and Wang Jinlong could investigate the matter so clearly, there was nothing more to conceal. Anyways, they had already handed over all their property to the Wang Family, so what did this piece of sheepskin matter. So they brought out the sheepskin and handed that over to Wang Jinlong as well.

After Wang Jinlong collected the sheepskins, he gave them to Wang Weihan. After that, he said a few words in Wang Weihan’s ears to which Wang Weihan nodded. Delighted for getting the old man’s agreement, he walked towards me.

“Bring this woman to my room!” Wang Jinlong pointed towards Liu Yue, “Humph, if you had complied to marry me before, I would have let your Liu Family be part of our people today. Now, even if you regret, you won’t get that chance. You are just a wh*re who f***s his brother. Look how this daddy is going to play a with a sl*t like you!” Saying that he reached his hand and tried to grab Liu Yue’s chest.

Originally, if Wang Jinlong had ended the matter by taking the properties and that sheepskin, I wouldn’t have intervened. At most, I would take back the stuff of Liu and Meng Family. But now that this b*st*rd dared to actually have ideas regarding my wife; if I don’t f*** him up good, I might as well go and commit suicide in my piss.

“You are that Wang something from before, right!” I grabbed Wang Jinlong’s hand and said, “Do you want to touch my wife?”

Wang Jinlong had wanted to attack, but my words made him screw up as he replied, “Yeah!”

“Alright, I will give you the chance to touch her!” I said.

“Ah?” Wang Jinlong was confused.

“Well, I gave you the opportunity but you missed it. Now, even if you haven’t touched her, you still need to get punished by me!” As I said, I swung my fist towards Wang Jinlong’s face.

Wang Jinlong was the heir of the Wang Family and also a well-known expert there. I don’t know how good he was compared to the men in black but since the men in black could pin Liu Zhenhai down, it could be imagined that Wang Jinlong was at least better than them.

However, even though the fist I threw towards him was ordinary, Wang Jinlong was unable to dodge and got his face pounded and his cheekbone smashed.

This was how much the so-called martial arts in this world worth. I didn’t even need to use any tricks to defeat these martial arts masters.

Of course, I wasn’t going to let Wang Jinlong go like this. I raised my foot and smashed it into this b*st*rds balls. Before he even had enough time to scream from the pain, he fainted. I estimate that the Wang Family line was going to stop at this fellow. Well, it couldn’t be helped that he died so easily.

At this time, the men in black finally responded but it was all useless as the punch and kick I threw were too fast. Everything happened in less than a second.

The messy sound of gunshots and screams resounded everywhere. As the gunshots stopped, so did the screams. But the scene before them surprised everyone in the audience.

The men in black saw that their young master had been beaten like a dog and started to shoot as if from a prior agreement. But a strange matter occurred at this time. All the bullets they shot towards me turned around in midair and shot back at them. The more someone shot, the worse their deaths. This was just a small trick for me as I didn’t want to shock the people there to their deaths. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have allowed them to shoot and directly sent them in the same form as Wang Jinlong. {I don’t get why everyone references a dog. Why the f*** would someone beat a dog?}

Wang Weihan was also shocked by the changes at the scene. He never thought that just I alone would be able to reverse the situation. In the information he got from the investigations, there was no such person like me!

I leisurely walked toward the rostrum and stood behind it. Wang Weihan just looked at me and didn’t take any action as he was shocked silly. He was sure that no revolt would work against me. Any resistance would be futile and would only make him die earlier.

“Who are you?” Wang Weihan tried his best to calm his voice as he spoke, but it seemed impossible as his voice was obviously shivering.

“I? Oh, didn’t I say it clearly before? Your grandson wanted to touch my wife. Who do you think I am?” I asked with a smile.

“You… what do you want?” Although Wang Weihan knew that he wasn’t qualified to discuss terms with me, he still asked this question.

Only strength was absolute. The reason their Wang Family could make the people from the other families submit just now was all because of strength. It was because they were stronger! Wang Weihan thought he had taken a wrong turn. It was taboo to act without having investigated everything beforehand. But was it really possible for him to investigate me?