VPAATP V4 Chapter 78

Yang Mei’s Worries

In fact, I really was disinclined to haggle over with them. I don’t know, but me stepping onto the stage caused many people to lose their sleep and appetite.

I took a look at the reporters and guests under the podium. There were so many people there! Thanks to the fact that I was used to being in front of thousands of people because of my previous job as a CEO in my past life, if I had to be in front of so many people otherwise, I would certainly have fainted already!

“Hello, fellow guests! I welcome you to this joint press conference. Many reporters have also arrived from abroad and this made me feel really honored. On behalf of Shuguang, East Asia Motion, Three Rock Entertainment, and New Century Group, I express my sincere gratitude to you!” I had not prepared any speech, instead, I said these words calmly.

My words stunned everyone in the audience! The sense of smell for spicy news was really good when it came to reporters. They loved to bite and decipher words. Now that they saw me represent four companies, they were all surprised and had an inexplicable mood!

Was it a slip of tongue? The reporters all tried to guess. But how could there be such a low-level mistake at such a high-level conference like this? But if it wasn’t a slip of tongue, then the meaning was quite obvious; I had a relationship with all four companies!

Mother Yang in D City was completely stunned. Mother Yang cheered after seeing everything. She was so excited, she almost started to dance in front of the TV! Her son-in-law was just too good, actually the chairman of Shuguang Corporation! Not to say the other identity I might have, just this was enough for her to go mad already! Mother Yang excitedly picked up her phone and dialed her daughter’s number, but Mother Yang didn’t expect her daughter to actually cut off the call.

Mother Yang didn’t understand why Yang Mei wouldn’t answer the phone, but she wasn’t someone who would stay idle. There was no way she wasn’t going to show off before others now that something so big happened! Therefore, she picked up the phone and called her own elder brother.

After this elder brother of her had become the deputy director of the Finance Bureau, he hadn’t contacted Mother Yang again. Mother Yang and Father Yang were ordinary people, while that elder brother was a high official, so he naturally looked down on them! {TL Note: Are there really families like this out there?}

“Hello, who might it be?” Li Xiaowan’s voice passed over the receiver.

If it was in the ordinary times, Mother Yang would certainly hate him, but right now, she felt that her brother was really funny, just like a clown!

“Big brother, I am Little Hong. Do you have any free time recently?” Mother Yang asked.

“No time, I am really busy!” Li Xiaowan replied as he didn’t want to have anything to do with this sister of his.

“Oh. Forget it then. Meimei’s boyfriend had come home two days ago and was going to book a banquet in Harbour Resort and ask all Meimei’s relatives to come, but if you don’t have any free time, then it can’t be helped!” Mother Yang intentionally pretended to be indifferent.

“What? Harbour Hotel?” Li Xiaowan’s brain started to churn rapidly. What was the Harbour Resort? It was the most luxurious resort in D City! Even he, a deputy director, had only gone there twice, that too, on someone else’s treat. With the economic level of his sister’s family, it was impossible for her to arrange anything in the Harbour Resort! Did his niece fish some rich son-in-law?

“Right? When is it? Perhaps, I might have free time on that day. Oh, right, what does Little Mei’s boyfriend does?” Li Xiaowan pretended to ask casually.

“Oh, nothing much. It seems that he’s a chairman of some company! You can turn on the TV and see their groups broadcast press conference!” Mother Yang said proudly, “Well, wait for Meimei’s boyfriend to come back. I will contact you then!”

TV? Li Xiaowan quickly turned on the TV and watched. It was actually the joint press conference of Shuguang! Was he the chairman of Shuguang? Li Xiaowan thought that the idea was insane, it was laughable! Shuguang Corporation was an unreachable mountain, how could they have any relationship with her niece!

Li Xiaowan calmly changed several channels, however, the more he changed the more serious his expression became! Because on every media channel on the television, there was only the live transmission of the joint conference!

Li Xiaowan hurriedly picked up his phone and called his younger sister, Li Xiaohong, but only got the “Your Dialed number is busy” response.

At this moment, Mother Yang was calling her elder sister. Her eldest sister, Li Xiaohua was the boss of a software outsourcing company in D City. After she made some money, she also broke all relationships with the Yang Family.

At this time, Li Xiaohua’s reaction was the same as that of Li Xiaowan. In addition to being shocked, she was also awed!

After making a series of these calls, Mother Yang again tried calling Yang Mei. This time, the call connected, “Meimei, why weren’t you answering the call a moment ago? Did you also watch the television?”

How could Yang Mei not watch television at this time? She was part of the New Century Group and everyone had been arranged to see the press conference of the company collectively. She had known beforehand that the company was going to have a major event in several upcoming days, but she didn’t know what was going to happen. When she saw me on the stage, her eyes were filled with a complex look. She didn’t know if she was happy or grieved! She knew that from this moment onward, I was no longer going to be the former Director Liu she knew, instead, I was the widely-noted richest man in the world! Then, wouldn’t that mean there was no chance for any relationship to happen between them?

Although Yang Mei had already guessed that my status wasn’t ordinary, she never thought it would be this extraordinary! She had thought that I was just a capable man, she never thought I would be of such an aloof status!

Originally, Yang Mei wouldn’t have stopped at anything to pursue me. She had thought that she wasn’t any worse than me and the two of us were matched properly, but now? Yang Mei wasn’t able to think anymore, and yet, her mother called her at such a bad time! Therefore, she decided to cut the call. But her mother called again, making Yang Mei think that there might have been something that happened in the family, so she decided to pick up the call. She had never thought that her mother’s first question would be such an annoying matter!

“I am watching!” Yang Mei said ill-humouredly.

“What’s wrong Meimei? Aren’t you happy?” Mother Yang felt that something wasn’t right. Properly speaking, this was a matter that was even better than good. Marrying a rich man like him was something that the other family’s girls could only dream of but never have!

“I am all right. I am in the company right now! Mother, what matter do you want to talk about?” Yang Mei was really sad at the moment, so her speech was naturally impatient.

“Meimei, I saw Little Liu on the television. It’s a good matter, so why aren’t you happy? Haha, this time, your mother has gained a lot of face! My son-in-law is the richest man in the world! Meimei, when are you going to come home again? I called all my relatives and let them know. Hmph, they had always ridiculed me for being poor before!” Mother Yang happily said.

“Mother, what are you saying? Why would you do that!” Yang Mei left the conference room and arrived in the corridor, “He is not my boyfriend! Last time, he accompanied me because I asked him to pretend to be my boyfriend as I was afraid you will marry me off to someone I don’t know! Do you understand? DO NOT BOTHER ME AGAIN!!!” Yang Mei angrily hung up her phone. She felt that her love was getting further and further away from her. She had thought I would accept her as long as she worked hard, but now?