VPAATP V4 Chapter 79

An Assistant’s Responsibility

After Mother Yang heard Yang Mei’s words, she felt the world spin! It was the feeling of falling from the Heaven and smashing down into Hell! Pretend? Mother Yang almost got a heart attack after she listened to the truth!

How could he be pretending? That Little Liu cared so much for Yang Mei. Was that concern also fake? What was she to do now? Mother Yang wanted to commit suicide at this moment! She had boasted so much. Once the truth came out, how was she going to show her face before her relatives before? Won’t they all despise her?

“Old man, you see what that child Yang Mei did to me. She’s harming me so much now. What are we going to do now?” Mother Yang complained to Father Yang who was silently watching TV.

“What should we do? Isn’t it all because you love to boast? Besides, the matter between Little Liu and Meimei isn’t one for us to get involved in, so what is your being anxious going to help with?” Father Yang shook his head.

“But…… Oh.” Mother Yang saw a ray of hope and again dialed Yang Mei’s phone again! But this time, Yang Mei didn’t pick it up, instead hung up the phone.

Mother Yang reluctantly sat back on the sofa and continued to watch TV, fantasizing that the man on the TV was her own son-in-law. This was the only way for her to remain calm now.


“I will now announce our major resolutions and changes. After research, we have decided to establish the Shuguang International Investment Co., Ltd. The former Shuguang Corporation, East Asia Motion Power Group, Three Rock Entertainment Group, and the recently established New Century Technology Co., Ltd. will merge into a single newly established Shuguang International. The personnel of the original companies will stay the same, while I will be the chairman of Shuguang International!” My speech was brief, but the impact it had caused amazing shock!

Although these reporters had long smelled an unusual taste and long felt that there was some relationship between the four companies, they had never imagined that the four companies were under the same person! And it all even belonged to a young man who was just in his 20’s!

My words didn’t explicitly state that I was the owner and founder of the four companies, but the fact that I was going to serve as the chairman of the parent company of the four was enough to explain a lot.

“I have a lot of private affairs to deal with, so I won’t be responsible for the company’s affairs. The day-to-day operations of Shuguang International will be handled by the Chairman Assistant as well as CEO, Miss Liu Yue. The reporters can ask her any questions related to the company and its future,” Although I had walked onto the stage, I had no intention of getting involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. In my previous life, I had already done work like this and I have now grown weary of it all. I just wanted to live as I was used to before, so I pushed Liu Yue to the front desk. It would be a waste to not let a businesswoman like her handle all of this!

Of course, Meng QingQing was also introduced by me. She was arranged as the assistant and vice president of the board of directors. I will let them handle all the management of the company, it was also something they wanted.

As for why they were all assistants to the chairman? Hehe, of course, it’s because taking care of me on daily basis is an assistant’s duty……

I naturally didn’t know how many people sitting before TV were happy and how many were worried. In addition to the people who were feeling bad, there were also a lot who were truly happy. For example, Chen Zhelong, my brother-in-law. When he found out that I had such great status, he was so excited, he couldn’t help but kiss the TV. This was a glorious matter for him. Later, when he went out to bed those little stars, he could simply say that he was Liu Lei’s brother-in-law. He will see how those little stars won’t lay themselves wide for him then!

In addition to Chen Zelong, the happiest of all was still Liu Xiang, the Japanese chick. Although this little girl doesn’t pay much attention to the news in China, all TV channels were broadcasting the same program at the same time today, so she couldn’t help but pay some attention.

Liu Xiang was originally looking at the TV without any focus. She also knew about Shuguang Corporation, and she wasn’t a stranger to the Three Rock Entertainment either as Liu Xiang had signed a contract with them, otherwise, why would she even watch TV at this time when there was nothing to see? After all, it was a major event for the company, so the artists were required to watch.

When she saw my figure, excitement rushed through her body, followed by anger!

“Liu Ma, Liu Ma, it’s him!” Liu Xiang shouted towards her agent Liu Ma who was about to doze off.

“What’s wrong, Miss. Who is it? Why are you yelling?” Liu Ma opened her eyes and looked at the TV.

“Isn’t this the Company Chief, Chief Guo? Miss, you wouldn’t be secretly in love with him, right?” Liu Ma knew about Guo Qing, the highest person in charge of Three Rock Entertainment.

“No, it’s the man in the middle, Liu Lei! I finally found him…” Liu Xiang suddenly felt like crying. Originally, she had felt that my identity wasn’t normal, but she never expected it to be so extraordinary. Liu Xiang no longer had any confidence in herself. How could I have someone like her in my heart? It seems that I was just playing with her at that time. Would I even remember her now?

“Young lady, what happened?” Ms. Liu saw that Liu Xiang’s mood wasn’t right, so she asked, “You just found him, so shouldn’t you be happy!”

“But… he may not even know who I am……” Liu Xiang said helplessly.

“What’s there to be sad about, it’s an easy matter. Young lady, have you forgotten? We are the people of the entertainment industry, veterans at starting scandals. This kind of thing is easy. As long as you publicize and blow this matter up in the media, I don’t think he will not pay attention to you!” Miss Liu said.

“You mean to say that I should hype the scandal between him and me?” Liu Xiang’s eyes turned bright for a moment, turning gloomy the next moment, “I have no chance to contact him, so how am I going to hype it. Even if we are going to blow up the matter, we need to have a bit of basis!”

“What’s hard about that? Young lady, you are now a popular singer. In a few days, you are also going to be working with the number one jade beauty of China, Su Yingzi, and also the International Hollywood giant star, Shirley. Do you think the media won’t pay any attention to you? Even if you aren’t as popular as them, you will be after the matter blows up. Just say that he was your boyfriend, but the relationship wasn’t too long. As long as you say two words, the media will turn it into 200, then 2000 and more words for you. At that time, do you even need to worry that your and his scandal won’t be all over the country!” Ms. Liu was worthily a veteran and understood the matters of the Entertainment Industry very deeply.

“Ha, Liu Ma, you are really fierce!” Liu Xiang was happy as she hugged Ms. Liu and kissed her!

Naturally, the only watching the live broadcast wasn’t Liu Xiang alone, there was also Ye XiaoXiao, or should we say, Teacher Ye XiaoXiao. At this moment, she had really complex feelings. In fact, she had long since gotten clear of her emotions, but the reason she didn’t return to me was that she was afraid of affecting my studies. Another reason was… she wanted to wait for me to graduate from University and have some achievements. At that time, there wouldn’t be a problem for her to return, but it seemed that was no longer necessary.

But she actually winced when she saw one after another beauty appear beside me. Ye XiaoXiao couldn’t help but feel somewhat inferior and bad. Has he forgotten me? Otherwise, why didn’t he look for me all this time?