VPAATP V4 Chapter 85

The Chaotic Celebrities

Su Yingzi’s one hand was holding her waist, while the other hand was pointing at me, appearing just like a resentful woman in the street who had had a great injustice done to her!

“Who is a foreign horse? What are you doing? Liu obviously came to see me! Miss, is your brain working properly? Do you think my man is insane?” Shirley most hated the fact that others would treat her as a foreigner. Not to mention, the woman before her was even calling her a horse! The tall figure of a foreign woman was her pride, how could it be used as a derogatory term! And she thinks that since Liu Xiang is my woman, then I will definitely not have anything to do with Su Yingzi. How could there be such a coincidence that all three main actresses of a TV show were a single man’s women? Therefore, Shirley directly put Su Yingzi in the list of gold diggers!

“You……!” Su Yingzi was almost exploding with rage. She never thought that the foreign woman in front of her would be so fluent in Chinese! Su Yingzi was stunned by her and had been muddleheaded. She no longer cared about her image and yelled as she pointed towards Shirley, “Liu Lei is my husband, I know what he does and I decide what he doesn’t! I think it’s you who has issues? You think that Liu Lei will love some foreign *lut like you? He’s just playing with you, just like any other man would play with a p********e!”

Su Yingzi didn’t understand why she was so man. Before, she already knew that I had other women and she has also seen Xia Jing in the past, but she was only a bit jealous. She couldn’t understand why she was so irritated today! As the saying went, the peers are all enemies. It seems that the saying was right, the reason might just be because all three of them were major Celebrities!

“You are a p********e, you little wh*re! Just look at your growth; if he wants t!ts, there are no t!ts, if he wants 4ss, there is no 4ss either. You know what is a stick? You are!” Shirley had just read a book called <<Deer and Cauldron>> a couple of days ago, so she directly said the words from inside it.

Su Yingzi naturally knew what it meant for someone to be called a stick. The so-called stick was a person whose entire body had no curves! Su Yingzi’s chest was already quite big in the Chinese women, that’s why she was often proud of it. She didn’t expect Shirley to say something like that to her. She puffed out her chest and said to Shirley, “Humph, this figure of mine is called symmetric. Look at you, just a hanging big sags of milk!”

“Nonsense, your’s are sags! Oh right, look at the appearance of your airport, even if wants to have sags, it doesn’t have the qualifications! Ah, I spoke incorrectly, you don’t have an airport, but a tank battalion!” Shirley said as she laughed.

Tank battalion? Aren’t those sunken in? “You are a foreign cow. You said that you don’t have sags, then why don’t you take off your clothes for everybody to see?!” Su Yingzi yelled breathlessly.

“Why don’t you also take off your clothes and let everybody see that you aren’t a tank battalion either!” Shirley didn’t want to show any weakness either.

“You do it first!” Su Yingzi just wanted her to take off her clothes, but immediately realized that something was wrong, she almost got caught in this foreign *lut’s plans!

“Why should I take off first, you must take off!” Shirley wasn’t stupid.

“Then we take off together!” Su Yingzi said as she rolled her eyes.

“Good! Then one, two, three…… Why didn’t you take off?” Shirley knew that Su Yingzi didn’t have any good intentions.

“Because you didn’t take off!” Su Yingzi saw that Shirley hadn’t been swindled, so she said ill-humoredly.

“Right, husband, you have seen me there, am I really a tank battalion as she said?” Su Yingzi had an idea at her heart.

“Liu, you have also played with me there and you also said that your hand can’t fully grasp them! You tell her that I don’t sag!” Shirley immediately shouted.

Everyone present there had cold sweat going down their spines. Was that really the noble Hollywood giant and the other the leader of the beauties in China? How could they fight even worse than those little delinquent chicks on the streets! There were no entertainment reporters here, else tomorrow, there would have been a global fan riot!

Liu Xiang had finally figured out that the two women in front of her had a relationship with me! What was happening? As Liu Xiang saw that I had a very awkward appearance and didn’t know how to interrupt, she braced herself and went forward to mediate the situation, “That should be enough. Do not fight anymore, you are putting husband in a very awkward state!”

Su Yingzi was already not feeling well when she had seen Liu Xiang. She hadn’t started to deal with her, but now this *lut sent herself to her door!

“You little bed warmer from the East, I haven’t said anything to you, but why the heck are you calling him husband as well!” Su Yingzi was in a half-crazy condition right now.

Liu Xiang had grievance written all over her face. All she wanted was to mediate the quarrel, she had never thought that she would be shot down so bad. As she had a more favorable impression of Shirley than this Su Yingzi, so she immediately stood on Shirley’s side, “Why am I calling him husband? It’s because I have gone to bed with him. How is it, are you jealous? Humph, didn’t Shirley just say that you are just a stick with a figure as used as a sparerib, yet you still dare to show off?” Liu Xiang said as she happily showed her own stature. Japanese chicks were generally precocious, moreover, their growth was not good sometimes, while only a few are better than foreigners.

Su Yingzi was flaming in rage, secretly regretting how stupid she had been. She should treat each of them individually, why did she have to bring her in the war between herself and Shirley! Moreover, this Japanese chick was really good! Even the words “gone to bed” and “as used as spareribs” could be said so easily by her!

Shirley saw that Liu Xiang had reached a strategic consensus with her, so she felt even prouder of herself, “Those involved can’t see, but the eyes of the public are quite sharp!”

“But the truth is often grasped in the hands of a few!” Su Yingzi urgently said.

“Ahem, even in the presidential election, the minority has to obey the majority. You might have the truth, but most people don’t approve of it, so it’s just lies!” Shirley immediately retorted.

I looked at the debate that had evolved from street thugs to presidents and couldn’t help but stand there helplessly. It seems that I have to put an end to this, otherwise, if this continues, then even if it didn’t turn even more ridiculous, my face will certainly be lost! Though I am sure that no one here in the room will dare blow these things out.

“Alright, it’s enough!” I walked between the three and yelled at them.

The scene immediately calmed down. Shirley and Su Yingzi were both shocked. Liu Xiang had already seen that I was angry, so she immediately went to the side.

“Is it that interesting to be so noisy? Good, you keep on fighting, I am leaving! I ran here especially to see you, not to watch your quarrel!” I said strongly.

“I……” Su Yingzi had an expression of injustice with nothing to say. She hadn’t seen me so angry before, but she immediately remembered my identity. I was no longer the same security guard as before. I had a business empire of mine to look after, where would I have the time to watch them fighting over his favors!

Actually, what Su Yingzi didn’t know is that I am now even idler than before!

“Liu, forgive me, I made a mistake……” Shirley immediately apologized to me sincerely.

“Me too, I shouldn’t… um… fight with the women who wait upon you…” Liu Xiang also said.

“What about you?” I looked towards Su Yingzi.