VPAATP V4 Chapter 84

Thomas’ Misunderstanding

Shirley was very happy with the fact that Liu Xiang took the initiative to show goodwill to her. Although she didn’t really care about these matters, it the women around me are friendly to each other, it will save her a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on manipulations and strategy. She obviously didn’t know that Liu Xiang herself was just accepted by me.

“I missed you!” Shirley didn’t show the slightest amount of hesitation as she hooked around my arm just like Liu Xiang. This made the staff of the drama team shocked. They had never thought that an actress sent by an international gangster would actually have such a close relationship with me.

While everyone was surprised, there was one person who had a very big headache. That person was Thomas! Before Thomas and Shirley arrived in China, David had handed a task to Thomas, that is, to make sure he protected Shirley and also made sure that no man would approach her! Otherwise, he is going to get himself smashed!

But the current situation was that Shirley herself was actively approaching a man! Did this also violate David’s commands? Thomas wasn’t sure how it worked, nor did he know how he was going to prevent all this. After thinking about it all over and over again, he finally decided to stop this. After all, if this man and Shirley had a friendship that went beyond friendship, then David will certainly blame him. Thomas will definitely not be able to withstand the aftermath!

Thinking till here, Thomas hastily walked forward, but he didn’t dare disrespect me in any way as he knew that I was the boss of the Three Rock Entertainment. In other words, I was the supreme lord of the Underworld in Asia, no less than his own boss! If he spoke any words that I didn’t like, it was possible that he won’t even have the chance to go back to his country, and might get hanged here in a foreign place!

“Hello, sir. I am the director of the drama team. My name is Thomas……” Thomas was considering what to say, “Miss Shirley is a very important friend of our boss, therefore I had been entrusted by the boss for protecting Miss Shirley’s safety……”

As I heard Thomas’s words that had no head or tale, I was confused, but when I saw his serious expression, I was able to understand the gist of the situation! David, that guy must have arranged for him to swat away any flies around Shirley, and since he hadn’t seen me before, he naturally didn’t know the relationship between Shirley, me and David! Obviously, he thought of me as one of Shirley’s pursuer, but because of my identity, he dared not say anything.

Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but smile. I took Shirley in my arms again and said to Thomas, “Thank you for protecting her, but she is very safe here, is she not?”

“This……” Thomas thought that I had not understood his meaning – his forehead was now covered in sweat as he complained in his heart that this Shirley obviously knew what David meant, so how could she act so unreasonably? Isn’t she making life difficult for me?

When Shirley saw Thomas’s appearance, she immediately understood what he meant. As the natives of the US and Europe were franker, Shirley directly said to him, “Director Thomas, this is Liu Lei, my lover. He’s a good friend of David!”

I had wanted to tease this director a bit more, but it seems I won’t have the chance again. As Thomas heard Shirley’s words, he was suddenly enlightened. Originally, this man was their boss’s friend! He was worried in vain. But he still didn’t dare confirm it with me. As I saw him act like that, I took out my phone and dialed David’s number.

“Old friend, what have you been busy with recently? Are you satisfied with what Mr. Du has provided you?” I meant arms, but since there were so many people around, I couldn’t say that out loud. It wasn’t a big deal if Shirley, Liu Xiang, or Thomas heard me say that, but it wouldn’t be good if the people from the staff and others heard this!

“Oh, brother Liu, my best friend! I am very satisfied! God, that stuff is even better than the army!” David was very happy when he heard that.

“Oh, it’s good to know that you are satisfied. I believe that our cooperation will be more and more enjoyable in the future!” I said, “Right, Thomas is by my side. Don’t you have some words to say to him?”

David was startled but then he asked, “What happened? Is that guy irritating you? If so, you can dispose of him! Dear friend, what’s more important than our friendship? That little b*st*rd, you don’t have to ask me anything at all!”

“That’s naturally not the case. He’s a very capable guy and even made a movie at my company, I just saw him!” I shook my head and looked at Thomas. He was very close to me and David’s voice was quite big. I believe he must have heard what David said just now because his forehead was filled with even more sweat than before!

“Oh, right, right, it turns out that Three Rock Entertainment was actually your company, old friend! Why had you never told me? I think if I had known about this, our cooperation would have been even more enjoyable!” David laughed.

I certainly understood David’s meaning. He hadn’t known my strength in China beforehand and only regarded me as an arms dealer from Africa. He hadn’t thought I would have such a layer of identity.

“Our cooperation is quite enjoyable as it is now, don’t you think? I think it will be even better in the future!” I said to David. I had been speaking in English all this time, and as it was the language Europeans and Americans were used to speaking, David also thought that having me as a business partner was good.

“Yup, that’s true! Right, dear Liu, didn’t you call me to let me say a few words to Thomas besides you?” David asked.

“Oh, your man is very responsible. I was just being a bit affectionate with Shirley, yet he immediately rushed over and stopped me quickly. David, my friend, I am really satisfied with the man you sent for protecting Shirley!” I said with a smile.

“Good! I had thought that the guy was annoying you! Well, hand the phone over to him. I will say a few words!” David said.

I handed the phone over to Thomas and Thomas started to speak gingerly, but afterward, a pleasantly surprised expression appeared on his face. I estimate that David must have praised him. However, after hanging up the phone, Thomas was exceptionally respectful to me. A follower following behind you, who is also very timid before you, that kind of made it really uncomfortable for me to adapt to!

However, I was also proud. In the past, when China was ruled by the Qing Dynasty, our great Chinese people had to bow before these foreigners, but now, the Chinese people could finally raise their heads with pride.


Su Yingzi was now very angry, getting quite irritated! She thought that after I had tangled with that Japanese chick, I will go back to her. As long as I apologized to her, coaxed her she will forgive. She had never thought that I would even embrace Shirley! Su Yingzi couldn’t bear any more, so she shouted from under the umbrella, and then ran up to me, pointed towards me and yelled, “Liu Lei! What the hell are you doing! Did you come here to see me or them? When did these foreign horses get together with you?”