VPAATP V4 Chapter 76

Joint Press Conference

From that point on, Wang Weihan really kept his promise and lived in seclusion in a remote mountain, never appearing before people ever again. Although Wang Weihan’s grandson died and he had an irreconcilable feud with me, he was still a man with a brain. He knew that no matter what he did, it would all be futile. Therefore, he wasn’t going to ask for his own death.

I looked at the contracts in my hand while no one said anything about whether I was going to return the contracts or not. In their eyes, I was obviously more horrifying compared to Wang Weihan. Wang Weihan seized their family properties, it was nothing; they will be able to leave alive and still have a chance to earn it back in the future. But if I opened my mouth and said I wanted these things, they could already understand that there was no way for them to ever revolt against me, lest they lost their lives.

I had never thought that the professions these aristocratic families were involved in were really broad, raking money from everywhere.

I saw Liu Zhenhai signal me with his eyes again and again. I understood what he meant, he wanted me to take all this stuff for myself right now.

I smiled at him and then said to everyone at the scene, “You all sure have a lot of money, but it’s still not something that I will put in my eyes.”

Such remarks from me started an uproar. It must be known that the property of the five big aristocratic families, though it couldn’t be said to be the most in China, was still worth billions! Yet I actually claimed that I didn’t put it in my eyes! How could they not be surprised! The most surprised among them was Liu Zhenhai as he understood my “background”, so he couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t put this in my eyes!

I knew that after this incident, it would be impossible for me to keep on hiding in the dark. As long as my identity as a child of the Liu Family spreads, a lot of people will certainly notice me. Instead of being just known as this, I might as well disclose all my identities right now. I didn’t want to hide in the shadows anymore. It was time for me to take the stage. Second, I could let those blind fools who couldn’t see Mt. Tai understand my true strength, so as to save me the trouble of dealing with every random ant!

“I think everyone here will have doubts about my identity by now, but it doesn’t matter as you all will soon understand what my true identity is through the media!” I smiled and said, “Alright, I will give these contracts back to you, but I am still going to keep the sheepskin for research as I am quite curious about it. Does anyone here have any opinions about my decision?”

I looked toward the people but no one said a word against my decision, so I took the sheepskin and placed it in my pocket, then said, “I will call names from the contracts so the respective family heads can take their contract.”

“Ding Family!” I looked like a teacher pointing out his students in a class. As I called the Ding Family name, Ding Chang immediately ran over. It was really funny as he appeared to be just like a student who respectfully listened to his teacher.

Ding Chang took over the contract and said in excitement, “Great Sir, I can’t thank you enough. If you ever have a need for something from my Ding Family, I assure you we will always be present to do it for you!”

“Alright, my relationship with your family’s Ding Wenfeng is really good. There’s no need for you to do anything for me,” I said with a smile.

The head of the Ouyang family was the same as Ding Chang and said similar words. When I looked towards the contracts of the Liu and Meng Family in my hands, I smiled and said, “Second Grandfather, Grandpa Meng, you two don’t need to come here, I will directly destroy these two contracts myself. Do you have anything to say regarding this?”

“What can we say? As my granddaughter’s husband, my Meng Family is already yours!” Meng Rusong replied first.

“Hehe, I have nothing to say either. For the matter of the family, it would be better for you to take responsibility now!” Liu Zhenhai said with a smile.

I nodded and the two contracts in my hand silently turned to ash. As Situ Danshan looked, he was startled as his mouth hung open wide. Their Situ Family also had special abilities, and the ability was also related to fire, but he had not seen any flame in my hand that turned the contract into ashes. He knew that compared to my ability, their family’s ability was just a cheap circus trick.

The last contract in my hand was of the Situ Family. As it was their turn, I intentionally stopped. I could see the beads of sweat dripping down Situ Danshan’s nose and Situ Kong also looked towards me with uneasiness. After all, I and their Situ Family had a feud in the past, so if I seized the chance to attack them, Situ Danshan will have no mean to protect himself or others.

“Situ Danshan, Situ Liang once commissioned an assassin to take my life. Did you know that?” I stared at Situ Danshan and asked slowly.

“This… yeah, I knew. But I only found out after he had already done that. If I had known beforehand, I would have definitely stopped him!” Situ Danshan admitted.

“Oh, what use would that have been? You have lived so long, but don’t understand that an arrow that leaves the bow can never return.? If it wasn’t for the fact that the assassin was my subordinate, I am not sure what would have happened…” Here, I laughed, “Maybe, the people who came to assassinate me would have been slaughtered!”

As I said this, the people in the aristocratic families who had no conflict with me started to laugh. Only the Situ Family was still covered in sweat. Situ Danshan couldn’t understand what I meant by the assassin being my subordinate? Although he knew that I had some relationships with the Three Rock Gang, was there really a possibility that I had a relationship with the mercenary group in South Africa?

“I am just kidding. Mr. Situ Danshan, you had, after all, invited me to dinner, and Situ Liang is already dead, so the feud between our families can now be considered gone. I will be quite busy in the future and won’t have any time to find trouble with you, so you can rest assured!” I picked up the document and said, “The last one is yours!”

Situ Danshan finally breathed in a sigh of relief. As he heard that I took the initiative to forget the past feuds, he earnestly got closer to Liu Zhenhai on his own initiative. Due to me, Liu Zhenhai now turned into the leader of the five major aristocratic families. These old fogies will now only follow Liu Zhehai’s lead.

The Great Chinese Martial Arts Competiton turned into a farce with such a dramatic conclusion this time. However, in the eyes of the people who experienced everything, it was an unforgettable life and death experience.


On June 6, 1999. The reporters of all the major media organizations all came to China, in the northern city of Songjiang, Songjiang Province.

On this day, the world-class multinational company Shuguang Corporation and East Asia Motion Energy Group, as well as New Century Group and Three Rock Entertainment Group announced that they were going to hold a joint press conference!

This event shocked all the people and reporters in the relevant industries beyond expectation. They didn’t know just what these big financial monstrosities were going to do. It was understandable if Shuguang and East Asia Motion held a joint conference after all the relation between the two was great, but why was the new New Century Group also joining in on the fun?