VPAATP V4 Chapter 80

Directors Who Won’t Be Content

Sometimes, an astute woman would be really dumb, taking what they get for granted. Ye XiaoXiao had already changed her number, so where was I supposed to find her from? Moreover, I always thought that she didn’t want to see me!

Hesitating for a long time, Ye XiaoXiao finally shut down the TV. Let nature take its course. Even if she can’t be in the same place as me, she wasn’t lonely. Didn’t she have another me?

Thinking till here, Ye XiaoXiao’s heart was again filled with sweetness.


Similarly, in S City, our No. 1 Jade Beauty Su Yingzi was complaining before the TV, “I thought you were a bodyguard. I never expected you to be the chairman of Shuguang and East Asia Motion! No wonder Dad was so easy and promised to let me be with you. I even thought that the old fox found his conscience, but I never expected he got an even bigger benefit!”

The doubts in Su Yingzi’s heart had finally been cleared. She had always wondered why Shuguang Corporation would cooperate with their Su Group for free. Even going as far as licensing high-margin products such as digital cameras, DV, and other optical storage equipment to Su Groups. In the end, it was all family!

However, Su Yingzi was truly happy. As a star, she had to pay attention to a lot of matters. Although she didn’t care about my status originally, she was afraid that after she left the industry, she will attract dissatisfaction from her fans and movie fans. Now the problem was solved. So Su Yingzi decided to soon leave the industry and live a happy life. She had not thought that another two celebrities on the same level as her were also going to leave the industry at the same time as her……

As for Shirley, after she found out my identity, her reaction wasn’t very strong. Even the American Gangster Godfather David Geli in the US was immensely respectful to me, so she was sure that my identity wasn’t going to be anything bad. Shirley also secretly rejoiced that she had met the right man at the appropriate time, and combined with the fact that she was also his lover, her acting career also flourished. Moreover, this man was also someone she loved. It was an enviable matter!

It must be known that many attractive little stars have to serve different men in bed every night just to get a contract. Even then, they only get an ordinary cannon fodder role. If you really wanted to be on the red carpet, then it was unimaginable just what massive price need to be paid for that. Shirley simply skipped all those steps because her man was already at the top of the world’s wealth chain. {TL Note: Is there a wealth chain? I just made it up. Everyone should be able to get the meaning, right?}

Naturally, just like there were people who were regretting having provoked me in the past, there were also people who weren’t afraid of death. For example, Liu Kesheng. He kicked the TV before him and cursed as he said, “Soon, I will soon make you die an ugly death!”

Suddenly, a formidable electric current passed through Liu Kesheng’s body, making this fellow’s entire body shiver……

After the current passed, Liu Kesheng found that he hadn’t died, instead, he came to a strange place. Did he cross over? What was this place? Africa? A primitive forest?

But when he saw the absurdity in front of him, the massive flying birds that appeared to be like a dinosaur flying in the sky, Liu Kesheng began to fear as he was sure this place wasn’t Earth at all!

Liu Kesheng thought that and almost fell to the ground. Wasn’t his luck too bad? He just kicked a TV and passed through to another world? What was he going to do now? How was he going to take revenge on people who made him miserable? God was too unfair!!

In fact, Liu Kesheng was really lucky. The place he passed through – hundreds of millions of people will never be able to even imagine that – that’s what Liu Kesheng met!

Just when Liu Kesheng was full of ambitions, a few natives suddenly rushed towards him with spears and screamed at him, “Vakka Vakka, Vow VOW!!”

“It seems I have come to the end of my life!” Liu Kesheng closed his eyes, feeling pain in his heart…… {TL Question: What the fruck just happened? Can anyone explain to me? Did this Liu Kesheng have some teleportation ability I am not aware of?}


At the end of the century, the most shocking cross-national co-production idol drama <<Love Through Space and Time>> was finally launched in China.

Hundreds of millions of fans had been anticipating this drama with the hugest Celebrity lineup with over a billion invested in it, directed jointly by the famous director Thomas Layton and Zheng Daqing. This was an unprecedented drama, one of its kind, never before filmed drama in the history of China Film and Television Industry.

This Thomas Retton was arranged by Shirley’s company and was Shirley’s full-time director, but he didn’t dare have any improper thoughts regarding Shirley. He knew that Shirley was the woman his boss David was looking after. Even if he had several heads, he wouldn’t dare try anything against someone protected by this Underworld Godfather.

As for that Zheng Daqing, as I had discovered that he had harassed Su Yingzi, he got a warning from my people. But he was still a big director, who would he be afraid of? He didn’t take the warning seriously and forgot it in a few days. At a party, he again tried to harass Su Yingzi, for which the results were him being dragged out by the Three Rock Gang’s security, beaten into a pig. When he woke up, he couldn’t even recognize himself and asked as he looked toward the mirror: “Who’s this fat pig?” If the Three Rock Gang didn’t have some use of this guy, he would have been long put to his bed for life.

After Zheng Daqing was beaten, he wasn’t willing to accept his fate, so he went to some gangs to find people to smash the Three Rock Entertainment. But when the gangsters heard who they were being told to deal with, they directly hung up the phone, never to pick up again. Zheng Daqing was inexplicable and went to another gang. When the gang boss heard his words, he roared at him, “You motherf***er, you want to kill this father. Are you trying to play this father? This father will kill your family!”

Finally, Zheng Daqing found out from some hidden sources after great hardship that Three Rock Entertainment itself was a massive gang in the underworld, while those security guards were just members of the Three Rock Gang.

After Zheng Daqing found this out, he immediately became honest. Since then, he had never tried to entertain any thoughts regarding Three Rock Entertainment. And after he heard that Su Yingzi had relationships with the higher-ups of the Three Rock Gang, he couldn’t sleep for an entire week. Finally, after the excruciating torture, he almost kneeled before Su Yingzi, begging for forgiveness, so she would forget what had happened in the past.

Although Zheng Daqing was scared, his lustful nature was still there, as he unceasingly bedded the newer Celebrities who didn’t have much fame. That Thomas Retton was the same as him, so when the two met, they immediately became good brothers.

As David’s underling, Thomas had heard from his mouth that the Three Rock Entertainment was backed by China’s biggest underworld gang Three Rock Gang. Therefore, he and Zheng Daqing exchanged their view and understood that Su Yingzi and Shirley weren’t women the two of them could get. Thomas didn’t want to die at the hands of these Chinese Gangsters, while Zheng Daqing didn’t want to be killed by an international gangster, so the two finally came to the conclusion that they should target the one with no background, Liu Xiang……


Since my identity was now public, I couldn’t go to University anymore. As I had already studied all that in my former life, so the impact was very minor.

“YanYan, help your husband massage his back……”

“Wei’er, pour some water for husband……”

“Xia Jing, bring newspaper for husband……”

“Ruoyun, husband is hungry and wants to eat goose in the evening cooked by you……”

“Yu Ting, your husband is very hot, come and help me decrease the temperature……”