VPAATP V4 Chapter 77

Surprised And Frightened

According to the investigations of people with high aspirations, the New Century had only been in business for less than a year. Although the company wasn’t small in its operations, and it was also very famous, but the disparity between them and Shuguang was far too big. But that wasn’t the strangest. The strangest was the Three Rock Entertainment Group. New Century and Shuguang could still be understood as both were in the Technology industry, Three Rock was an entertainment group. Technology and Entertainment were completely different industries!

In recent years, the Three Rock Entertainment became the number one entertainment hub in China with their hotels, resorts, nightclubs, and the film, television, and photography records.

However, these four companies decided to hold a press conference on the same day, at the same place, all at once; how could this not make the sensitive smell of reporters be aroused? Their intuition told them that there was certainly going to be a Breaking News in this event! Therefore, every media company sent their top reporters going there like ducks go after bread.

It could be said that the vision of the entire world was now focused on the Guobin Hotel now.


8:00 AM. The gate of the Guobin Hotel was bustling with people everywhere. Both plainclothed and armed police were going on rounds in the area around the hotel. Songjiang’s government took this conference very seriously. It was a world-class press release that wasn’t just on the level of a city but represented the image of the entire country before the rest of the world, so security was a must.

Jiang Yongfu rushed to the Guobin Hotel early in the morning. He was sitting in the commander’s vehicle, taking command of the matter personally, responsible for all security measures in the area.

In these four companies, only Shuguang and Three Rock Entertainment were local companies, while East Asia Motion and New Century were both from B City. The fact that they came to Songjiang this time was absolutely an honor for Songjiang, therefore the city and province took the matter very seriously.

The reporters who arrived were really too many, making it impossible for Guobin Hotel’s conference room to host everyone inside. Finally, Jiang Yongfu dicussed with Zhao Junsheng that for security reasons, they should transfer the conference over to the Songjiang Stadium After the conference, they could return to the hotel to thank the reporters.

At 9:00 AM, on the podium of Songjiang Stadium, five chairs had been neatly arranged. Five names were placed in front of the chairs: Three Rock Entertainment Group, Shuguang Corporation, Group Chairman, East Asia Motion Energy Group, and finally, New Century Group.

Group Chairman? This label made all the reporters present on the scene boil with excitement! What did this mean? This label was very vague: The chairman of the group? People were confused. Which group did the chairman belong to? And why was the chairman seat in the middle of the other four? What did this mean?

All the people present had long heard that there was a mysterious chairman behind the Shuguang Corporation, but the other companies didn’t seem to have anything like that. Was this position left for the mysterious chairman of Shuguang?

But why was the order of the chairs arranged like this? The chairman of Shuguang was indeed really great, but the East Asia Motion was no less than Shuguang now. So what was their intention?

For a time, the hearts of the reporters were full of doubt, so they focused their cameras to the rostrum, fearing that they might miss something important! This press conference was really mysterious. Not to mention that four major companies had united together today, just the mysterious chairman behind Shuguang would have been more than enough for all these reporters to digest completely!

All the reporters were glad that they didn’t let this opportunity go and felt sad or the journalists who didn’t come.

At 9:30 AM, Zhao Junsheng, Su Yuanchao, Guo Qing, and Chu Gao walked onto the rostrum under the cheering of the people all over, sitting on their respective seats. Guo Qing had specially returned from abroad to attend this conference.

What made people feel strange was that the position of the chairman was still empty! The reporters on the scene couldn’t help but be disappointed thinking that the mysterious chairman wasn’t going to come, but the disappointment soon disappeared as just the four people present were enough to shock them!

“Fellow friends and everyone, hello! I am Zhao Junsheng, CEO of Shuguang Corporation and I would like to welcome everyone to participate in this joint press conference organized by Shuguang Corporation, East Asia Motion Power Group, Three Rock Entertainment Group, and New Century Computer Technology Corporation, Ltd! I will be the spokesperson for this conference!” Zhao Junsheng gently said into the microphone.

Following his words was a round of applause. Zhao Junsheng gestured with both hands to let everyone stop, then said with a smile, “Everyone must be very confused about why our four companies decided to hold this joint press conference? This is because I received instructions from the Group Chairman three days ago to hold this joint press conference! I will now invite the chairman of Shuguang Corporation and ask him to explain the matter to everyone……”

Whish! The entire stadium was seething with excitement! Appeared, the mysterious chairman really appeared! Not only the reporters, even the audience sitting before their television couldn’t suppress their excitement and curiosity! The chairman of Shuguang, the richest man in the world. In just the span of five short years, he had pushed Shuguang to the zenith of the world, the man was a legendary myth!

Along with Zhao Junsheng’s words, I stepped onto the podium. My appearance made all the reporters very curious, but they didn’t think that the man said from Zhao Junsheng’s mouth was me! Because of my young age, it was really hard for them to believe that I was the chairman of Shuguang. In their minds, the Chairman of Shuguang was certainly an old man! So they subconsciously regarded me as some conference staff or bodyguard of some sorts.

When I arrived before the “Group President” seat, the entire stadium became silent. Everyone lost their breath, even the audience sitting before the television held their breaths!

I smiled faintly and slowly sat down in the seat…

“The young man sat on the seat! Is he the legendary chairman of Shuguang Corporation!” The sound of reporters filled with question spread everywhere through the televisions!

At this moment, Situ Danshan was also sitting before his television, looking at the situation in utter surprise! Originally, what I said at the Martial Art Tournament was real! This made him feel that he was truly lucky! It seems that I hadn’t gone all out against his family in the past, otherwise, his Situ Family might have already disappeared from the face of this world!

Lei Fubai had the same mood as Situ Danshan. This fellow was not only surprised but also scared! His son, Lei Xiaolong had been trying to be my enemy at every corner! It seems that I wasn’t going to lower myself to the same level as them, otherwise, Lei Xiaolong wouldn’t be alive right now. Moreover, it was obvious that I wasn’t just the chairman of Shuguang Corporation. From the events that happened before, it was obvious that there were some bigger forces behind me as well! Some underworld forces. How could he not be worried? However, as he remembered that I hadn’t come to make trouble for his Lei family for so long, Lei Fubai consoled himself as he thought that I was too busy and disdained to deal with lowly people like them. {TL Note: Lei Family is the one from America. Lei Xiaolong was the guy who was going to marry Xia Jing.}