VPAATP V4 Chapter 82

Even Bigger

“Don’t think that just because you are 2nd Main Lead that I can’t do anything to you. I am telling you, I can change actresses at any time. F***, you don’t understand the rules, do you? Those little stars will wash themselves every night just to spread their legs on my bed, just for a minor role! You are the 2nd Lead! Do you not want to keep this position anymore?” Zheng Daqing couldn’t help but shout.

Liu Xiang was bitter. She had no alternatives but to listen to his vulgarities. Who let her be an actor. However, she still said indignantly, “Director Zheng, why are you only doing this to me. There is the Main Lead Su Yingzi, and the 3rd Lead Shirley, why aren’t you going to disturb them?”

“I really want to go, but you know… the two of them have really big backgrounds! That Shirley is backed by the underworld Godfather of the United States, while that Su Yingzi has a relationship with the higher-ups of the Three Rock Entertainment…… Moreover, her father is also one of the highest authorities in the recently established Shuguang International! Motherf***er, I still want to live for a few more decades!” Zheng Daqing didn’t think it was a disgrace to say all this.

Indeed, so you decided to bully me who is an outsider and has no backer here! Liu Xiang almost felt suffocated by Zheng Daqing’s explicit words!

“I… my man is also very powerful in China!” Liu Xiang wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible, so she didn’t care too much anymore. In order to scare Zheng Daqing, she told a small lie.

“Oh? Hahahaha, why haven’t I heard that before? Your man? I had been thinking that you were really pure, but it now appears that you are just a *h*re who has been plugged before!” Zheng Daqing didn’t believe Liu Xiang’s words. If what Liu Xiang said was the truth, then why hadn’t his man come to visit her here?

“No matter what, at least, I love him and I am willing to be in the same place as him! I…… I am telling you, you better not have any ideas regarding me, otherwise, he will not let you live long!” Liu Xiang saw Zheng Daqing walk towards her so she yelled in panic.

“Oh, really? In this industry, there are people who I might be afraid of, but there aren’t many of them! You might not have inquired about the name Zheng Daqing; when I want to bed a little star, no one can stop me!” Zheng Daqing reached out his hand, trying to caress Liu Xiang’s face.

Liu Xiang hastily ducked back. In the corner of her eyes, she actually saw a figure she had yearned for day and night!

Liu Xiang was so excited, she felt that she was going to faint. Weren’t the Heavens blessing her too much today? F***, he’s here. He’s really here!

“Husband, how come you came so late. Did you want me to die?” Liu Xiang didn’t hesitate and immediately rushed to the man……

“Ah……?” I had just stepped out of the car and was about to look around for Su Yingzi and Shirley when a girl suddenly threw herself on me!

I listened to the familiar voice and saw the familiar face and knew who she was… I shook my head. Wasn’t it too coincidental? Was my charm really that great? Did Aoi Yuka really come to China to develop in this industry, or did she come here to look for me? Then, did she change her name to Liu Xiang because I told her my name that day?

As I thought till here, I felt a bit dizzy! A debt of love! I sighed. To tell the truth, I did not have any special feeling towards this girl. It isn’t because she is Japanese-born that I discriminate against her, instead, when she spoke those words on TV, it made me really admire her from the bottom of my heart! However, my understanding of her was only from that time I devastated her. I never expected that she would actually travel ten thousand miles and come to China to find me!

For a moment, my heart was really moved by Liu Xiang! But together with it came a sense of responsibility. What was done could never be changed. Although I regret the atrocities I committed to her, that was all… regret and nothing more. I didn’t want to change what had happened. I couldn’t just go and ask my Big Brother Yama (King of Hell) to let me be reborn again so I could get my s**t together?

Since she has accepted me, I can’t disappoint her again. I admit that although I can’t say that I love her currently, but who didn’t like beauty?

I wasn’t going to be a normal man and reject the enticement. Moreover, many of my actions that I can’t do with my other wives, I can realize those dreams on this little Japanese beauty all I want.

“Did you really come to China to look for me?” I couldn’t believe that this chick fell in love with me just because I raped her and treated her so horribly as that was too f***ing unimaginable, so I decided to confirm it with her.

“Yes! You are so bad. After you harmed me like that, you even left me alone, making me travel a thousand miles in search of my husband!” Liu Xiang said bitterly and bit on my shoulder.

Travel a thousand miles in search of a husband? I had not thought that I will get to hear such a profound idiom from this little Japanese vixen’s mouth. It made me admire her determination in learning Chinese!

As for her biting me, it wasn’t a big deal, she could do as much as she wanted. After all, it was nothing compared to what I did to her. I had harmed her a million times worse than this! Moreover, I had thick skin, so there wasn’t any pain at all.

“Cough! You are Liu Xiang’s man?” Zheng Daqing was preparing to have a really good time in bed; he hadn’t expected that Liu Xiang’s man would arrive at this time. Wasn’t this a too damn good motherf***ing coincidence?

“Husband, he bullied me!” At this time, Liu Xiang was full of enthusiasm. She already knew that I was a really powerful man, and she had also learned from TV that I was the chairman of the four companies of which her Entertainment Group was a part of. Was there still a need for her to be afraid of this Zheng Daqing!

Since I was facing away from Zheng Daqing, Zheng Daqing didn’t recognize me!

“Your woman doesn’t understand the rules, so I have decided to replace her with another female character! Unless you give me five million in sponsorship fee, she can say goodbye to her role!” Not only was Zheng Daqing a sexually aggressive beast, he was also a man greedy for money. Even if Zheng Daqing couldn’t mount an actress because she had a lover, he could still extort a good amount of sponsorship money from their lovers!

I listened to him and thought it was funny. This guy was actually blatantly asking for a bribe! I slowly turned around and looked toward Zheng Daqing with a smile.

“Ah?!” As Zheng Daqing saw my appearance, his expression immediately turned ugly as he had the urge to cry, “Mr. Liu, how come you are here…… Hehe, Hahaha, you see how hard I am working, how much I love and support the team! I don’t even forget to win over sponsorship after working-hours!”

I nodded and said, “Then, what do you think if I say a few words of praise for you?”

“There’s no need for you to trouble yourself. Haha, this is what I ought to do!” Zheng Daqing thought that I believed him and felt that he just avoided a catastrophe.

“Husband, he was just forcing me to go to his bed a moment ago!” Liu Xiang also thought that I believed Zheng Daqing’s excuse and was going to let him off, so she immediately said. Now that she had found her man with such difficulty, then naturally, she must teach this great perverted pig a lesson!

As I listened to Liu Xiang’s words, my complexion sank all of a sudden. The most intolerable sin in my eyes was another man having ideas and harassing my women!

Zheng Daqing started to sweat as he wondered in his heart how this little Japanese girl Liu Xiang got such a strong backer. Originally, he had thought that she had no background, but now, it seemed that her background was even bigger than the other two!