VPAATP V4 Chapter 75

Everything Stays Behind

“What I want, I don’t seem to want anything. Instead, it’s me who should be asking: What do you want?” I looked at Wang Weihan.

“Well, even if I consider that you want to help these people take back their properties as you have the strength, but you didn’t do that before. Why are you trying to stop me now, what good is in it for you?” Wang Weihan asked.

“Oh, you are really funny, actually asking this question. When was I trying to stop you? Old man, you wouldn’t be senile right? I had been overlooking everything even when your grandson killed Situ Liang, just watching the show from the side,” I laughed at his words.

“In that case, then why did you later……” Wang Weihan’s eyes flashed with hope.

“Later? Later, if that grandson of yours hadn’t tried to assault my wife, I would be disinclined to even look at that b*st*rd!” I sneered, “You could have easily left with the property that you exhorted from everyone today. Who asked your grandson to be blind and come to provoke me? What were you expecting?”

“You really did that for a woman… just a woman?” Wang Weihan couldn’t believe this. {TL Note: This Wang Weihan seems to have some issues with common sense.}

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“I don’t believe that a man with such great skill like yourself would care about a woman. With your skill and strength, what woman can’t you have?” Wang Weihan stared at me. {TL Note: This old fogey is certainly senile. Is he really telling Liu Lei that there’s no big deal in being a cuckold?}

“What’s so strange about that? Just because someone else might not care, doesn’t mean I don’t care either! Every dragon has a reverse-scale and my reverse-scale are my women. As long as you don’t f*** with me, I can ignore anything you do, but if you dare have any idea about my women, I will slaughter you!” I shook my head, “It’s no use explaining it all to you. Since ancient time, there have been heroes who loved their woman and did a lot for them. Have you not heard of heroes razing people to ground over women?”

What I said seemed very strange to the others, but Liu Zhenhai and Situ Danshan were deeply convinced as I had smashed my way into Liu Family for Chen Wei’er alone and also shook the Situ Family to their core for Yu Ting.

Wang Weihan couldn’t accept the facts before him. He never thought that what seemed like an ordinary matter of his grandson wanting to bed a girl would destroy everything! According to Wang Weihan’s thinking, bedding a woman was no big deal, it had nothing to do with the overall situation. But it was exactly this matter that made him lose everything.

“Good, very good. The one to blame is also me for indulging my grandson! The present consequences are a result of my negligence. I understand what you want! On the basis of strength, I am not your match, and I can also tell that there aren’t many people in this world who will be your match!” Wang Weihan had clearly accepted the facts in front of him as he shook his head with a forced smile.

“What do you think I am going to do with you?” I asked as I felt funny. I didn’t have any deep-seated hatred against this guy. I couldn’t just go ahead and kill him. I wasn’t that thirsty for violence.

“My grandson killed a man, he got killed for that……” As he spoke till here, the sadness in Wang Weihan’s expression couldn’t be hidden. He only had one grandson and even he died, “I think this should even the matter……”

“Wait, wait, wait. Let’s make one thing clear first, that Wang Jinlong’s death had nothing to do with the death of Situ Liang. The reason I got rid of him is that he tried to sexually harass my wife. Someone else’s death has nothing to do with me. I am not a policeman or some chivalrous guy responsible for meting out justice over someone’s death!” I interrupted Wang Weihan, “Even if that matter can be considered evened out, what about the other matters?” I looked up and saw that Liu Zhenhai and the others were still pinned down by the men in black, so I frowned and said, “You are still not going to ask your men to let them go? Want me to personally get rid of them?”

The people who had guns just died with bullets shot from their own guns. As for these people, they were the only ones Wang Weihan could depend on now as they still had hostages. He hadn’t told them to let the people go as he knew that they were the only bargaining chips he had. Wang Jinlong’s skill was the greatest when compared to all of them, so he knew that if they fought me, they will only meet their creator sooner. But Liu Zhenhai and the others were different, they were not a match for these men in black. Wang Weihan wanted to use this matter to restrict me from moving against him!

“But……” As Wang Weihan listened to my words, he hesitated a bit.

I looked at him with a sneer. Turning my head, I looked toward the man in black holding down Liu Zhenhai. I forced a trace of my spiritual energy into that man’s head. How could the brain of that man in black handle my power? Before he could make a painful expression, he fell to the ground. In fact, it was impossible for that man to have any painful expression. If there was any doctor present on the situation, they would be able to tell that the man had died due to his cognitive function stopping.

Wang Weihan was shocked. He never expected that just by me looking, the man died. I didn’t even need to shoot him with a bullet. He knew that all his efforts were akin to a fart! This was simply unheard of. He never heard of any martial art that could kill someone from a look! Suddenly, a horrifying thought appeared in his mind, “You… you are an Ability…”

In the investigation beforehand, Wang Weihan had found that the Situ Family had some special abilities, but they weren’t very strong, so he had completely ignored the matter. But now that he saw my shocking performance, Wang Weihan felt unprecedented fear well up in his heart! People always feared the unknown. If you want to kill them with a gun or knife, they might not be as afraid as when they are going to be killed by some silent and unknown method. This would obviously make them panic even more. {TL Note: To get it in a better perspective: Being shown a gun and threatened isn’t as fear-inducing as being alone in a room and hearing weird, scary sounds.}

“Why are you still not acting? Good, since you don’t want to do it, then I will do it myself!” I said lightly.

As the several men in black heard my words, their expressions turned fearful. The technique I just used to kill that other man was really too strange. However, they were trained by the Wang Family, so they had to be loyal to the Wang Family. As long as Wang Weihan didn’t command, they won’t back down either. {TL Note: At least, the lackeys are worthy of commendation.}

“Wait……” Wang Weihan also knew that it wasn’t good to let the men in black keep on doing that, so as to add some psychological comfort even though he knew there was no way he could deter me, he shook his head and waved toward the men in black, “Let them all go.”

As the men in black heard Wang Weihan’s words, they sighed with relief in their hearts and retreated to the side.

“Good, now leave behind the contracts and the sheepskin and you are free to go. But remember, don’t let me see you again!” I looked at him without a care and said, “If I saw you again, I can’t guarantee what I will do with you!”

Wang Weihan took a deep breath. Although it was hard for him to swallow today’s disgrace, he knew that even if he practiced for a lifetime, he won’t be my opponent. And today, the ability I revealed was just the tip of the iceberg. It was enough to shock Wang Weihan for a lifetime.

Wang Weihan looked low-spirited as he walked toward the entrance. He had never thought that the plan he spent 10 years on concocting would go to waste like this. It seems that the saying: “Man proposes but God disposes!” was true. Not everything in the world went according to one’s plan.